Fashion's Night Out 2012


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Fashion's Night Out 2012

  1. 1. Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 1
  2. 2. “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Coco ChanelIntroductionUndoubtedly the biggest night on the High Streetcalendar, ‘Fashion’s Night Out’, has proved itselfto be a win-win for retailers - not only deliveringsales but also a huge amount of exposure, withover 50,000 people on the streetsof central London.With over 400 stores taking part in London alone,we headed to Bond Street, and beyond, to bring youreports on our favourite brands of the evening. As wellas talking to figures from within the industry, we alsospoke to consumers to get a picture of what makes‘Fashion’s Night Out’ a major opportunity for brands -and not just fashion brands.The event was established in 2009 by Vogueeditor-in-chief, Anna Wintour and CFDA president anddesigner, Diane von Furstenberg, as a way to bringshoppers into stores without resorting to traditionaldiscount tactics - although discounts are very muchpart of the appeal.Aside from the bargains, crowds are swept away ina heady mix of catwalk shows, branded experiences,limited-edition goodies and, of course, the freechampagne. As they shop and party alongsideHollywood starlets, music artists, models, designersand the stars of stage and screen, ‘Fashion’s Night Out’allows everyone to feel truly fabulous for one night.‘Fashion’s Night Out’ is the festival for fashionistas.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 2
  3. 3. 92 % Increase in footfall 1 Night 4 Years 5 Hours 400 Stores in London 50,000 19 Countries 500 Cities People 30,000 210,000 + Likes promo viral views (London) 217,000 162,000 Likes followers (FNO NYC) (FNO NYC)The 135,000Numbers: Tweets over seven days ( Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 3
  4. 4. It’s buzzing. I have never seen anything like this in London Florence Brudenell-Bruce “We have a young generation of designers and we like to get close to our customers” “A fantastic, Jonathan Saunders big shopping evening” Alexandra Shulman, Editor, Vogue It’s a proper celebration of British fashion and it’s about brand building Matthew Williamson “It really is a new holiday. The night for people who love fashion and style to celebrate” Michael KorrsWhat theindustry said:Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 4
  5. 5. “I think this is a wonderful initiative, I love the people.” Nick (24) & Stefan (23) “To be honest I hadn’t really heard of it before tonight but I’m really pleased we’ve come down. The atmosphere “It was really cool is amazing!” and interesting. I just wanted to look at some Joseph (26) people who are cooler than me mainly.” Sara (22) & Alex (24) “An amazing atmosphere. I’ve never seen as many cool people in one “I’ve been in London area, ever.” since the first Fashion’s Night Out so it’s kind of Heather (24) a tradition to do it with my girl friends.” “I have come out to see Verity (26) people, be inspired, go to a few parties and see new products. Basically to enjoy myself.” “We came out tonight Anuerin (32) because we normally do it every year and it is shops that you wouldn’t normally go into.” “We have been for the last Chimere Cisse (29) couple of years so that’s why we made a plan to come tonight as well. It is more to look around than “The energy is great. It’s a actually buy anything.” fun night. Everyone is out Helen (25) on the street partying,” Bianca (24) “I’m from America and Fashion’s Night Out is a really big deal over there,What it is advertised on TV. So when they said they were having it in London, I knewshoppers said: I would be here.” Annie (19), Taylor (18), Amanda (19)Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 5
  6. 6. DESIGNER / LUXURY Word On The Street “I’ve just come out of Mulberry. It is one to look forward to because the guestlist has a lot of celebrities from the UK and US.”MULBERRYThe quintessentially British lifestyle brandMulberry has become one of the most prevailingbrands of the last decade. Established in Why We Like ItSomerset, the designs were originally inspired byoutdoor pursuits such as hunting and fishing, as Official: So often headline sponsors play second fiddlewell as often being the accessories of these sports. to other brands - e.g. Adidas and Nike. However, byThe brand has become renowned for the highest partnering with Vogue to launch proceedings, Mulberryquality materials and the finest craftsmanship was the one event everyone knew about and wanted toand much like Barbour, people have embraced get into.the brand’s heritage appeal. The brand’s dynamiccollections and significant relationships with Fame: Hats off to Mulberry, Fashion’s Night Outcelebrities have propelled Mulberry to the higher has the great and