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Rev motors brochure_oct. 2012


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Rev motors brochure_oct. 2012

  1. 1. Kathy Poelker Presents Teachers and Children “Rev Up Your Motors!” Motor Coordination, Motor Planning, Motor Memory & Sensory- Motor Strengthen Readiness & Enhance Overall Child Development Super Strategies For Early Childhood, PreK- gr. 2, “Early On” Birth to 3, Special Ed & Child Care When : Saturday morning , October 27, 2012 Where: Kalamazoo County Expo Center 2900 Lake Street - Room B Learning Can Be FUN! Kalamazoo, MI 49048 Inside our workshops... Time: Registration Begins at 7:30 AM Workshop 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM (including breaks) Cost to Attend: $49 per registrant (additional $10 fee for participants who apply for SBCEU credits) Credits for 5 hours of training: .5 SBCEUs are available through MiAEYC, an approved sponsor of SBCEUs, or 5 contact hours, or 1 Professional Development Credit through Loyola Marymount University w/prior approvalLook At Me Productions, Inc. Post Office Box 7429 Algonquin IL 60102 847-658-0050
  2. 2. PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS This 5 hour presentation engages YOU in “Multi-sensory Approach!” to ensure successpowerful sensory-motor activities that work a and develop the whole child - Music is the tool! wide range of developmental skills to help Why Do We Dance? - It’s so much more than enhance young learners’ readiness. This just moving our feet! Skills! Skills! Motor Skills!“hands-on” workshop is lots of FUN, with an Strengthen Sequencing Skills: Use simple educational purpose behind every motor or partner dances, exercises, and music games movement activity, exercise, Movement and Dance Activities: Learn “how music game, and dance. to” work with music games, dance, and movement, even if you think you have “two left feet!” - Great The Human Brain: Let’s learn important facts way to strengthen socialization skills and listeningand information about the human brain - how it Motivate the Passive Learner: Can’t fail FUNgrows, develops, and processes information. activities to engage even the most passive child Music and the Brain: Explore current brain Visual Motor, Visual Tracking and Peripheralresearch about how we use music and movement to Vision: Explore simple activities to aid visual brain synapses and connections, strengthenpatterning, increase brain mass and brain weight, Intentional & Strategic Teaching: How is yourand help kids focus, develop, and learn more overall classroom planning affected?effectively! Learn “how to’s” that really work! Strengthen Math and Internalize Math Exercise and the Brain: What do we know Concepts and Spatial Temporal Reasoning:about exercise and learning? You’ll be more Explore songs, signing, and finger isolation activitiesactive with children once you know WHY exercise Teach Geometric Shapes: Use music andis so important to help ensure academic success! movement to teach circle, square, triangle, rectangle Active Boys Need Physical Outlets: Imagination and Sequencing: Learn to useExperience physical activities that work particularly drama and imagery activitieswell for active boys (and girls, too!) Great for all Creative and Critical Thinking Skills: Learnkinesthetic learners! how to use the 2 M’s and 3 R’s! - Music, Movement, Hand/eye and Hand/foot Coordination: Rhyme, Rhythm, Repetition - activities with completeSimple activities and exercises that are easy to do teaching instructions to ensure SUCCESS! Finger and Hand Exercises: Build finger and Developmentally Appropriate Music - andhand strength, work on pincer grip, isolate fingers, & How Do You Choose It?”: What to look for.get hands ready for proper pencil grip and writing Special Students and Music and Movement: Balance and Body Control: Specific exercises Incorporate music, movement, sensory-motor, andand activities you will want to use again and again dance to ensure success for EVERY child! Develop Directionality: Specific exercises to Learn simple music strategies every teacherstrengthen forwards, backwards, left and right can do successfully - even if you’ve never been Exercises to Develop Laterality: Strengthen very comfortable “doing” music before!unilateral skills, bi-lateral skills, cross-lateral skillsand have fun along the way! Floor Exercises: Develop better spatialawareness and good motor-planning Coordinated Bodies: Work on isolating upperbody from lower body, and sides of the body Visual Learners, Auditory Learners, &Kinesthetic Learners - Know the differences andplan effectively to reach and teach to them!
