Unveiling The Mysteries Of Success – The POWER of LANGUAGE


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It was 2006 when I first decided…

…that I am going to be rich.

And each week, ferociously gathered together a group of new eyeballs, on the top floor of a Mexican restaurant called Gallos…

…and persuade strangers to decide to join a $1,000 vitamin deal.


I remember doing several hundred meetings, and each week, we’d have about 20% of the room join our deal… Our team grew from two…

…to four – and it was grueling.

Then, late one night, I was hanging out with my buddy Tom, who lived in a refrigerator in the back of a store. (They hollowed it out, like a cave).

Tom introduced me to a concept - a mysterious secret – that I’m going to share with you now…

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Unveiling The Mysteries Of Success – The POWER of LANGUAGE

  1. 1. empowernet work.comhttp://www.empowernetwork.com/blog/unveiling-the-mysteries-of-success-the-power-of-language-day-one/?id=goin4cashUnveiling The Mysteries Of Success – ThePOWER of LANGUAGE (day one)It was 2006 when I first decided……that I am g oing to be r ich.An d each week, ferociously g ath ered tog eth er a g roup of n ew eyeballs, on th e top floor of aMexican restauran t called Gallos……and persuade strangers to decide to join a $1,000 vitamin deal.Lol.I remember doin g several h un dred meetin g s, an d each week, we’d h ave about 20% of th eroom join our deal… Our team g rew from two……to four – an d it was g ruelin g .Th en , late on e n ig h t, I was h an g in g out with my buddy Tom, wh o lived in a refrig erator inth e back of a store. (Th ey h ollowed it out, like a cave).Tom in troduced me to a con cept - a myster ious secr et – that I’m going to share with younow……an d I n ever h ad a meetin g after th at day, wh ere I didn ’t spon sor at least 80% of th e room.Would you like to know what I learned?It’s the same secr et, th at en abled me to mysteriously out produce aroun d 10,000 oth eraffiliates – ALL of wh om h ad a big g er list th an I did – wh en I was livin g out of th e back sideof a Green , 1996 dodg e caravan wh en I decided to g et in to affiliate marketin g in Aug ust of2009……it’s th e same secret, th at created a sin g le video with n o email follow up, th at con verted atover 21% wh en we laun ch ed Empower Network.T HIS SECRET can help you release your inner badass……over the next month, I’m g oin g to teach you to master th e mysterious secret. However, I’mn ot g oin g to tell you th e day th at I’ll sh are it, an d you’ll h ave to pay atten tion carefully ifyou wan t to absorb it’s true power.You’ll n eed to follow my assig n men ts, watch th e videos I tell you to watch , an d if you do……I’m g oin g to h elp you DRAMATICALLY CHANGE your marketin g , an d un lock th e key tountold power s of per suasion.Near ly six year s later and ear ning $350,000 a month, I was sittin g in fron t of my
  2. 2. Near ly six year s later and ear ning $350,000 a month, I was sittin g in fron t of mycomputer, starin g at differen t people’s websites, an d won derin g :“What the HELL is the secret?”Later th at day, I was talkin g to Rob Fore, an d h e casually men tion ed h ow h e h as everyth in gth at I do tran scribed… an d I remembered th e con versation I h ad with my pal – who lived in afridge in Alaska……that multiplied my power of sponsoring by 400%, instantly.I h ad th is video tran scribed, an d read h ow I talk n ow – n aturally, an d easily, wh ile sellin g –un scripted, I read like a Dan Ken n edy sales letter – flowing in the unconscious……and now:I realized ag ain – th e power of my words.Wh at I n oticed, is th at wh en th ere are two people, wh o apparen tly are doin g th e sameth in g , decide to take action , an d g o all out – th at sometimes th ere is a man wh o excellsabn ormally beyon d th e oth er, with n o apparen t differen ce in action – at least to th eun train ed eye.Over th e n ext mon th (or so) I’m g oin g to train your eye.You’ll kn ow exactly wh y someth in g is compellin g – or n ot compellin g you to joinimmediately.You’ll un derstan d h ow to craft your blog posts in a way th at literally COMMANDS yourun con scious min d to do your biddin g , an d forces your prospects to eith er h ate your g uts –or con form to th e power of your