Infosys as a Cloud Ecosystem Integrator


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This booklet/brochure presents the Infosys Cloud Services proposition in an interesting ‘metaphor’ format. It covers the promise of Cloud, complexities in adoption, industry need, Infosys proposition and promise, and invites the reader to experience a smooth navigation in the Cloud by partnering with a proven Cloud ecosystem integrator

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Infosys as a Cloud Ecosystem Integrator

  1. 1. By 2015, 46% of CIOs will have more than half of their infrastructure and applications operating in the Cloud.** Source: Gartner, “Reimagining IT: Insights From the 2011Gartner CIO Agenda Report” January 2011
  2. 2. reachCloud is rainingopportunities everywhere Organizations such as yours are embracing the Cloud to drive growthCloud is redefining the way business and IT services are delivered andconsumed. Moving to the Cloud is no longer a question of ‘when’but ‘how’. Organizations today do not ask whether ‘they should taketo the Cloud’. Instead, the question is: ‘What is the right approach tomaximize business value from the Cloud?’
  3. 3. Moving to the Cloud can bechallenging. As you go throughthe Cloud adoption journey, youmust choose between and partnerwith multiple Cloud providersfor infrastructure, platforms, andapplications. Each will offer differinglevels of functionality, transparency,support, and security capabilities.Stitching these together and tailoringthem to align with your businesscontext is a daunting prospect. Theresult? You may not reap the rightbusiness value from the Cloud.
  4. 4. the need An accountable Cloud Ecosystem Integrator who takes ownership of the complete lifecycle of your Cloud initiative and delivers measurable business value while minimizing risks. Comprehensive professional services for the CloudInfosys as a Cloud Industry-leading services in the Cloud Ecosystem (Business Platforms) Integrator Ecosystem of partnerships
  5. 5. glide Smoother Cloud adoption backed Our professional services for the Cloud address all aspects of Cloud adoption, by the best-in-class empowering you with business agility partner ecosystem while reducing total cost of ownership. . Services include: Cloud strategy and adoption for developing your Cloud roadmap Cloud builder for a secure private and service-provider Cloud Cloud services aggregation and migration for best-in-class business services Cloud application builder for native Cloud services Cloud orchestrator to bring together Public and Private Clouds and enterprise assets Cloud sustenance for QoS and ecosystem governance
  6. 6. free yourself Infosys Edge™ Business Our industry-leading services in the Cloud, Platforms in the Cloud Infosys Edge™, are delivered as Business provide a direct and strong Platforms. A Business Platform is a business solution to a business problem with measurable impact to your top line and business outcomes. Powered by best-in-class bottom line domain expertise and intellectual property, our platforms come wrapped with business processes and related professional services that integrate into your ecosystem. We provide three kinds of Business Platforms: Social Media Functional platforms addressing enterprise themes eCommerce such as Digital Consumer, Smarter Organization and Digital Marketing Emerging Economies Application Marketplace Hire-to-Retire Vertical platforms addressing specific industry segments Source-to-Pay such as banking, retail, manufacturing, etc. Distributor Connect Bridge platforms addressing new business models and the business needs that lie at the confluence of industries We host, operate and manage business platforms on a subscription-based pricing model, freeing you to focus on your business growth.
  7. 7. truly lighton maintenance butrich in functionality Finacle Lite™ is a banking solution deployed through Private Cloud, specifically tailored to address the core banking, e-banking and mobile banking requirements of co-operative banks, community banks and credit unions worldwide. Finacle Lite promises operational gains for banks in terms of savings in infrastructure and hardware costs, even as it provides rich functionality.
  8. 8. balanced ecosystemOur ecosystem comprises 30+ best-in-class Cloud partners,addressing various aspects of your Cloud adoption initiative.Our strategic relationships with leading Cloud providers help us deliver a trusted Cloud ecosystem to you. Illustrative partners:
  9. 9. our promiseComplete ownership of your Cloud adoption lifecycle backedby best-in-class partners Deliver and manage the best-of-breed Cloud ecosystem with the convenience of a single point of accountability Comprehensive services from strategy, planning and Cloud set-up to the migration, creation and aggregation of Cloud services Outcome-based pricing and SLA-based service assuranceDirect and strong impact to your P&L through Business Platforms Top-line growth with offerings that drive your transformation and innovation needs Bottom-line efficiencies through process standardization, capex to opex conversion, and outcome-based pricing Single point of accountability and SLA-based service assurance
  10. 10. proven 125+ client engagements across industries Over 3000 Cloud experts Twin Cloud Centers built in a record period of 5.5 monthsDid you know?Infosys has benefited internally fromCloud adoptionOver 22% reduction in cost owing toconsolidation and virtualization80% reduction in power demand by desktopsand project-specific serversOS build time reduced to < 30 minutes from2-3 hours
  11. 11. want a smoothnavigation inthe Cloud?Partner with a proven CloudEcosystem IntegratorSign up for a Cloud Workshop todayE:
  12. 12.