Custom servo drives and standard motion control products and services


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Ingenia Motion control solutions: from custom servo drives to commercial products.
We know that each industry has unique demands. We understand these challenges and
provide standard products and customized solutions that are right for your motor control
applications. From concept to design we use our engineering knowledge and experience
to meet your exact requeriments.

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Custom servo drives and standard motion control products and services

  1. 1. | Openness| Design modularity| Outstanding Quality| Fine positioning| INGENIA MOTION CONTROL| Motor control| Engineered Solutions| Complete Integration| Freedom to create| Complete motion control
  2. 2. Your partner in motion controlYour next movement on electronicmotor control solutionsWe know that each industry has unique demands. We understand these challenges andprovide standard products and customized solutions that are right for your motor controlapplications. From concept to design we use our engineering knowledge and experienceto meet your exact requeriments.Flexible and cost-effective motion control products 1. Performance1. PerformanceOver the years we have optimized our control algorithms to offer fast, accurateand smooth positioning control. Also, we offer ultra-high power density in ourhardware designs providing you space-saving features.2. OpenessOpen connectivity to a wide range of third-party motors and feedback devices.Using our servo drives you have total freedom to connect to any rotary or linear 5. Support 2. Openessactuator driven by DC brush, step, brushless or induction motors.3. Integration Your motor controlBuilt-in network port, serial communications, analog references or digitalcommands provide a wide choice of connectivity options to quickly and easily fit applicationin your application and help you save time and money.4. QualityWe apply rigorous processes to deliver outstanding quality in our solutions.We use selected and proven electronic components and suppliers that we knowfor years.5. Support 4. Quality 3. IntegrationWe offer reliable and fast support throughout the life cycle of your project,working at Engineer to Engineer collaboration level. We offer you our skills,experience and market knowledge to solve your technical problems. Robotics Industrial Control Test & Inspection• Service robots • Pick & Place • Button / Switching testing• Defense, Security and Surveillance • Labelling • Test benches• Harsh or dangerous environments • Form, fill & seal • LabVIEW integration & VIs• Pipe maintenance / Inspection • Screw & torque control tools • Scientific laboratory equipments
  3. 3. Standard and custom solutionsThe right functionality Applicationfor the right cost analysisWe do what it takes to meet your requirements and createa product that is perfect for its desired use. Share your ideas with us. Our engineers will guide you to match your requeriments with the right product. Our goal is to define your motor control solution and get exactly what you want. • Online submission with design tool • Customer requirements validation • Motion Engineer assigned • Function Specification Document review • FSD approval and quotation Marine & Subsea Automotive Aerospace • Pressure tolerant electronics • Force / torque sensors • Harsh environment products • Sensor-less technology • Simulators • Satellite-Terrestrial communications • AUVs and manned submersibles • Quality control • Cabin interior products • Thruster control • Sensor testing • Pan & Tilt systems
  4. 4. Custom or Complete Training standard solutions & supportWe can offer you tailored From simple positioning We offer you training andsolutions or standard servo movements to complex technical support to helpdrives. For OEM customers, motion control. Our products start-up and commisioningwe are able to develop a are built with a modular your products and systems.proof of concept prototype design for easy integration Our after-sales service takesin just a few weeks and with your motor, feedback or care of any problem, offeringdeliver worldwide our application control. a fast and personal response.products. • Slave or embedded motion controllers • Remote and on-site support• Standard AC and DC servo drives • Serial and network communications • Tailored or standard training• OEM solutions • Configuration and programming tools • Repair and failure analysis services• Customer electronics integration • Software drivers and libraries • Operations and Logistics• Software and firmware customization • Third party motors and feedbacks • Warranty and RMA handling• Motion control ICs licensing Medical Entertainment Miscellaneous • Dental units control • Camera control • Micro turbines control • Breathing simulators • Theatre motion elements • High precission actuators • Movement therapy machines • Hobby robots • Textil industry • Linear actuators • Slot toys • Solar panel tracking
  5. 5. Complete range of motion control solutions Basic Advanced Custom product line product line solutionsSimple, compact and easy Stand-alone or multi-axis Tailored designs for a wideto use. For small machines systems demanding high range of applications.or parts of larger machinery. performance motion control. Modular design approachCost-effective servo drives Point-to-point or coordinated based on pre-tested for simple motor multi-axis applications over From concept to productioncontrol. CANOpen network. to meet customer needs.• From 2 ARMS up to 8 ARMS • Up to 18 ARMS output current • Build with blocks or pre-defined templates• Point-to-point motion • Stand-alone or multi-axis • Proven Motion Control algorithms• Single axis applications • Embedded Motion controller • Quick time to market• OEM design • Mutiple operation modes • Online tool with updated components• CANOpen available • Advanced PIDs loops • Any motor, any feedback, any control• Analog command source • LabVIEW motion VIs for instrumentation • Design without restrictions ServicesIn addition to our product portfolio, we offer advanced motion control services.Our engineers have extensive experience with motion controllers, servo motors, drives,PLC’s, mechanical actuators and programming languages. Our capabilities include:• On-site support• Training• Systems integration• Machine design validation