will.You will become like Th or, comman din g th e forces of n ature to abide by your biddin g , withyour n ew foun d power of commun ication , you’ll be like th e masterful politician – wh o……doesn’t ever answer a question, yet rallies a n ation aroun d an ambig uous idea th at FORCESth e masses to vote for h im, reg ardless of wh at h e says – an d if you pay atten tion NOW……you may even lear n the secr et.Un derstan din g th e power of words, is un derstan din g th e forces of th e un iverse itself, an dh ow you, like an y man or woman , can stan d in an ocean of power of your own domain –an d speak th e world you ch oose in to existen ce, an d force th e un iverse to con form to yourwill.You can do th is, trust me.Fir st – I wan t you to realize someth in g – th at lan g uag e, like an y oth er force in n ature, h asa structure beh in d th e structure.Wh at you say isn ’t always wh at you th in k you say – an d th at mean in g is in th e eye of th ebeh older.Sometimes you may say to your ch ild, like in th e Garden of Eden “You CAN’T touch THAT…”For example, if someone said:“WHATEVER you do – don’t click this r ed link…”
  3. 3. …you may fin d th at un -in ten tion ally, you are forcin g people to do th e exact opposite, an dth ey literally can ’t do an yth in g but decide to watch the video.You may even discover, lookin g back at your blog – th at you’re literally comman din g th eun con scious min d of your prospects to n ot join immediately, to decide to not buy, an d th atwith out realizin g it, you’ve been forcing your prospects……to NOW not make the ver y decision that can chang e their life in a moment.Maybe, because that’s what YOU did.Isn ’t it?Perh aps, after 21 days, you may even fin d th at your language has changed automatically – an dth at all of a sudden , you speak with power , an d commun icate in artful persuasion th at isun kn own to all but th e g ods……an d you may even start to comman d commission s to come in to your ban k accoun t –instantly.Do you think it’s possible for you?Now……it’s time to make a decision – th at from th is momen t, th roug h th e en d of th is mon th ,you’ll do exactly as I say in th ese blog posts, an d follow my assig n men ts exactly.I’m g oin g to teach you h ow to use th e power of words, how to break down artfulcommunication like you’re a natural born hypnotist, an d h ow to speak life into the wor ldwith a con viction an d power th at will startle th e forces of n ature.Th is effort is g oin g to culmin ate an d come to fruition in San Dieg o – September 21-23rd, atour first an n ual “Fight the FORCES of EVIL” even t (members on ly) wh ere we are g oin g tobreak down th e scien ce an d power of wealth creation on lin e……an d all you h ave to be willin g to do is:Decide to take action .Decide th at you’re all in .Decide that you’re ready to create your destiny.Decide that ther e’s a better way……an d if you’re ready, we’ll even show you the plan th at we’ve used to g et th ere.DON’T click th is lin k if you’re n ot ready for a MASSIVE breakth roug h , now.Her e’s what we’r e g oing to do fir st:I want to you to set your intention, of wh at you’re g oin g to make h appen between n ow an dSeptember 21st – and cr eate the statement in the pr esent tense, described th roug h th efive sen ses, time stamped – like th is:“I am sittin g in th e San Dieg o con ven tion cen ter September 21st, on Friday night, gatheredwith 3,000 fanatical Empower Network members, sittin g down – starin g at th e vision I
  4. 4. created in fron t of my computer, smiling – as th e voice of David Sh arpe roars th roug h th espeakers, an d I feel a rush of satisfaction , as I look down now, an d realize – th at in th elast 2 weeks, my marketing has transformed, an d am n ow spon sorin g 2 n ew reps… daily, forth e last week – by the power of my wor ds… all because I decided to listen EXACTLY towh at I was told to do… It’s amazin g h ow easy it was to create th e sh ift – all by followin gth ese daily assig n men ts…”Th e g oal could be an yth in g , an d th e more clarity you h ave an d th e stron g er th e descriptivelan g uag e, th e better.Do it now.Th ere are two kin ds of people wh o will r ead these posts – people wh o ben efit, an d peopleto wh om at th e en d of th is series – it is all a mystery.Set your intention now.Now that you’ve