the good from music, film, televisionechelons of the fashion industry. and of course fashion. Competition is fierce and no one pulledThe brand shows its character through these celebrity in as many stars as them and that was reflected inrelationships and specifically aligns itself with names the coverage.that they feel represent that Mulberry aesthetic. AlexaChung has championed Mulberry for many years, somuch so that they honoured her by naming a bag after From The Brandher. More recently they have launched the Del Ray,in recognition of popular model and singer Lana Del “Since Vogue launched this event in 2009 we’ve beenRay. The attendance of such celebrities at Mulberry’s a partner of it, both in the UK and the US and alsoFashion’s Night Out throughout the last couple of years in Paris and Amsterdam. We think it is a fantastichas caused much hype around the brand, none more so initiative to re-energise consumers to come out andthan this year. spend and shop, I think it was a really great initiative post the recession and I think they have really managedThis year saw Mulberry team up with Vogue to launch to excite the consumer again and that’s something weFashion’s Night Out with an official party, hosted by really believe in. Fundamentally, we are luxury brandVogue’s Editor Alexandra Shulman. Filled with a mass but we have a retail store that we need to get consumersof celebrities and designers, vast crowds gathered into. This year, being asked to be the host of the eventoutside of the store to get a glance and extensive queues was absolutely spectacular and we’re really proud to bedeveloped to get in store, it was the most sought after part of it again.”event of the night. Mulberry continues to establish itselfas the brand that everyone wants a piece of. Mulberry – Marketing ManagerVogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 6
  7. 7. DESIGNER / LUXURY Word On The Street “The atmosphere is amazing. MTV and Armani! It works!”EMPORIOARMANIAs the younger division of the Armani fashionhouse, Emporio Armani has always been out toprove that it is something different to its sisterbrand Georgio. Whereas Georgio Armani teamedup with Vogue in 2009 to kick off the night’sfestivities with an ultra stylish cocktail party,Emporio has taken a different approach.Last year Emporio teamed up with record label EMIto host a gig with some of their hottest new acts suchas Emeli Sande, The Good Natured and Baxter Dury.This followed the success of their Summer Garden Liveproject, a series of music events held at the in-store‘Secret Garden’, in partnership with other music labelssuch as Sony, Polydor & Island Records.This year, Emporio Armani continued to develop this Why We Like Itrelationship with music by using Fashion’s Night Out tolaunch ‘Emporio Armani Diamonds’, a new partnership Springboard: What better way to announce andwith MTV’s ‘Brand New For 2013’. launch a new initiative than to a large, consumer base of over 50,000 people? Not to mention creating one of theThe prestigious music programme has previously helped hottest tickets in launch the careers of Tinie Tempah and Lana DelRay. MTV again curated another very credible line-up Brand: Eschewing the fashion world’s obsessionincluding live performances from Labrinth and Jessie with the latest trend, Emporio Armani unlined theirWare, to the delight of the hip, young, music crowd commitment to building their credibility in thein attendance. music space.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 7
  8. 8. DESIGNER / LUXURY Word On The Street “Everywhere we have been tonight I have been hearing about Louis Vuitton, it’s just great and a little mad. I love it”LOUISVUITTONLouis Vuitton has been named as the world’smost valuable luxury brand for seven consecutiveyears. Established in France in 1854 it has alwayshad an affinity with Japan - its iconic logo wasinspired by Japanese symbols, (reportedly a bigtrend in the late Victorian era), and its first storesopened in Tokyo and Osaka. It is fitting that inrecent years it has collaborated with severalmodern masters of Japanese art, innovationand design.The brand has a long-standing relationship with artand is always on the look out for collaborations thatgive their very traditional bags a radical new twist.The Bond Street store has even been described as an“art gallery” itself, containing the works of DamienHirst, Gilbert & George and Jeff Koons. It has been adedicated sponsor to many major exhibitions across theworld and Fashion’s Night Out has provided anotheropportunity to highlight this position to the industry.This year, Fashion’s Night Out was a celebration of Why We Like ItLouis Vuitton’s latest collaboration with the iconicJapanese artist Yayoi Kusama. Shoppers were engaged Commitment: Not just a launch or a special offer,and enraptured with the eccentricity and personality Louis Vuitton went all the way with a full store takeof Kusama. A live mannequin was put in the window over, taking their impact to the next level.display for part of the evening. In-store shopperswere invited to style themselves with some of her Brand: Like Emporio Armani, Louis Vuitton usedmost distinctive props; have their picture taken by a Fashion’s Night Out as a brand development platformprofessional photographer; explore a full branded pop-up rather than a seasonal/tactical opportunity, by assertingshop and all while enjoying a taste of Japanese drinks. their connection to art.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 8
