Wisd ecs job description version 2


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Wisd ecs job description version 2

  1. 1. Washtenaw Intermediate School District Part-Time Independent Contractor - Scope of Work Early Childhood Specialist Department / Division: Early Childhood Programs Contract Administrator: Director of Early Childhood Programs Last Revised: 08/13/2012Contract Summary:An Early Childhood Specialist will collaborate with community partners to develop anddeliver services for classroom staff operating Great Start Readiness Programs (GSRP). Theservice area will include supporting programs in local schools districts and other community-based preschool partners.General Requirements:! Develop productive relationships with other community partners in planning anddevelopment of coordinated early intervention and early childhood development services.! Assist in developing, facilitating, and conducting local learning and awarenessopportunities for school and agency personnel and community early childhood programpartners.! Complete necessary paperwork, documentation, narrative reports, correspondence andevaluation measures to assure all grant requirements are met in a professional and timelymanner.Early Childhood Requirements:! Conduct the Program Quality Assessments (PQA’s) in all assigned GSRP district andpartner preschool classrooms to ensure implementation of quality curriculum and childoutcome standards.! In collaboration with preschool teaching teams, design and implement PQA ContinuousImprovement plans for all assigned partner classrooms.! Facilitate and deliver appropriate preschool professional development strategies for localpreschool classrooms.! Assist partner preschool programs in the collection, management, and assessment ofchild outcome data for all partner preschool programs.! Assist partner preschool programs with the development and facilitation of formalkindergarten transition strategies.! Participate in Michigan Department of Education Technical Assistance sessions asneeded.! Assist in the recruitment, intake and referral process for local preschool partners.! In partnership with the GSRP and Head Start partners support preschool jointrecruitment.! Support the GSRP / Head Start professional learning community to develop and shareexpertise in the area of early learning and to critically reflect with other Early ChildhoodSpecialists in order to increase student achievement. 1
  2. 2. Qualifications:! Master’s degree or higher in Early Childhood or Child Development with 5 years or moreof relevant job experience.! Extensive knowledge of the Early Childhood Standards of Quality for Pre-Kindergarten.! Experience in mentoring or coaching, strategic planning, data integration & analysis,community outreach, and philanthropy.! Leadership ability and cultural sensitivity to develop relationships between diversepopulations and multiple agencies across counties.! Excellent oral and written communication skills.! Exceptional organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills.! Current valid driver’s license is required.! Prior experience working in community-based initiatives, as well as knowledge of thelocal early childhood community is also preferred.Contract Terms:! Length of the contract is 40-42 weeks excluding district holidays that align with theWISD school calendar! Contract compensation is to be determined based on part time or full time employment! Monthly report required that outlines services provided! Mileage allowance allocatedPhysical Demands and Work Environment:While performing the duties of this job, the contractor is regularly required to stand, walk,sit, talk, see, and hear. The contractor is occasionally required to stoop, kneel, crouch,crawl, and reach with hands and arms. The contractor may occasionally lift and/or move upto 50 pounds. Frequent travel and/or driving to various off-site locations is required. Noiselevels are typically low to moderate. 2