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Psd to Joomla Template Conversion Service


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Get FREE Joomla Modules with each PSD to Joomla template conversion. High Quality & Pixel perfect Conversion from Reputed Joomla development company. Convert Your PSD file to Joomla today.

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Psd to Joomla Template Conversion Service

  1. 1. Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Go PSD to Joomla What YOU Need to Know & Must Know Before Choosing a PSD to Joomla Service Provider
  2. 2. Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Table of Contents 1. PSD vs. Joomla 2. PSD vs. Joomla (contd.) 3. Why Prefer Joomla over others 4. PSD to Joomla Services 5. PSD to Joomla Features 6. Work Procedure 7. PSD to Joomla Conversion Service Provider
  3. 3. PSD vs. JoomlaInfyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Photoshop is a  Joomla is the second software, best for best CMS for framing the website designing websites & layout. blogs.  Cost Effective for  Helps in developing & designing but useless designing fully in creating a functional functional websites website. with all features.  The .psd files are huge  No such issues arises files which cannot be in case of Joomla uploaded as such. CMS.
  4. 4. PSD vs. JoomlaInfyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Photoshop files are  Series of compatibility incompatible with all tests can be carried modern web browsers. out to ensure it.  To bring about minor  The websites look can changes in the be changed by template, redesigning changing the Joomla cost can be expensive. template.  Difficult to manage  Easy to create, edit, content. manage & delete content.
  5. 5. Why Prefer Joomla?Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. • Open Source CMS • Free of Cost • Easy to Create, Edit, Manage & Delete Content • Rich Features • Easy Installation & Navigation • Large Community of Online Volunteers • Regular Updates • Multi Language Support • Multi User Authentication
  6. 6. Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PSD to Joomla Services 1. PSD to Joomla Template Conversion 2. PSD to Joomla Pixel Perfect Slicing 3. Joomla Template Design from Scratch 4. Creating Additional Module Position 5. Integrating Joomla Modules in Template 6. Optimizing Websites for Search Engines 7. Solving Web Browser Compatibility Issues
  7. 7. Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. PSD to Joomla Features 1. Compatible with all Joomla versions 2. Clean, structured and hand coded 3. Based on T3 or Gantry framework 4. W3C validation and adheres to GNU/GPL licensing 5. Optimized and search engine friendly 6. Flexible module positions 7. Coded by specialized team of expert professionals 8. Regular update of work progress on timely basis 9. 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed 10.Negotiable price and time quote
  8. 8. Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Work Procedure Go to Request a Quote Send Your PSD File* Talk to Our Support Staff Get Quality Product Delivered * We also accept .png, .jpg, .gif, bitmap formats as well
  9. 9. Infyways Solutions Pvt. Ltd. About Infyways • A Registered Joomla Development Company • Established Since 2007 • Providing Joomla Services to Clients Worldover • Also Offer Magento & WordPress Solutions • Want to Know More About Us? Most Welcome. 1. 2. 3.