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Injoos Corporate Presentation


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Injoos Team-ware is a next generation collaboration platform that combines the simplicity and UGC features of social networks with the power of enterprise document, project and knowledge management tools in a single, hosted web based application.

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Injoos Corporate Presentation

  1. 1. Injoos Teamware Social collaboration & Knowledge continuity
  2. 2. Injoos Teamware Social Workspaces for teams Reduce travel costs Improve productivity Team Knowledge Sharing Manage innovation Energize teams Streamline projects Integrated team Communications
  3. 3. Injoos Teamware - Features User Features Moderator features Moderator Controls. - Administer and monitor Collaborate with your teams - Blogs, Discussions, your groups/teams. Events Sub Groups - To mirror your organization / team Online File Storage - Store, edit and share structure. documents Create websites for your teams. Enrich information. - Using tagging, rating, related links Customize your teamsite - Drag and drop widgets and pre canned templates. Web Conference - Live meetings. Retain your identity - Upload your logo. Map to Calendar Synchronization - with Desktop, Google / your URL Yahoo Calenders
  4. 4. Team workspace
  5. 5. Team Library
  6. 6. Theme selector for team website
  7. 7. Injoos Teamware - Functional model Knowledge Web Portals Extranet Intranet Showcase Project File Event Information Structured Management Management Management CRM Flow Knowledge Enterprise Applications Chaotic Knowledge Social Collaboration (Blogs, twitter, messages, User Profiles )
  8. 8. Injoos Teamware- Solutions Collaboration for Dynamic websites for Small Professional services Business KM for Institutions • Instant site setup • Share documents online. • Project portals • Map to custom URL • Avoid email clutter & loss • Showcase Papers, Articles • Add content with ease • Discuss, blog, web • Increase reuse viz. notes conference • Enhance & customize • Build knowledge base Social Networking for Stakeholder collaboration at Collaborative Event associations Charities Websites Engaging knowledge worker Online Training and Engaging vendors and at companies Mentoring suppliers
  9. 9. The Injoos Advantage Solutions in the Social business software space take a tool based approach thus scattering all the communication and information. Injoos has fundamentally taken a platform based approach unifying the information exchange, organization and communication among the team members. Our goal is to capture all structured (files, documents, media) and unstructured (Blogs, discussions, comments etc.) knowledge and provide the ability to easily find the information. Advantages Of Injoos team-ware Capture all the team interactions in one place - Enhance team productivity. Software delivered as a Service -No investment in hardware, software and maintenance personnel. Secure: SAS70 certified Leading Cloud Hosting provider. Cost Effective - Risk free trial. Pay as you grow model. No upfront investment in huge license fees. (Note: Enterprise Version also available as an virtual appliance) Quick setup Quick setup, Easy for anyone to use, powerful features for the enterprise. Reliable Support 24 x 7 support with SLA.
  10. 10. Injoos Customers and Partners Sample Customers Partners
  11. 11. Injoos Company Background • Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Bangalore. • The company is privately held and backed by Angel investors. • Founders with strong technology experience with companies like Infosys and AT&T. • Focus on creating next generation cost effective & integrated collaboration technologies “Think of Injoos as a twiki + • Rapidly growing customer base as need of whole lot of extra features” online collaboration increases due to economic downturn. - • Injoos Team-ware platform was launched in an Alpha mode (limited release) on June 5th, 2008. The commercial launch of the product happened in Jan 2009.
  12. 12. Injoos Management Team Jagdish K Vasishtha, CoFounder & Managing Director Board of Advisors Jagdish formerly an Associate Vice President at Infosys Technologies Limited, brings in 16 years of IT and Telecom experience. He was part of the Infosys Management council and handled many responsibilities like, Heading the Bangalore and Mohali Development Srini Vudayagiri, Mentor and Angel Investor Centers and managing fortune 100 telecom clients. Jagdish is a Gold medalist from Mysore University and holds an Electronics and Telecommunications Bachelors Degree in Srini Vudayagiri is a veteran in Indian venture capital and private equity Engineering. He is also an alumnus of ISB. industry with experience of more than 18 years across well known funds. Srini is currently an active mentor and angel investor and plays an important venture catalyst role in helping entrepreneurs. Srinivas Seshadri, CoFounder & Director Technology Srinivas formerly Head Business Assurance at Infosys, brings in 16 years of experience in Subhash Dhar, Senior Vice President, Executive software delivery and product management processes, client delivery, Account Council Member and Head - Communications, management and Operations for large Fortune 100 Telecom clients. He has been Infosys Technologies Limited instrumental in setting up the Business Assurance function grooming large planning functions for multi million dollar accounts at Infosys. He is also an alumnus of Alcatel Subhash Dhar is a Senior Vice President and heads the Modi Network Systems Ltd. and AT&T Switching Systems India Ltd. Srinivas is a Gold Communications, Media and Entertainment business unit at Infosys. He medalist from Mysore University and holds an Electronics and Telecommunications is also a member of the Executive Council of Infosys and serves on the Bachelors Degree in Engineering. Board of Infosys Australia Pty Ltd. Rama Kumble, BE, ME (Engg), Global Head, B N Pramodh, CoFounder & Director Marketing Convergence Solutions & COO Value Chain Pramodh brings a wealth of experience in media, education and healthcare. He was International Ltd. associated with Deccan Herald and was instrumental in setting up the Cochin operations of Rai Foundation. He has taught new media as Assistant Professor. He started and built a Rama Kumble is a seasoned information technology professional with social campaign on the web to retain Dr. Abdul Kalam for another term as President of over 20 years of solid Products and Service delivery experience. Having India which attracted more than 2 million users in less than 10 weeks. He did his Master's graduated by from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore with a degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Mysore University and is a National Merit in Master of Engineering Rama started his career as a software Scholarship holder. engineer working for major international companies such as Air India, Unisys, NEC.
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