  9. 9. MY THOUGHTSNicola Rutledge:CommunicationsPartnerMedia owned events are notoriously difficult togain press coverage on in other titles. This year’sFashion’s Night Out was still understandablysomething not to be widely covered by the However, the biggest PR win of the event is from aconsumer fashion titles, however, thanks to the reputation management perspective. For Vogue, thewide variety of newsworthy celebrities, the event event allows them to further reinforce their fashionsuccessfully gained press coverage in a number of credentials with an exclusive association with thenational UK titles. capital’s retail district and the full cross-section of high- end and mainstream fashion brands.The likes of Daisy Lowe, Cheryl Cole, Kelly Brook, PixieGeldof, Yasmin Le Bon, Bip Ling, the Made in Chelsea For the multitude of fashion brands and retailerscast, Labrinth and Wretch 32 were all in attendance involved, it is a mutually beneficial association withat various store parties and led to a number of picture- Vogue. For a high-end brand it acts to underline theirled stories being covered by the likes of Daily Mail, fashion credentials and deepen their engagement withHuffington Post, The Sun, The Daily Star and Sunday their customers, while for a mainstream brand it canMirror. help leverage style kudos in the eyes of their consumers.The night provided the perfect platform for style and It provides all retailers involved with the idealfashion bloggers to gain a wealth of content from street opportunity for not only key seasonal promotionstyle photos to store showcases. All of the main fashion but also providing the perfect platform for brandeditors of the nationals and consumer titles were in building activity – the chance to showcase their brandattendance, particularly to observe how certain stores personality and values to a captivated target audience.were showcasing their brand and collections. Of course how much they decide to capitalise on the opportunity depends on the individual retailers.The majority of previews and pre-promotion wasthrough Vogue, and in-store. London-based Fashion’s Night Out enables fashion retailers tomedia such as Evening Standard, Time Out and The successfully reach and engage style conscious females.Londonist all provided previews. As did The Daily Mail, And with more brands from outside the world of fashionwhich created a FEMAIL guide to the event, outlining getting involved (music and mobile for example), Ikey stores and after-parties for their female readership expect to see more and more brands jump aboardto look out for on the night. Fashion’s Night Out next year.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 9
  10. 10. HERITAGE Word On The Street “Scarves are something that everybody wears but nobody knows how to style for everyday, so they taught us how to do it, which was amazing. We learned how to incorporate their product into our day-to-day.”HERMESEstablished in the 1950s, Hermes is a brand thatoozes heritage and finesse. An elegant lifestylebrand built around Parisian style, delicate fabricsand enchanting designs, it is best known for itsbeautiful scarves. Like so many other heritagebrands, Hermes, are in the process of increasingtheir relevancy to a younger generation. Why We Like ItFashion’s Night Out provided the perfect platform forthe brand to attract and engage a younger audience. Entry Level: Building their activity around anLast year was the first time Hermes had participated entry point product was a bold and very smart moveat Fashion’s Night Out, hosting a bangle bowling game that enabled Hermes to attract a whole new generationin a branded horsebox. This year a stage was placed to the brand.outside the store on Bond Street making a statementof fun, energy and participation for all to see. 1950s Product Integration: Dancers performed with thedance classes, performances and a DJ, ensured Hermes headscarf, firmly placing the product front and centre,had undoubtedly the biggest presence on the busy as well as matching their window displays and staffpedestrianised road and was one of the most talked dress to the activity.about brands of the