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Log into glogster edu

Shows students how to log in to their teacher created accounts in GlogsterEDU.

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Log into glogster edu

  1. 1. Log into Glogster EDU For the First Time
  2. 2. Go to the class Moodle.
  3. 3. Open the link to the passwords.
  4. 4. It will take you to your account.
  5. 5. Change your password.
  6. 6. Change your password.
  7. 7. Now go back to the dashboard.
  8. 8. You are now ready to create your Glog.
  9. 9. When you finish, log out.
  10. 10. From now on, use the regular URL.
  11. 11. Log in the regular way.
  12. 12. Your nickname is on the sheet.Use your new password.
  13. 13. Click the button to Log in.
  14. 14. You are ready to work on your Glog.