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Taming the elephant: 10 big data trends for 2013


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Devices. Processes. Customers. Today, these are sources of elephantine amounts of data that is hard to store, and harder to process. While enterprises were still trying to wrap their heads around the big data phenomenon in 2012, many of them will finally start taming it in 2013 with strategies and technology solutions. But what are the capabilities they desire? How will they leverage big data for greater business value? The trends in this presentation will give you some answers. If you think these trends will interest your peers or colleagues, share it with them via email or social media.

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Taming the elephant: 10 big data trends for 2013

  1. 1. Racing to greener pastures ENTERPRISE SUSTAINABILITYTaming the elephant TRENDS FOR 201310 ‗BIG DATA‘ TRENDS FOR 2013
  2. 2. 01The informationstrategy – still informationWhile enterprises will be ―inundata‘d‖with a hybrid big data dump, the need ofthe hour is to turn this into a flexible,manageable information ecosystem
  3. 3. 02Easy to configure,easy to useNo longer will big data be the bastion ofscientists — enterprises will look fortechnology solutions that can be easilyconfigured based on user preferences,provide rich visualization dashboards forexecutives, and accessed onsmartphones and tablets
  4. 4. 03Big data - of thepeople, by thepeople, for thepeopleCloud-based and open source tools willhelp democratize big data to take it outof the realm of expensive resources andhigh-computing infrastructure — givingeven smaller companies the ability toleverage big data for business insights
  5. 5. 04All roads leadto instant insightEnterprises cannot afford to wait aroundfor big data to be processed at its owntime — they will need near-real-timeresults that match the speed oftraditional business intelligence
  6. 6. 05Internet of things,meet big dataWe are fast approaching an era whereevery device from a car to a fridge to aKindle is connected to the Internet —and with the rollout of IPv6, big data isonly going to get bigger
  7. 7. 06Big data and socialcomputing – a matchmade in etherTrawling and processing the social webfor social network analysis and contentanalytics will require a new kind ofprocessing power, one that capitalizes onnewer social avatars of data
  8. 8. 07Retail soothsayingand marketcrystal ball gazingRetailers will use big data to analyzesocial media and match this data againstcustomers lists, transactions, and loyaltyclub memberships, in addition topredicting consumer patterns, markettrends, and competitor initiatives
  9. 9. 08A smarter healthcareeconomyFrom process healthcare data availablein the public domain to genetic dataprocessing, big data will help analyzevast amounts of information that havebeen overlooked because of disparatesystems and inadequate analytics tools
  10. 10. 09Cracking down onfraud in financialservices and insuranceInformation is at large, and so is fraud —but financial services enterprises will usebig data to monitor large volumes oftransactions and activity logs to zero inon credit card fraud and accounttakeovers, while insurers will leverage itto check for fraudulent claims by trackingsocial data and behavior
  11. 11. 10Fault toleranceand detection inmanufacturingBinding operational data with IT data willhelp create a unified system that cantrack machine performance, which will beespecially useful for high-tech andautomotive enterprises
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