night.Through in-store scarf styling classes the brand From The Brandeducated young customers and changed perceptionsabout wearing scarves. The product was at the heart “It’s for people who love fashion and are really interestedof every aspect of their offering from window displays in fashion. They can come down and have an experienceto dancers skirts made from Hermes scarves and a with Hermes that perhaps they don’t have on a day-specially choreographed dance routine performed using to-day level. They may also think that Hermes is verythe scarves. classical whereas inside the company we know that our spirit is very young and creative so this gives us anThe Hermes team even got into the swing of things, opportunity to express that to a younger audience whoall styled in 1950s wear, helping to re-enforce and can start having a relationship with Hermes.”introduced the often-overlooked personality of thebrand to consumers. Hermes - Communications DirectorVogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 10
  11. 11. HERITAGE Word On The Street “What else can I say? It has just been so much fun.”THEBURLINGTONARCADE Why We Like It Audience: Working with cult East London collective,A place where old and new worlds meet, the The Last Tuesday Society, ensured that a young, hipBurlington Arcade offers an ornate and historic crowd made the effort to walk past Bond Street andshopping destination. As one the world’s first Piccadilly to explore stores not normally on their arcades, its heritage is personified bythe Burlington Arcade Beadles - guards who Experience: A genuine festival experience thatpatrol the arcade dressed head-to-toe in the immersed and entertained in equal measure. With amost traditional of outfits. You may ask how this thematic that felt true to heritage of the surroundingtranslates into to one of the glitziest nights on the but offered an exciting twist and plenty of ammunitionBritish fashion calendar, well rather successfully for Facebook shares and champagne fuelledit would seem. conversations.With the presence of designer brands throughout thearcade, this year a combined effort to do something From The Brandunique brought to fruition a collaboration with TheLast Tuesday Society. Known for their eccentricity and “It’s a great opportunity to expose your brand to a wider/exploration of the esoteric, literary and art, they are younger fashion conscious audience – which is part ofrenowned for their extravagant and decadent events – our current brand strategy. This event is now recognisedand even popped up to host a midnight masked ball at on the national/international annual calendar andour very own multi-arts festival, Wilderness. we saw a great influx of overseas visitors too, which drove good sales on the evening. Whilst heritage isThe “Couture Carnival” was brought to life with fundamental – its important to show that we are alsomarching bands, acrobats, cabaret artists, live snakes evolving – not only with our new store offering, butand puppet shows. A chocolate fountain flowed, popcorn also with our on-site activity – being connected to arts,popped and candy-floss was spun, giving the Arcade a fashion, culture is the way to show that we are leading,festival vibe. It was an exhibition that exposed the true not following.”character of the sometimes seemingly ‘sedate’ shoppingArcade, which was woken up and turned on its head. Burlington Arcade – Retail Marketing ManagerVogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 11
  12. 12. HERITAGE Word On The StreetBOUCHERON “The last thing I thoughtFor over 150 years, Parisian brand, Boucheron has I would be taking home tonightbeen making some of the finest jewellery in the is a caricature of myselfworld, taking inspiration from the contemporary but it is going straight upmovements of the time across art, fashion andculture. The brand has consistently developed on my wall.”products that innovate and push the jewelleryindustry forward.Last year’s Fashion’s Night Out endeared the brand toall in attendance with a children’s choir singing outsidethe store and this year Boucheron continued to radiatewith warm charm. Perhaps not language you wouldassociate with a Bond Street jeweller.The brand reflected on its French roots, bringing a tasteof Parisian street culture to Bond Street. Artists dressedin berets drew characterful portraits of consumers on Why We Like Itthe template of a Vogue front cover, while listening tosome cheery French music being played on an accordion. Playful: A brand that doesn’t take itself too seriously, breaking with the stuffy, old image ofAs many of the designer Bond Street jewellers dismissed Bond Street jewellers.the chance to take part in the event, Boucheron usedthe opportunity to give something back to consumers. Individual: Photobooths and curated photographyWithout doubt very few of the people who received a seemed to be the activity de jour at Fashion’s Nightportrait could afford to purchase the bespoke jewellery Out, but it was great to see a brand thinking a bit moreon offer but who knows, one day when they do, the creatively to offer consumers something truly uniquebrand they will think of is Boucheron. and memorable to take home.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 12