done it – I wan t you to read th e g oal out loud, visualizin g yourself in th ech air, reflectin g back over th e last two weeks – in th e San Dieg o con ven tion cen ter, in th epresen t ten se.Read your g oal out loud now.Now, th ere’s a few th in g s th at you’re g oin g to n eed to do – rig h t n ow, to follow th eseassig n men ts:1. If you’re not in Empower Network yet, g et star ted her e for $25. Wh y? Because to masterth ese con cepts, you’re g oin g to n eed to write daily for aroun d 30-60 min utes for th e n ext 2weeks, on a public blog .If you don ’t follow th e assig n men ts, you won ’t master th e con cepts – so g et it, n ow.2. You are g oin g to n eed 2 more products th at we sell, the Inner Circle, an d the Costa RicaMastermind Intensive. After you g et started, you’ll be taken to videos wh ere you can buythem now.Buy them.Why? Because You’re g oin g to be breakin g down lan g uag e an d writin g about it on yourblog th at is setup in stan tly wh en you join us. If you don ’t buy th e products, you won ’tmaster th e con cepts, an d you’re lan g uag e won ’t tran sform in th e way th at you wan t.3. Buy your tickets to San Dieg o. Why? Because th is even t th at you’re atten din g with usth is mon th is differen t th an an yth in g you’ve ever been to before.If you don ’t g o, you won ’t be in a position to tran sform your busin ess, we’re g oin g to bereleasin g someth in g th ere – a formula, to g o from zero to $100,000 a mon th . By n ow I’msure th at you realize th at th ere is a power in associatin g with people wh o h ave wh at youwan t……th ere’s someth in g mag ical th at h appen s to you, by th e power of surroun din g yourselfwith people wh o g et results th at are mag ical – an d wh en you g et to th e even t, you’ll kn owwh y.Last: Today your assignment is simple. After you’ve followed th e assig n men t an d set yourg oal, I wan t you to wr ite a blog post on the power of lang uag e, an d put it on your
  5. 5. Empower Network Blog . Write it from scratch, with your own creativity, with your ownstories, an d lin k back to th is post as a referen ce.If you just add ?id=usern ame to th e en d of th e lin k to th is post, it will track to you. I wan t itto be un ique – en tirely orig in al, an d referen ce back, realizin g th at everyth in g h ere, an d onmost modern sites is copyrig h ted, an d you n eed to learn lan g uag e, wh ich you can on ly doby taking action on the assignments I’m giving to you.After you make the blog post now, be sure to join our Goog le Plus Group, and participatein the discussions!FINALLY, log in to th e In n er Circle (click h ere), scroll down , an d listen to th e audio called“Speak th e World In to Existen ce” an d we’ll start tomorrowI’m lookin g forward to your tran sformation .Let’s lock arms……and fig ht the for ces of evil.See you in San Dieg o.-David Wood“Th e Guru Slayer”P.S. Leave your thoug hts in the comments below, an d be sure to sh are th is on Goog lePlus, Facebook, an d Twitter.If you can’t comment, it mean s th at we’re still in th e middle of our Facebook Protest (clickher e), an d we in vite you to join us, in keeping free speech alive!Oh , an d h ere’s a picture of Rob Fore usin g h is mysterious powers at our last even t (en joy):
  6. 6. Lol. Rob is a myster ious badass.Have you written on your blog today yet?About T he Author: davidwoodIm a man wh o passion ately an d ridiculously loves h is wife. I love to ch ill, h avestran g e con versation s, talk about wormh oles, play music, fig h t th e rise ofoppressive jerks wh o h ave n oth in g better to do th an g et in th e way of REALPROGRESS, do Win g Ch un Kun g Fu, listen to Coast to Coast AM un til I believeSh ape Sh iftin g Lizards are real... an d I love to EMPOWER OTHERS an d ask question s th atcause people to sh ake th e very foun dation al prin ciples th at h old th eir world tog eth er... Iwork from h ome, an d coach people on h ow to build dyn asties from th eir livin g room withn oth in g more th an a computer, an in tern et con n ection , a pet lizard, an d an all out passionto win . En oug h of th at, th oug h ... ...back to th e lizards ---- Ive always wan ted to g o back intime an d see if th ere were an y in tellig en t din osaurs in th e Jurassic period. (Not really) ??An yth in g else you wan t to kn ow? Ask away!