Optimize Warranty Management with InfosysWarranty costs are expected to continue to rise due a variety of competitive fact...
Solution ComponentsAutomotive Warranty Transaction Processing (WMS-ERP)               Automotive Analytics & Early Warning...
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Infosys –Warranty Management Automotive | Early Warning System


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Infosys' warranty management automotive solutions help to optimize an early warning system to reduce failures and claims cost while increasing flexibility and customer satisfaction

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Infosys –Warranty Management Automotive | Early Warning System

  1. 1. Optimize Warranty Management with InfosysWarranty costs are expected to continue to rise due a variety of competitive factors such as the race to reduce time to market, the increasinguse of mechatronics in the vehicle, and increasingly longer periods of warranty coverage.However, Warranty Management processes are largely ad-hoc and lack best practices. The challenge that automotive companies face is theneed to transform their warranty landscape in order to reduce product failures and claims processing costs while simultaneously enhancingcustomer satisfaction.Infosys understands these challenges and is making significant investments in developing a comprehensive solution for WarrantyManagement. Infosys’ Warranty Management Solution addresses process and technology related challenges and delivers tangible resultssuch as: • Reducing up to 10% of the total annual warranty costs • Lowering the total cost of ownership (warranty applications) by up to 35% • Reducing the total cost of claims processing by up to 30%These results are achieved by: • Applying warranty best-practices across brands and geographies • Streamlining claims management processes to provide better visibility and actionable information • Reducing detection-to-correction cycles through analysis of unstructured information • Enhancing supplier collaboration to drive additional efficiencies in the areas of quality and product developmentSolution OverviewInfosys’ Warranty Management Solution leverages the SAP platform and tools. The pre-configured and customized ERP component ofthe solution allows OEM’s to rapidly adapt their processes to the ever changing warranty policies and related business requirements. TheEWS (Early Warning System) component provides actionable information in the areas of quality and engineering. The solution, therefore,delivers flexibility and improved quality while lowering implementation costs.
  2. 2. Solution ComponentsAutomotive Warranty Transaction Processing (WMS-ERP) Automotive Analytics & Early Warning System (EWS)Infosys’ Warranty Management Solution (WMS), built on The Infosys Early Warning System (EWS), built on SAP BW and Infosys’the SAP Warranty Module, incorporates the best-practices in proprietary Holistic Information Management Infrastructure (HIMI) platform,automotive warranty management. It provides a comprehensive enables analysis of unstructured data to unearth the wealth of information inset of workflow processes - underpinned by a user configurable the free text fields of warranty claims, CRM data and other documents.rules engine and advanced reporting features. This provides theflexibility required to meet ever changing business requirements The EWS consists of extraction and inference engines tailored for thethat impact warranty policies. automotive industry. These engines ensure that relevant data is extracted from free text and transformed into powerful, actionable information.The unique rules engine provides the business with theflexibility to configure new warranty products and processes. The SAP BW component delivers analytics on the newly structured data andThis ensures that dealer needs are addressed quickly and information as reports and alerts through the NetWeaver portal.comprehensively. The result is information that is actionable, drives innovation, improvesThus the solution enables automotive OEM’s to adapt workflow quality, and enhances collaboration through the value chain.processes faster and at reduced cost.Why Infosys Warranty • Warranty management domain expertise across the value chain along with strong process consulting capabilities. • Ability to provide a comprehensive solution encompassing Warranty Claims Management, Business Process Outsourcing and Early Warning System. • Sizeable investments in developing Holistic Information Management Infrastructure (HIMI), a robust platform for analyzing unstructured data. • Warranty credentials in the areas of business process re-engineering, applications rationalization and warranty module development for dealer management systems. • A unique model for accelerated implementation that significantly reduces the time and effort for typical ERP component implementation.Allied services Business Consulting Business Process Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Application Outsourcing Integration We help companies gain Our Enterprise Solutions competitive advantage by We offer business process help you automate your value Make the whole of your IT linking operational advantage outsourcing solutions to our chain using off-the-shelf applications much greater to shareholder value. We global clients by leveraging packages. Our solutions span than the sum of its parts. help clients transform their process, domain and people ERP, CRM, SCM and EAI. Infosys leverages the Global business through strategy, management expertise. We They help you to mitigate Delivery Model (GDM) operations, marketing, and manage risk for our clients your risks, achieve faster to deliver immediate and technology. through a scalable, cost- returns and lower TCO. dramatic productivity growth effective and predictable like no one else can. delivery platform