  13. 13. MY THOUGHTSJono Marcus:Digital PartnerExploring the clouds of social media Social media feeds were even easer to keep updatedconversation about Fashion’s Night Out is a this year, as Fashion’s Night Out had a mobile app thatsmart way to find out which brands have really integrated to store profiles, social media and Googlebeen able to capitalise on the opportunity. Some Maps to help revelers navigate the 400 stores involvedof them are a little unexpected, for example if and post updates quickly.your job were to promote Covent Garden andWestfield to the world you’d be pretty pleased As for individual brands, Liberty, Jaeger and ghd hadabout the number of bloggers around the world social media successfully built into their campaignstalking about this as a shopping location, ahead but New York was way ahead. Fashion Night in Newof any brands involved. York saw brand Bergdorf Goodman working directly in collaboration with Tumblr, a photo based app-The fashion brand that dominated online conversation led scavenger hunt through the event from brandand the only one to achieve any real cut-through around Downtown Seattle; and instagram photos with modelthe initiative, was Mulberry. They benefited from visits from Juicy Couture. All this (and the higher mobilefrom highly photographable models and celebrities to social media usage in New York compared to London)the store. The store experience was being hosted by meant online engagement, the online brand footprint ofAlex Shulman, Editor in chief of Vogue and Emma Hill, the event and impact for the individual biggest brandsCreative Director at Mulberry. involved, was over 500% more powerful the other side of the pond.A simple hashtag for conversation around ‘Fashion’sNight Out’ (#VFNO) and tweets - from the likes of So as far as digital engagement is concerned for brandsRoberto Cavalli, the editor of, Lipsy, involved in Fashion’s Night Out London 2012, the reportLulu Guinness, Ted Baker, American Express and John is good, but could be far, far better, with a little moreLewis - ensured it trended in the UK on the night. inventiveness and little more investment.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 13
  14. 14. RETAILERS Word On The Street “We’re going to stay at Liberty now, this seems to be the place where everything is happening. It’s the best place we’ve been”LIBERTYLiberty is synonymous with the best of Britishdesign, with an aesthetic that has often beendefined by its iconic prints. In recent years ithas continued to make itself relevant throughcollaborations with Nike and Kate Moss, provingthat they still have their finger on the pulse.Liberty have never lost sight of their heritage and haveused Fashion’s Night Out in the past to demonstratetheir eccentric character and sense of humour, aswell as showcasing their prestigious design collection.Themes have set the tone and in the last few years haveseen them host Hawaiian parties and the imaginative“Museum of Everything”.This year the event had a Victorian Fun Fair theme inwhich many of their design partners got involved, fromphotobooths to themed cocktails. In-store appearances Why We Like Itfrom top designers have always been a guaranteed atLiberty, last year saw Manolo Blahnik visit the store, Money Can’t Buy: A true fashion lovers dream,and this year it was the turn of popular designers Liberty was able to offer customers money can’t buyJonathan Saunders, Roksanda Illincic and Richard opportunities to meet and interact with some of theNicoll. hottest designers in London. Needless to say fans lapped it up all night long.Saunders ran a photobooth (#showusyoursaunders),giving customers the opportunity to be personally styled Space: Liberty is blessed with one of the most iconicby their idol whereas Nicoll and Illincic demonstrated shopping locations in the world and they really madethe craftsmanship behind their luxurious products the space count. At times it felt as if Liberty had heldwith a live mannequin display and signed hand drawn their own mini-fashion festival with several retailerssketches of their A/W collection. vying for attention.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 14
