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Injoos corporate presentation webinar oct 2009 ver1


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Injoos corporate presentation webinar oct 2009 ver1

  1. 1. Injoos Teamware Social collaboration & Knowledge continuity
  2. 2. Today’s Speakers • Jagdish K Vasishtha - Managing Director • Srinivas Seshadri - Director Technology • Sneha Andani - Event Coordinator
  3. 3. Goals for Today Session time: 45 Minutes (30 Minutes Presentation and Demo and 15 Minutes Q&A) • How can you improve your team collaboration with Injoos Teamware • What are some of the Key functionalities • What is new in Release 3.5 • Injoos Demo • Answer your queries
  4. 4. Few ground rules • Public chat will be kept on through the session. Private chat is turned off. • Only the presenter's audio is turned on. • Please post your questions on the chat • We will respond to your questions during the Q&A period. • We will be saving the session video
  5. 5. Cloud computing + SaaS + Collaboration = Collective team intelligence © Injoos Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
  6. 6. The new Unified Communication Real Time Communication Near Real Time Communication Tele conferencing Email Tele conferencing Email Web conferencing Blogs, Wiki Video conferencing Text Chat Discussion Boards Text Chat SMS Social Networks
  7. 7. Injoos Teamware Social Workspaces for teams Reduce travel costs Improve productivity Team Knowledge Sharing Manage innovation Energize teams Streamline projects Integrated team Communications
  8. 8. Injoos Teamware - Functional model Knowledge Web Portals Extranet Intranet Showcase Project File Event Information Structured Management Management Management CRM Flow Knowledge Enterprise Applications Chaotic Knowledge Social Collaboration (Blogs, twitter, messages, User Profiles )
  9. 9. Injoos Teamware - Features User Features Moderator features Collaborate with your teams - Blogs, Discussions, Moderator Controls. - Administer and monitor Events your groups/teams. Online File Storage - Store, edit and share Sub Groups - To mirror your organization / team documents structure. Enrich information. - Using tagging, rating, related Create websites for your teams. links Customize your teamsite - Drag and drop Web Conference - Live meetings. widgets and pre canned templates. Calendar Synchronization - with Desktop, Google / Retain your identity - Upload your logo. Map to Yahoo Calenders your URL Projects and Tasks - Create Projects with Tasks and workflows to manage your work.
  10. 10. Team workspace
  11. 11. Team Library
  12. 12. Project and Tasks
  13. 13. Theme selector for team website
  14. 14. Injoos Teamware is a Cloud Platform based Software-As-A-Service Reduce your overall TCO • No software installation required Enterprise • Convert Software Capex to Opex • “Pay as you go” model for scalability • SaaS is ideally suited for collaboration solutions due to anytime - anywhere access • Leading SAS70 certified Cloud Provider in USA. • Cloud computing provides high Availability, Scalability, Strong data security and backup.
  15. 15. The Injoos Advantage Solutions in the Social business software space take a tool based approach thus scattering all the communication and information. Injoos has fundamentally taken a platform based approach unifying the information exchange, organization and communication among the team members. Our goal is to capture all structured (files, documents, media) and unstructured (Blogs, discussions, comments etc.) knowledge and provide the ability to easily find the information. Advantages Of Injoos team-ware Capture all the team interactions in one place - Enhance team productivity. Software delivered as a Service -No investment in hardware, software and maintenance personnel. Secure: SAS70 certified Leading Cloud Hosting provider. Cost Effective - Risk free trial. Pay as you grow model. No upfront investment in huge license fees. (Note: Enterprise Version also available as an virtual appliance) Quick setup Quick setup, Easy for anyone to use, powerful features for the enterprise. Reliable Support 24 x 7 support with SLA.
  16. 16. Thanks For more information