  3. 3. MORE PROGRAM HIGHLIGHTS Join us for a day of guaranteed FUN and LEARNING! Teachers and Children, “Rev Up Your Motors!” SING A Song to SUCCESS! SENSORY-MOTOR FUN to SUCCESS! Learn how to teach a song & “Learning With A SMILE” how to extend a song to appro- 10 great activities to develop those priate reading/writing fun for all-important readiness skills! early childhood! Balloon Exercise Songs All About Me! Petal Exercise & Advanced Petal Songs With Math Shape Exercise Fingerplays With Math Singing & Signing Math Fun Concept Songs Ball Exercise Participation/Movement Songs Paper Plate Exercise Stick Beat Rhythm Exercise Rhyme & Repetition Songs Children’s Favorites DANCE Your Way to SUCCESS! Use simple dances to build a wide range of motor Delightful DRAMA With Music coordination skills.Build language skills, sense of Come Dance With Me story, & sequencing using Patchen Polka drama activities- great FUN In Pretty Blue Hawaii At the Firehouse Children’s Chinese Fan Dance The Astronauts’ Adventure Indian Ribbon DanceAt the Wind Up Toy Factory Buenos Dias Amigos!Magic Dust Can Make You Move! Wooden Shoe Step Dance I Bought Me A Cat Cowboy/Cowgirl Partner Dance The Wheels On the Bus MOVEMENT and MUSIC GAMES Learn to follow multiple, directions, develop balance & enhance motor-planning! My Pony Stop and Go Mr. Engine Chugging Down the Track Down the Avenue Clap Your Hands to the Music! I Visited the Orchestra Did You Ever See A Teacher? A Pretty Little Fish PS 32 Bronx NY Staff Dev. Day
  4. 4. Meet Kathy Poelker... Now is the time to sing, move, dance, and enjoyKathy Poelker is internationally recognized for your way to creative learning as you participate inher work in Early Childhood Music Education. a delightful day with Kathy Poelker, theShe is an outstanding communicator, university “Teachers’ Teacher!”lecturer, keynote speaker, motivator, author,consultant, childrens recording artist, andcomposer of over 150 songs and 30 books.Kathys critically acclaimed songs, recordings, Bronx NYand books in English, Spanish, and Hmong areused in hundreds of classrooms across theUnited States, Canada, Puerto Rico, the VirginIslands, New Zealand and Australia. Thousandsof young children, teachers, and families haveenjoyed singing Kathy’s songs for over 25 years!Every year from 1988 through 2011-2012, Kathy Bronx NYhas received an ASCAP Popular Award for herchildren’s educational music! Her songs havebeen selected by American Drug Stores andSylvania Corporation for special children’s healthprograms and literacy programs.In “Rev Up Your Motors!” seminar you’ll exploreand experience sensory-motor activities set to Lexington KYmusic to enhance readiness skills childrenneed to have in place by the time theycomplete kindergarten.Kathy will also offer innovative ideas for usingdance activities, music games, and movementactivities to enhance motor skills, literacy, Bryan TXlanguage, and math. Actively participant in thelanguage/music/movement connection.Learn ways to empower your classroom, promoteyour students’ success, and have loads of FUN,too! Experience music as a powerful learningtool. THIS SEMINAR INCLUDES: Wasilla, AK 5 hrs. of training with a “Master Teacher” Certificate of Participation - 5 contact hrs. Earn .5 SB-CEUs - through MiAEYC University Credit (available through Loyola Marymount University - additional fee required along with course work - 1 Prof. Dev. Credit - (please obtain prior district approval) Workshop Strategies & Activities Booklet Corpus Christie TX Curriculum Materials Display - English & Spanish Materials Available
  5. 5. Who Should Attend: PreK- grade 2 Teachers At Risk, Early-On & EC Special Ed Teachers OTs, PTs, Speech & Language, PE, Music Teachers HEAD START Teachers & Staff School Administrators & Staff Developers Licensed teachers & paraprofessionals In-home Child Care Providers Child Care Center Staff, Directors, & AdministratorsSB-CEUs Available through MiAEYC, an approved sponsor of SB-CEUs: Additional $10 feefor those applying for SB-CEUs. Participants receive a Certificate of Participation stating5 hours of professional development. .5 SB-CEUsUniversity Credit: One (1.0) semester hr. of Professional Development Credit is availablethrough Loyola Marymount University. Official transcript provided. Additional fee to LoyolaMarymount. Written assignment is due after seminar. Call Loyola Professional DevelopmentInstitute for applicability & additional information. Direct calls to Ben Hayes (310) 338-1972.In-service Contact Hours: Attendance at this seminar may fulfill individual continuing education orrecertification requirements. Your Certificate of Participation will reflect 5 Contact Hours ofseminar training given at this workshop. Certificates are awarded at the close of the seminar.Program Hours: (Suggested Dress - casual, slacks)Registration begins 7:30 A.M. Workshop training 8:00 A.M. - 1:30 PM. (5 hours of instruction plus2 fifteen minute breaks are scheduled in this training. Lunch is not included.)Registration Fee: $49 per registrant (pay online or by mail) or $59 per registrant including$10 fee for SB-CEUs. $10 additional fee for registrations made at the door. Fees arepayable in advance by MC/Visa/Discover, check, or purchase order. Anderson 1 SchoolsParking: Arrive early for FREE parking (limited spaces!) Williamston SCRegister online at using VISA,MasterCard, or Discover. Please bring your paid confirmationpage with you to the workshop.Register by mail or Fax: Mail check, money order, or schoolpurchase order to: Look At Me Productions, Inc. PO Box 7429, Algonquin IL 60102. (Fax PO to 847-658-0070)Need Help? - For registration or information, call our seminarcoordinator at (847) 658-0050. (After hours, please leave amessage.)Substitutions/Cancellations: Substitutions may be made at anytime. Cancellations must be received four full days prior to seminarand are subject to a $15 service charge. No refund on cancellationsreceived less than four full days of workshop date