  15. 15. RETAILERS Word On The Street “We heard that this was going to be one of the parties of the night and we weren’t disappointed. The colours are amazing as are the cocktails. People are even getting Manga makeovers”OPENINGCEREMONYHaving only recently launched its pop-up shopin Covent Garden, Opening Ceremony can beconsidered a ‘newbie’ to the London fashionmarket. Based in New York, Opening Ceremonyis a ‘multi-faceted retail environment’ - putsimply, it does a little bit of everything. Theyhave shops where they sell designer clothes, theyhave private label collections, studios and aninternational creative forum. Opening Ceremonyhave a host of collaborations under their beltsincluding Spike Jonze, Chloe Sevigny and Levi’s.They are the super hip all-rounders inthe industry.Opening Ceremony like to approach fashion holistically,incorporating and merging cultures within design, aswell as encouraging creative thinking. As their first Why We Like Itbig event, Fashion’s Night Out provided them with aplatform to introduce their brand and communicate Launch: Opening Ceremony created possibly the mosttheir principles. The in-store event looked to Korea for hyped event of the evening by being brave and actinginspiration and consumers were able to engage their differently to anyone else. The K-Pop themed partysenses in some of its cultural offerings including Korean that dominated the street introduced the brand to a UKBBQ, K-pop makeovers, cherry blossom trees and paper audience in style.lanterns, as well as specially curated products. Detail: Details turn a good idea into a great idea asOpening Ceremony provided an immersive experience well as arming customers and bloggers with stories tofor consumers and shared their enthusiasm for culture tell and re-tell. Every inch of Opening Ceremony felt likeand fashion, encouraging people to consider new ideas a curated experience and they have reaped the rewardsand get involved in the world around them. of their passion and effort.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 15
  16. 16. RETAILERS Word On The Street “They’re not just having a sale like most places, they had the activity that you could make your own scarf and I thought that was really interesting.”ANTHROPOLOGIEThe American brand, owned by Urban Outfitters,market a very specific and enviable lifestyle fullof individuality and the seemingly ornate. If youasked people what they think of Anthropologiethey will swoon over the diverse patterns andrustic design that can be found dominatingPinterest pages. It is a brand with integrity thatfocuses on the beautiful and the eclectic, a verydifferent offering from the young, trendy UrbanOutfitters.Having only recently made the move from the US toLondon it has undoubtedly made a mark with its hugestore in Regent Street. Following last year’s Fashion’sNight Out which focused around an in-store pop-upshop with Peekaboo Vintage, this year Anthropologiefocused on and engaged consumers with its own designprinciples. It offered consumers an education in printtechniques and allowed active involvement in design. Why We Like ItConsumers were able to get involved in a scarf Get Involved: On a night created to celebrate theworkshop, that encouraged them to pop on an apron, designer, can there be a better piece of activity thanchoose their favourite colours and used varied effects to enabling the audience to become one themselves?design their own scarf, whilst listening to a live band.Anthropologie were comfortable avoiding the glitz Giving Something Back: We love the mechanic thatand glamour often associated with the night, instead asked for a charity donation to Refuge to take homefocusing on exactly what their consumer will value most your scarf. A nice ethical touch to the evening, not to- something individual to take home that demonstrates forget the official Vogue t-shirt, design by Jonathantheir creativity. Saunders - it sold out in just one hour.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 16
  17. 17. MY THOUGHTSDavid Proud-lock: Creative Fashion’s Night Out offers brands an edge over musicPartner festivals as everyone is, openly, there to engage with brands, with the added bonus that they will remember it the morning. Besides, where else can you reach thisDon’t be tricked into thinking that Fashion’s many young, female consumers?Night Out is all about the shopping, in fact veryfew of the people we met were there to buy due Unlike music festivals where brand exposure hasto the crowds. Many were there to browse and reached saturation point, Fashion’s Night Out isget ideas before returning later to purchase. Most under exploited by brands and therefore offers a greatattended to soak up the atmosphere, enjoy the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, especially sinceentertainment with friends and, of course, drink fashion brands have always been slightly behind theas much free champagne as possible. In fact many curve in terms non-traditional marketing channels -people we spoke to referred to the evening as a especially in social media.