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Mob1serv Geek'n'Rolla London 2010


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This has been on display at Injoit's startup demo table on 20th of April 2010 at Geek'n'Rolla conference in London.

Presented projects are:
1) Mob1serv which is a SaaS suite allowing mobile (iPhone and Android) developers to build better apps.
2) TeamGPS which is a business oriented derivate from Mob1serv, allowing to GPS track and see your business team over Google map, communicate in a corporate chat room, send messages without SMS and use standard mobile devices for that

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Mob1serv Geek'n'Rolla London 2010

  1. 1. MOB1SERV READY SERVER SIDE SOLUTIONS for iPhone / Android © Injoit and YAS, 2010
  2. 2. About Mob1serv • Mob1serve is a SaaS suite providing a single solution to all typical server side tasks faced by mobile developers • One library, 5 min installation • Huge added value for end users: Online High Scores, IM/PM (direct messaging), Events Notification, GPS location tracking, Banners Manager, Facebook / Twitter / Google integration, Files storage etc • Serious business class service, no annoying ads or 3rd party advertisement
  3. 3. High Scores The most sexy online high scores solution you can get! • Custom fields, Sorting, Highlighting, Synchronization, Country flags • No need to register: transparent OAuth + device id authentication • HTML widgets (display your app’s leaderboard at your website) • Secure against hacks, interception and replay attacks (OAuth tokens + encryption) • Sample projects for CoreAnimation and OpenGL implementations
  4. 4. GoogleMap + Chat + IM Because they make sense together! • Let your users see each other on GoogleMap • Let them talk in the Chat Room and display what they say on the map • Profiles / Statuses (online / offline) / ‘Miles away’ mechanisms • Send PM messages via Push Notifications, reaching offline users too • Server stores the full history of locations and dialogs • What a way to have your users interact and socialize! mockups - real thing to be released by end of April!
  5. 5. PushNote Events, Alarms, Direct messages, IM (all what Push Notifications are for) • Our service deals with APPN servers and certificates, you just plug and play • PushNote Queue (delayed notifications): use it for alarms / reminders • Use it in chats for direct messages • Notify your users about events or promotions • Supports pop-up messages, sounds, badge counters and links into the app
  6. 6. Other modules Everything you can think of, literally The following modules are already operational or will be launched soon: • OAuth contracter: seamless integration with Twitter / Facebook / Google • Blobs: data storage for your apps (store avatars, level packs, app updates etc) • UserAcc: user accounts and authentication manager • Feedback: easy feedback form integration into your app Your app 3rd Party Services Mob1serv OAuth Contracter
  7. 7. To start • Visit our website and check videos / manuals, download sample projects: • Check out the admin panel with a test account login: test, password: test • Register your own account, add an app there, download connection libs and go! • Get our 24/7 support via: helpdesk, Google group and GetSatisfaction.
  8. 8. Contacts Whether you’re developer, publisher, VC, business angel, potential business partner, your opinion is valuable for us, so please do reach us over: • e-mail: • website: • admin panel: • e-mail: • twitter:
  10. 10. About TeamGPS • Simple solution for small to large businesses • See your team on the GoogleMap • Communicate in a corporate chat room • Send direct messages (no SMS charges) • History log (communication and locations) • No need to purchase GPS hardware: use iPhone / Android mobiles for your staff and desktop / iPads in the office
  11. 11. About TeamGPS Logistics Manager Customer Support Officer • Location tracking • Corporate Chat Room • IM (mobile to mobile or head office to mobile) • Reminders • History log (locations and communication) • For Web / Desktop / iPhone / iPad / Android your TeamGPS cloud server Lorry Driver Sales Agent video demos coming soon! E-mail or call +44 77 08 22 09 53 to schedule a free presentation
  12. 12. Contacts (TeamGPS) Please contact us to schedule a free presentation of TeamGPS solution for your business: • e-mail: • twitter: • phone: +44 203 346 0532 • mobile: +44 770 822 0953