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Reimagining the future of IT Infrastructure


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Ride the 4th Wave with AI-powered infrastructure

Published in: Technology
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Reimagining the future of IT Infrastructure

  2. 2. SIMPLER BUSINESS SYSTEMS, QUICKER DELIVERY. We empowered retail outlet managers to handle the complexity of business-IT systems with ease.
  3. 3. We gave customers the freedom to change and customize their dream car up to just three days before production. KEEPING PACE WITH CUSTOMER CHOICES.
  4. 4. We help traders spend more time actually trading – with 15% reduced risk – rather than look for data. REDUCING RISK, TRADING FASTER.
  5. 5. We are helping cars deliver new and better contextual services – to their drivers – by becoming smarter. SMART SYSTEMS FOR SMART CARS.
  6. 6. We helped a 60-year old company reinvent itself, with a completely new line of business, delivering immediate potential of US$25 million. SYSTEMS RENEWED, BUSINESS REINVENTED.
  7. 7. When a utility major’s systems process more than 400 transactions per second on a regular day, which can easily double on certain days, and the same systems have to support field service personnel, customer care reps, and billing for consumers, it needed to stay a step ahead. POWERING AHEAD.
  8. 8. A respected international engineering and consulting company wanted powerful collaborative tools to empower its people to work collaboratively – from anywhere in the world. ENGINEERED FOR ENGINEERS.
  9. 9. When one of the oil-and-gas supermajors wanted to create its own document management system, it first had to overhaul its IT landscape. Infosys did just that and delivered a 223% increase in data access across the organization and a 50% lower cost of operation – through a new cloud infrastructure setup. SUPER SYSTEMS FOR SUPERMAJORS.
  10. 10. A multi-brand premium retail chain wanted to expand to serve customers from across the world. So it decided to invest in a new, state-of-the art modular IT and e-commerce solution. Working with Infosys, it could, and it did. SERVING SHOPPERS.
  11. 11. One of the world’s largest food companies looking to modernize its IT infrastructure found in Infosys an ideal partner for the transformation journey, to simplify business processes, improve efficiencies, and reduce costs. BETTER ADS FOR FOODS, BETTER RECIPES FOR COOKS.
  12. 12. A leading technology company that serves top law firms and lawyers recently became part of a large telecom group. It was the perfect time to renew not only its systems, but also its products and services. SUPPORTING MOBILITY, ENABLING FLEXIBILITY.
  13. 13. Infosys was engaged by one of the world’s top three Internet traffic carriers to solve the problems of a heterogeneous network setup – multiple platforms, processes, and silos, which lead to an inability to deal with surges in order volumes, and delayed provisioning of services. BETTER NETWORKS, FASTER CONNECTIONS.
  14. 14. The world’s largest broadline food distributor needed to ensure they could go from order to billing, to payment, to delivery in less than 8 hours – while also ensuring 1.2 billion cases of food is fresh – when it is delivered to more than 425,000 large kitchens. FRESH, FROM FARM TO FORK.
  15. 15. One of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical companies needed the help of Infosys to modernize its systems for optimized drug discovery and manufacturing processes. MODERNIZATION TO HEAL THE WORLD.
  16. 16. As a 165-year-old global icon prepared to launch two new services – a multi- brand consumer loyalty program used by 30 million shoppers, and a corporate travel service with transactions worth US$100 billion every year, it had to partner with Infosys to revamp its IT landscape. SUPPORTING HERITAGE AND INNOVATION.
  17. 17. When this leading company that processes more than 200,000 loans a year found that its ageing IT infrastructure was threatening its business – clients looking to take their business elsewhere, as service quality levels dropped – it had to act fast. LOANS, PROCESSED QUICKER.
  18. 18. One of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies decided to optimize its processes, so it could go from drugs discovery to testing, to approval, to production, faster. The process started with Infosys taking over support for 300+ applications covering various critical functions. BETTER DRUG, MADE FASTER.
  19. 19. WITH AI-POWERED RIDE THE 4TH WAVE INFRASTRUCTURE Get in touch with us at