‘carnival’ or ‘festival’. This year saw the first sign of non-fashion brandsUndoubtedly Fashion’s Night Out offers a huge joining the party with brands like Samsung, creating aopportunity for brands and not just fashion brands, with live music stage headlined by Wolf Gang, and Vodafone,over 50,000 people packed onto the streets of central adding a mobile phone recharge tent and free nail barLondon, Fashion’s Night Out is officially now one of the whilst you waited.UK’s largest festivals. As Fashion’s Night grows, more and more brands willTwice the size of Secret Garden Party and the same size get involved, just as they have in New York. The mostas Bestival, in our opinion Fashion’s Night Out London successful brands however, will be the ones to come upis only going to grow in size to firmly establish itself on with original and highly relevant executions to suitUK festival scene. the occasion.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 17
  18. 18. HIGH STREET Word On The Street “Next year people might be coming to Fashion’s Night Out to see my design.”JAEGERJaeger is at the high-end of the high street,as an established British brand they have Why We Like Italways concentrated on quality, chic design anddistinguishing themselves with their simplistic The Idea: A great idea that not only encouragedcolour palette. The brand has become associated people to hang around the Jaeger store and enjoy a freewith a mature consumer despite recent attempts drink, the design competition also created a lot of buzzto launch more modern collections. Fashion’s pre, during and post the night.Night Out gives this brand an opportunity toreach out to new customers. Commitment: It would have been so easy to ruin this idea by limiting it to the night or a window display.Having been involved in Fashion’s Night Out from 2009, Credit to Jaeger for having the guts to include thethey have shown their dedication to Vogue’s project. The winning design in the S/S 13 collection.brand has evolved in its approach to Fashion’s NightOut, more recently favouring engaging creative projects,which is clearly something that they feel fits the brand. From The BrandLast year saw consumers designing their own handbagswith Pantone pens and this year they ran a t-shirt “Fashion’s Night Out is a great celebration of shopping,design competition, showing further commitment to which is why we like to get involved. It’s not necessarilycustomers, by putting the winning design (chosen on about discounts, it’s about doing something innovative,Facebook) into production for the S/S 13 collection. doing something fun in store. It’s really good for us as Jaeger, we have quite a lot of older customers and itEmbracing the creativity of shoppers and upping gets the younger Vogue reader in as well and introducesthe tempo of the store with a DJ in the window, a them to the brand. We’re always really happy to bemanicurist on the top floor and G&Ts provided by local involved and have the Vogue name in our windows.”bar Sketch, the brand tried and succeeded in reaching anew generation of shoppers. Jaeger – Marketing ManagerVogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 18
  19. 19. HIGH STREET Word On The Street “I heard there was free sushi at Beyond Retro so that was a big draw I’m not going to lie and I’m wearing Japanese fashion so I thought it would be a good place to go.”BEYONDRETROBeyond Retro opened on Brick Lane at the startof the area’s vintage revolution, demonstrating Why We Like Ittheir ability to predict trends. Now with acollection of shops around London and abroad Collection: Creating a collection for the eveningthey are very much established as the people in transformed Beyond Retro from one-off purchases andthe know. From the outside they are a store that accessories into a genuine fashion brand that is clearlycelebrates originality and creativity through its ahead of the curve of the K & J Pop trend alongsidebroad selection of vintage wear, whilst behind the Opening Ceremony.scenes they are a fountain of knowledge when itcomes to forecasting fashion’s next movements. Fun: Fun and fashion are not two words you often see together but we loved Beyond Retro pricking theLast year at Fashion’s Night Out they chose to share pomposity of high-end fashion with an evening all outsome of this knowledge and connections by hosting fun and a tongue in cheek confidence that felt very onthree of London’s top stylists. They shared their brand. We look forward to next year.experience by styling the models in vintage as well asencouraging customers to take more risks with fashion.This year they continued to share their secrets by From The Brandallowing consumers a peak at their extensive archivearound their theme of the moment, Rainbow Grunge. “We’re not just an a-typical vintage