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SoftLayer (IAAS) 22 juni 2012


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SoftLayer (IAAS) 22 juni 2012

  2. 2. Benefits for CTA Partners • Higher margins • Establish new sources for monthly recurring revenue • Increased services revenue • Expansion of cloud services • Supplement HW sales • Fill gaps within services portfolio • Provide additional options for customers • Increase differential advantages over competition • Flexibility of SoftLayer‟s platform: • Month to month or hourly billing • Fully integrated suite of hosting solutions • Automation • Geographical diversity • Open API and focus on development • Great valueCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 2
  3. 3. Corporate Overview  Founded in 2005, based in SoftLayer provides Dallas, Texas Cloud, Dedicated, and  27,000+ customers in 150+ countries; 50% international Managed Hosting, with a commitment to:  $350M annual revenue  100,000 + servers deployed Innovation  Data centers in Houston, Dallas, San Jose, Seattle, Washington Empowerment D.C., Singapore, and Amsterdam  16 additional network POPs Automation spread across US, Asia and Europe Integration  More than 2,000G of connectivity, with multiple Tier-1 carriers at each facilityCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 3
  4. 4. Our History Annualized MRR ($ millions) $350 $300 $250 $200 $150 $100 $50 $0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 JAN SoftLayer goes live DEC Seattle opens MAY Washington, DC APR CloudLayer launch APR Deployed MAR Integration in 1,000 ft2 of data center opens nationwide network complete space in Dallas AUG Acquired by GI APR San Jose opens AUG EBITDA positive Partners OCT Singapore NOV Merged with The Combined companies have tripled in size over the last 4 years Planet NOV Amsterdam throughout 22 quarters of non-stop growth *April, 2012 – signed distribution agreement with Ingram Micro EMEA*CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 4
  5. 5. Global footprint 13 data centers 20 Gb fiber between data centers 19 pods deployed 100,000 servers under management 16 network points-of-presence 22,000,000 domains hostedCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 5
  6. 6. True Hybrid Hosting All SoftLayer solutions - Dedicated, Managed, Virualized, and Cloud - integrate into a single environment with one management system. No one else does that.  Seamlessly pair dedicated systems with cloud scalability  Streamline and extend inter-system networking  More finely customize an environment to its application  Simplify management and lower total cost of operationsCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 6
  7. 7. Product Differentiation Vs Cloud Providers (Amazon, Rackspace Cloud)  Selectable CPU, RAM, Storage  Hybrid Environment – Get cloud services alongside Dedicated Servers sharing same network infrastructure, management tools, billing engine Vs. Managed Hosting Companies (Rackspace)  Automation of traditional managed services  Enable customers to manage own environments  Customizable - select which devices to have managed Vs. On Premise Datacenter or Colocation  Greater degree of management and control  24x7 NOC and datacenter support  24x7 technical support  Lower TCO  More efficient provisioning  Ease of technology refresh  OpEx vs. CapExCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 7
  8. 8. Typical Use Case: Hardware Refresh Need: a company‟s internal datacenter infrastructure is outdated. Its IT Manager is tasked with deciding whether to purchase additional infrastructure as a replacement, or to look for an alternative solution. Solution: after doing some research and cost comparisons, the manager discovers that by using SoftLayer, his team can still manage and keep full control over the solution from their remote location. By relying on SoftLayer for hardware, network, cooling, and power, they are able to better concentrate on their core competencies. They also do not have to worry about the up-front capital costs and the immediate depreciation that comes along with building and maintaining their own datacenter.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 8
  9. 9. Typical Use Case: Temporary IT Need Need: a Facebook game developer launches a new game, and, due to demand, needs 200 dedicated servers for overflow capacity. Solution: SoftLayer is able to provide this company with the infrastructure it needs in hours, using any combination of hourly and or monthly contracts. The customer is able to get the additional IT resources without having to pay for time they won‟t need it. Our flexible contracts mean that the customer can cancel that infrastructure as soon as they no longer need it.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 9
  10. 10. Typical Use Case: Primary + Secondary DR Site Need: a system administrator is tasked with finding a provider that can offer both primary and secondary sites for his employer - with options to add automated failover, replication services, etc. Solution: SoftLayer is able to provide a geographically redundant, highly available solution on-demand, with “a la carte” disaster recovery options, such as, global load balancing, geographically diverse DNS routing, hot swap backups, replication, snapshots, and network storage.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 10
  11. 11. Typical Use Case: Rapid Provisioning Need: a leading virtual computing solutions provider hosts an international conference where servers are needed to support training labs for their partners. Despite their planning, they discover a week before the conference that 100+ additional large dedicated servers are required to support the need. Solution: the company reaches out to SoftLayer and is able to provision the additional 100+ ldedicated servers needed within 2-4 hours, thus, giving them enough time to configure the servers as needed. The fact that they were able to get the additional hardware needed within 2-4 hours, coupled with the fact that they were bound to long term contracts for this last- minute hardware, enables them to stay within budget for the conference needs.CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 11
  12. 12. Questions to Ask • Do you have an interest in cloud computing? • What is your cloud strategy? • Do you have a need for hosted software applications? (ex: mail, CRM, database, e-commerce, etc.) • Is all of your hardware infrastructure currently in your own datacenters? • Do you use any 3rd party hosting or co-location providers? • For 2012-3013, do your IT Management plans include use of hosting services? • What risks exists in your current environment? • Do you have NOC and datacenter support 24 x 7? • When are you due for a hardware refresh? • Do you ever have any temporary IT infrastructure needs? • Do you have access to capital?CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 12
  13. 13. The SoftLayer Advantage • History of innovation • Automation • Full integration of cloud, dedicated and managed solutions • Blazing fast public network • Secure, out-of-band private management network • Comprehensive, intuitive set of controls to empower resellers • Wide geographic diversity • Extremely flexible business modelCONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 13
  14. 14. Questions? Drew Jenkins Tom Blair Director, WW Channel Sales Sr. VP, WW Sales Direct: +1-281-714-3103 Direct: + 1-214-782-7771 Mobile: +1-281-536-3041 Cell: +1-214-912-3606 Skype: drew.jenkins4 Skype: tblair8585 Twitter: @drewjenkins Twitter: @tomb8585CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION • SOFTLAYER TECHNOLOGIES 14