The TRUTH About Money, Marketing and Happiness


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Over the past few weeks, I’ve been getting more and more pumped — because this weekend, I’m going to meet 3,000 Empower Network Bad Asses in San Diego, CA to infiltrate the city and take over in a way ONLY Empower Network knows how to do.

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The TRUTH About Money, Marketing and Happiness

  1. 1. empowernet TRUTH About Money, Marketing andHappinessOver th e past few weeks, I’ve been g ettin g more and more pumped — because th is weeken d,I’m g oin g to meet 3,000 Empower Networ k Bad Asses in San Dieg o, CA to in filtrate th ecity an d take over in a way ONLY Empower Network kn ows h ow to do.Th is will be BIG, an d h istorical, n ot on ly because of wh at’s g oin g to h appen at th e even t —but because th is will be th e single largest even t in th e in tern et marketin g in dustry to date (asfar as I kn ow).An d THAT’S Bad Ass. T hinking about that g ot me pumped, so I decided to sh oot a quickvideo for you ‘off th e cuff’ th e oth er day in th e middle of movin g in to my n ew h ouse an dworkin g on some oth er really cool stuff Check it out below….Are you ready to finally lock arms with th e sin g le g reatest, an d most successful team ofleaders in th e in dustry? Go ah ead — take back your life ag ain – click h ere now an d joinus (*on ly $25)Now: I wan t you to imag in e for a secon d yourself 4 mon th s from n ow, g ettin g ready to meetus our n ext even t….….sittin g back, debt-free with a n est eg g of cash in your ban k accoun t — relaxed, sprawledout in your h ome office with your feet on th e desk — not a worry in your mind, plan n in g yourtravel plan s to meet us, LIVE, for an oth er epic, Bad Ass Empower even t.To many people this is a fantasy, but they don’t knowwhat I’m about to tell you….Back a few year s ag o, I was workin g con struction ,sweatin g my ass off in th e h ot Florida sun . It h ad been twoyears sin ce I h it rock bottom in my person al life, broug h tto my kn ees from my relen tless battle with addiction an dalcoh olism.As much as I was g rateful for my life (especially fromwh ere I was just two years earlier), I was dead tired ofbein g broke, n ot bein g able to escape th e rat race, an dh avin g to say “n o” way more th an I said “yes” to my familywh en th ey asked me if we could “afford” a din n er out, oreven a new pair of shoes.I was tir ed of always having to “think” about money.Tired of always “crun ch in g ” n umbers to see if th is mon th sin come was g oin g to cover th e bills.
  2. 2. I drove an old 1990 Ford F-150 truck, th at I h ad tostart with a screwdriver, an d wh en I did start it —it th rew sparks th at were visible from blocks away,like a 4th of July fireworks extravaganza.Man y of my frein ds, wh o h ad “mon ey problems”just like me, would say th in g s like…“I’m just g rateful I h ave g ood frien ds an d family tosh are th e th in g s I do h ave with …”Or…“At least I g ot my h ealth to be g reatful for….”…but I knew th at type of th in kin g was just a cop-out to surren der to a life of mediocrity,reg ret, an d a vicious cycle of n ever en din g fin an cial, social an d person al h eadach es.I wanted more….…And I was willing to work my ass off to get it.I h ad always question ed th e ideas, prin cipals an d th eories taug h t in places wh ere textbooks an d politician s ruled youn g people’s min ds like a g an g leader in fluen cin g youn grecruits.Ag ain st popular belief, wh at I perceived as a g reat “quality of life” was NOT workin g 40h ours a week, for 40 years, to fin d out th e payoff was to become a Wal-Mart g reeter.(n oth in g wron g with Wal-Mart g reeters by th e way, if th at’s wh at you do n ow, or want to doafter you retire).I often felt like too man y people in “th e system” were tryin g to ‘pull the wool over my eyes’….I was tir ed of th e ig n oran t loudmouth s wh o made less th an th e averag e American in come,but loved to g ive out “free” fin an cial advice.I was tir ed of th e ruth less an d relen tless ban quet-h ostin g politician s (*on ly th e “badon es” of course) wh o were always preach in g h ow th ey h ad th e an swer to all my fin an cialproblems, but n oth in g ever seemed to really pan out.And I was tir ed of th e damn media, wh o ruled American min ds with an iron fear-of-lossfist by pulverizin g th e averag e person s dreams by remin din g th em daily of th e h opelessrecession we were rig h t in th e middle of.So I took my life into my own hands.I g ot SERIOUS about bein g an en trepren eur an d stopped screwin g aroun d with th e idea ofbuildin g a busin ess.The point is….I didn’t wait for someone to give me permission.An d I learn ed some very specific “g overn in g rules” to makin g my person al “cash reg isterrin g ” …th at left even th e most successful people I kn ew, wh o h ad been in busin ess for years