store, we pick upEastern fashion was the flavor of the night with the pieces on a trend-led basis and obviously catwalks andstore transformed into a Harajuku dream world - bright London Fashion week is something we’ve always beencolours, vintage cartoons and brave combinations. happy to be a part of. The benefits for us are to say to people you know you that you don’t need to necessarilyThe daring Tokyo inspired collection demonstrated, once go to Topshop on the high street to get the most up toagain, that this is a label that enjoy taking risks and date trends, it’s more about recycling and reusing for usinspire consumers to think differently about fashion. and it’s a good opportunity for us to meet those kind ofThis was nicely topped off with sushi, Japanese inspired people half-way and get them involved in our store.”drinks and a karaoke booth. Beyond Retro do not dothings by half. Beyond Retro – Store ManagerVogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 19
  20. 20. HIGH STREET Word On The Street “I have just been getting as many freebies as possible.”TOPSHOPTopshop is the epitome of the British highstreet, with over 300 stores around the UK(440 worldwide), it holds its own as a style-ledshopping destination for young men and women.The Oxford Street store in itself has becomea London tourist destination and the world’slargest fashion store, entertaining a mighty 30,000visitors a day. Topshop takes its inspiration fromthe catwalks and translates them into accessibleand affordable collections for every day women.It reigns high above its British competitors invariety and could be confidently labeled theleader of the high street pack.In terms of Fashion’s Night Out, Topshop tends tokeep it simple, mainly because they have less to provethan other high-end brands to high street consumers- they are most likely already holding a place in theirwardrobe. Last year they took video clips of consumers Why We Like Ithaving a “fashion moment”, which were projected ontoa video grid in-store, along with stylists giving shoppers Spot On: Topshop know who they are and what theiradvice and sharing the latest hero products. This year audience is looking for. Topshop didn’t mess with asaw them host a party of makeovers and a special winning formula but merely exploited their position asperformance in the window by London singer Delilah. destination fashion.For Topshop who has sweets, beauticians and personal Credible: The days of Kate Moss are gone andstylists built into its stores all year round, they simply working with credible up-and-coming musicians likemaximize on this for Fashion’s Night Out. Once again Delilah rather than big name performers, shows yetproving to the consumers that they know what they like again why Topshop stay at the top. They stay in touchand a singer in the window is just the icing on the cake. with and lead the trends of the day.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 20
  21. 21. MY THOUGHTSWill Parkinson:ProductionPartnerEvents are all about creating memorable andhighly engaging experiences for consumers, thebrands that really caught my eye at Fashion’s Hermes, Opening Ceremony and Burlington ArcadeNight Out were those who broke free of the were able to pull in and introduce themselves to aconfines of their stores and took to the streets whole new audience by dominating the pathways.of London. Without doing so people would have walked straight past the stores either unfamiliar or uninterested in theStores have never been great event spaces in my brands’ offering.opinion, as they are simply not fit for purpose. They areinflexible, low capacity, with limited floor space and Non-fashion brands such as Samsung and Vodafonehave poor access for large groups, not to mention all ‘hijacked’ the event, understanding that no one want tothe stock. With over 50,000 people and just 400 stores visit a mobile phone shop on Fashion Night’s Out.the result is often a weak brand experience and oftencomplete rejection as people avoid the crush. Finally, ghd, with no high street retail presence launched their socially powered, mobile ghd AirSeveral people I spoke to were less than happy having Boutique in a converted airstream trailer to engagestood in a huge queue only to leave soon after they their Facebook community as well as the thousandsentered, as they were unable to move once they of passersby.were inside. These activities are some of the most talked aboutThe stand out experiences of the night for me all took activations of the night, perhaps because more peopleplace outside of the store and brands used the space for are able to see and engage with them. My advice, get ondifferent purposes. the street to get the most of Fashion’s Night Out.Vogue Fashion’s Night Out : London : 2012 21
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