How To Turn Tragedy into Triumph with Kevin and Melissa Knecht


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I want you to meet a couple who knows these seemingly hopeless situations all too well – and decided that was not good enough for them – or their family. So they did something about it, and in less than six months – created an entirely NEW and beautiful life for themselves (and a nice six-figure income).

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How To Turn Tragedy into Triumph with Kevin and Melissa Knecht

  1. 1. empowernet work.com To Turn Tragedy into Triumph with Kevinand Melissa KnechtYou know those situations we find ourselves in sometimes….Late on th e mortg ag e paymen t. Can ’t pay th e lig h t bill. Credit card bill is due again. Cellph on e just g ot sh ut-off! Or even worse – BANKRUPTCY.I wan t you to meet a couple wh o kn ows th ese seemin g ly h opeless situation s all too well –an d decided th at was n ot g ood en oug h for th em – or their family. So they didsomething about it, and in less than six months – created an en tirely NEW an d beautifullife for th emselves (an d a n ice six-fig ure in come). Click play and watch this “wake-up call”video below….*Just because Kevin an d Melissa made six-figures in six-months asth ey men tion ed does n ot mean you will too. We promise n o in comeof an y kin d – an d we actually disclose th e averag e in comes of ouraffiliates on our in come disclosure documen t.T hat’s HOPE.And that’s what Empower Network is all about.Settin g an in ten tion – creatin g a strateg y – keepin g it simple – an d takin g LOT’S ofaction .T o hear the r est of Kevin and Melissa’s br eakthr oug h inter view – and the FULL “sitdown and break open their entire business for you to see and dissect” training — log in an dlisten in to th e ‘In n er Circle’ audio n amed “From Tragedy to Triumph”Th e strateg ies th ey teach can be used by an yon e, in any business – an d are SIMPLE
  2. 2. en oug h to apply an d see results in your busin ess (an d your life) INSTANTLY.In th e bran d n ew ‘In n er Circle’ audio just released in our members area — you’ll learnbreakthrough and never before revealed concepts like….==> How to “reverse” all past failures an d an y “h opeless-h ome” syn drome you h avefrom past failed attempts to build a h ome-based busin ess — and g et your entir e familyT HRILLED and “r ooting ” for your success (even helping you build your business)==> An often overlooked (yet in credibly effective) strateg y Kevin an d Melissa used tobuild th eir curren t team, fast – WIT HOUT ANY LIST==> An un orth odox way to h ave frien ds an d family (that once blew you and your businessoff) ch asin g you all over Facebook, beg g ing you to tell them what you do – an d youon ly h ave to keep doin g th e th in g s you’re ALREADY DOING (plus, the simple ‘trick’ Kevinwill share with you in this audio)==> How to “reactivate” yourself men tally after strug g lin g to make “en ds meet” — andhow to tur n any tr ag edy into a per sonal (and financial) tr iumph (th is ‘min d tweak’secret is in credibly POWERFUL — yet 99% of people don ’t kn ow it, and don’t do it)Click Here Log in an d Upg rade to th e ‘In n er Circle’ Now.*Or JOIN an d set up your ‘Viral Blog g in g System’ for only $25 (if you’re not already amember)Th is is th e power of wh at’s POSSIBLE – with th e rig h t in formation , th e rig h t peoplearoun d you….….and the right system…..…at the r ig ht time.Do you feel th at? Th at feelin g of n ew POSSIBILITY you’re h avin g rig h t n ow?For most you of YOU — th e on ly th in g you n eed is to believe YOU CAN DO IT .An d th at everyth in g you n eed to make it h appen — is already INSIDE OF YOU.You just n eed to let it out. To release it. To release YOUR In n er BadAss.Just like Kevin an d Melissa did — and just like thousands of people ar ound thewor ld have done alr eady in just the last 12 months. And the best part is….….it on ly takes th e realization – th at ever ything you want and deser ve in life is ONEdecision away.Th e on ly question you n eed to ask yourself (an d ONLY you can an swer it) – is:Ar e you r eady?If so, join us.Help us spread th e messag e of freedom, en trepren eurism, fin an cial an d person al wealthan d con tribution .Help us spread our messag e of HOPE.We’ll see you on the “other side”.Once you g et her e you won’t want to g o back
  3. 3. Join Here (*on ly $25)- David Shar pe“5-Start general to an Army of BadAsses”P.S. You YOU in spired? Are YOU ready? If so, let me know — shar e your thoug hts andcomments below…..About T he Author:David Sh arpe comes from a life of strug g le an d defeat. From fig h tin g th eh orrors of addiction , alcoh olism an d h omelessn ess, h e reach ed anabsolute bottom in h is life, wh ere th ere was n o wh ere to turn but up. Hemade a decision in early 2008 to ch an g e - everyth in g . Four years later, h esbeen completely clean an d sober, foug h t to g et h is family back, an d been on a mission toin spire oth ers wh o are battlin g th e strug g les of life - an d believe in th em un til th ey canbelieve in th emselves. He foun d marketin g , an d become an en trepren eur - an d h as g on eon to impact an d in fluen ce people aroun d th e g lobe, in over 170 coun tries. He literallywen t from Park ben ch es to Park Ave d lives on to tell h is story :)