  3. 3. — scratch in g th eir h eads.Last mon th in Costa Rica I spen t a couple of h ours drillin g deep in to th e simple “little”th in g s I did, th at h ave allowed me to g o from makin g less th an “min imum wag e” in mybusin ess…… a h ealth y six-fig ur e a month business – every mon th (n ot just on ce or twice).It’s allowed me to pay cash for th in g s, live adebt-fr ee lifestyle, an d drive wh at I wan t,live wh ere I wan t, an d say “Yes” wh en ever myfamily asks for someth in g th ey n eed (orwan t). I actually just moved in to my n ew h ouselast weeken dIts a far cry from th e on e-bedroom ‘sh ack’ Ilived in a few years ag o.An d ALL THIS comes from my MARKETING.Not as th e Presiden t an d Co-Foun der ofEmpower Network…..….but as an actual affiliate — just like you!My partn er Dave an d I are actually affiliates of our own products, an d six-fig ur eMONT HLY ear ner s in our own company – which means — we actually sell wh at we aretellin g our affiliates to sell. We do wh at we tell oth er poeple to do. An d we take action —an d h ave n o h estiitation tellin g you to take action , too — because we live it, breath e it, an dkn ow it works.And best of all: We h ave PROOF an d DOCUMENTATION to back everyth in g we say an d doup.(h ell just look aroun d, th e PROOF is all over th e In tern et).Fun n y th in g is — th e mon ey is n ot a motivation for me at all.It never has been.My motivation is primarily to develop person ally, be a g reat man , a g reat fath er, an d ag reat leader.I’m driven by wh at “feeds” me, wh ich is bein g a part of people’s lives — but not just “beingthere” — making a differ ence and having an impact.I also discovered sin ce I strated focusin g on th ese th in g s in life, mon ey is n ot an issue.Mon ey actually follows people wh o do th e rig h t th in g s for th e rig h t reason s.Wh ich is wh y th ey always “h ave wh at th ey n eed” … d in MANY cases, wh atever th eyWANT.See, mon ey follows g ood in ten tion s, not th e oth er way aroun d.(read th at ag ain )Wh ich is wh y, n ot always, but A LOT, wh en someon e g ets rich , but h as th e wron g motives,th ey usually en d up losin g it all an yway.
  4. 4. th ey usually en d up losin g it all an yway.Th is is exactly wh y we teach you h ere at Empower Network to be g reat in ALL areas of yourlife — not just financially.An d wh y we teach you th e importan ce of feelin g g ood about wh at your doin g .We sh are WHO we are, an d WHY we started th is compan y, to in spire you to start livin g bigin life, and believe that anything is possible.(because it is, really)And it’s no coincidence that we have one of the richestgroup of leaders in our industrySee, my DREAM is to actually to h elp people break th roug h person ally, just like I didalmost 5 yars ag o. It’s on e of th e reason s I’ve en joyed g oin g back in to drug treatmen tcen ters an d in stitution s, as much as I can , to sh are a messag e of h ope — of my own freetime — to men in sometimes seemin g ly h opeless situation s.Sin ce I g ot clean an d sober back in February of 2008, I’ve discovered th e real secret tolivin g a h appy an d fulfillin g life. And it’s not all about money.Hell, like my g ood buddy Matt said to me th e oth er day…. “Money doesn’t buy happiness, it justputs a nice down payment on it”.Lol.I couldn ’t ag ree with h im moreReal fullifiment in life comes fr om making a differ ence in someones life.From h elpin g th em ‘g et to th e oth er side’ of someth in g th at seems impossible to th em atth e momen t.From sh arin g your h on est experien ce with someon e wh o n eeds to h ear it, even th oug h itmig h t be un comfortable, or embarrassin g … expectin g n oth in g in return — but just doing it.An d more times th an n ot, it reach es someon e in just th e rig h t time, an d it’s POWERFUL —sometimes life ch an g in g (or even life savin g ).We have stor ies like this all over Empower .Everyday, emails come in , posts are made, an d stories are sh ared about people decidin g tofig h t th eir addiction s, or fin ally face th eir demon s.Th is is just one of th e reason s Empower Network is so rich , in SO man y more ways th an justfin an ciallyI search ed for th e ‘secret’ I’m sh arin g with you rig h t n ow for YEARS, an d th e fun n yth in g was: it was always r ig ht in fr ont of me, with me at all times.T he T RUT H is: wh at you n eed to be fulfilled an d successful is already in side of you,waiting for you to tap into it and release it.Sometimes you just n eed someon e to h elp you fin d it, an d push you past th eun comfortorable feelin g s you g et wh en you teter on th e edg e of a breakth roug h .
  5. 5. “It’s always darkest before the dawn”.Yes, it’s true.So if you’re feelin g th e pain of life rig h t n ow, delain g with some type of strug g le, orwon derin g if th e world h as a place in it for you to THRIVE….…..just know this:The world has been waiting, watching and wondering….….WHEN an d IF you’re g oin g to reach in side an d release your In n er BadAss.If you’r e r eady, let’s do this — tog eth er.Join us, lock arms with us, an d let us h elp you release YOUR In n er BadAss.Click Here an d Watch Th is — an d th en Join Us.Don ’t wait – YOUR time is NOW.- David Shar pe“The Commission Magician”About T he Author: Dave SharpeDavid Sh arpe comes from a life of strug g le an d defeat. From fig h tin g th eh orrors of addiction , alcoh olism an d h omelessn ess, h e reach ed an absolutebottom in h is life, wh ere th ere was n o wh ere to turn but up. He made a decisionin early 2008 to ch an g e - everyth in g . Four years later, h es been completelyclean an d sober, foug h t to g et h is family back, an d been on a mission to in spire oth ers wh oare battlin g th e strug g les of life - an d believe in th em un til th ey can believe in th emselves.He foun d marketin g , an d become an en trepren eur - an d h as g on e on to impact an din fluen ce people aroun d th e g lobe, in over 170 coun tries. He literally wen t from Parkben ch es to Park Ave d lives on to tell h is story :)