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last year we have partnered with Spirit         applicable is it in the field of aerospace    IT capabilities demonstrated...
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Infosys - Aerospace OEM Business Optimization | IT Solutions


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Aerospace OEM business units of Infosys focuses on delivering value added services and solution to Global Aerospace majors and their supply chains

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Infosys - Aerospace OEM Business Optimization | IT Solutions

  1. 1. Cover Story in the CAD/CAE/CAM platform of choice of the client. We are providing solution to customers in engineering services from many years. Currently, we are engaged with many major Aerospace OEMs and INFOSYS: Tier-1 companies. With this investment, we will be able to assist our clients develop innovative and cost-effective solutions for next generation. The Aerospace business unit of Infosys focuses on delivering value-adds services and solutions to global Aerospace majors Innovative Thrusts in Aerospace and their supply chain. It not only provides ADM, Enterprise Applications services and process consulting but also cutting edge solutions like KBE and RFID. Q: When we look into various segments - civil aircraft, military aircraft, helicopters, space applications – how big is the Infosys stake in each? How do you prioritize? A: Our current thrust is primarily on the civil aerospace business. This is primarily driven by the constraints imposed by statutory clearance required for working with the defense segment. In the Civilian Aerospace Segment Infosys is working with major Aerospace leaders like Boeing, Airbus, Spirit Aerosystems and Triumph Group for companies. Q: We hear a lot about Composites, and how you have played a role in the design and development of A380, the world’s largest passenger aircraft produced by Airbus. How groundbreaking is Infosys offering, how big is its role in providing T he Aerospace business unit of Infosys Defense sector include: to its clients. Strategic outsourcing the resources and the tool? focuses on delivering value-added services • Working with Airbus on the inner Fixed of engineering services has become A: We are actively contributing to the and solutions to global Aerospace majors Trailing Edge of the wing for the Airbus an important source of competitive composite designs of Aircraft structures and their supply chain. Kris Gopalakrishnan, A-380 advantage for Aerospace companies for major current Aircraft programs. As an President, Joint Managing Director and • Setting up a Virtual Engineering Center with an imperative to reduce costs while example, Infosys has provided Design and COO, Infosys Technologies, shares with for Spirit Aero Systems accelerating new product development. Analysis solutions for the floor structure AeroMag Asia’s Managing Editor Sunny • Working with Triumph Composite on To accelerate this outsourcing advantage, for the A380 Freighter for Triumph Jerome, some of his visionary insights and the design of floor panels for the Airbus A- Infosys has formed a Product Lifecycle Composites. prime strategies 389 freighter and Engineering Solutions (PLES) group, Knowledge based applications such as Managing Editor : Infosys being the with one of its focus area being Product Integrated Composites Design, Analysis top ranking IT services company in the Q: Could you elaborate on your Development and Design, Embedded and Manufacturing simulation tools world, could you give us an overview of prime thrust areas: Product design Systems and PLM solution for Aerospace. (AUTOLAY/CADDS Composites) owned its major contributions to Aerospace and and development, embedded systems, Product Design services include Concept by Infosys are being leveraged by global Defense sector, in developing innovative product life cycle management and IT Design, Detailed design, Analysis and Aerospace companies for Composites Kris Gopalakrishnan, IT and engineering solutions? solutions? Optimization, Digital Prototyping, Product development. President, Joint Managing Director and COO, Kris Gopalakrishnan : Infosys’ A: Infosys has always believed in Lifecycle Management and Engineering Our clients recognize our world-class Infosys Technologies contributions in the Aerospace and providing innovative value-based solutions Project Management. Services are delivered engineering talent. For example, in theAeromag l1 2 l Aeromag
  2. 2. last year we have partnered with Spirit applicable is it in the field of aerospace IT capabilities demonstrated by India and Triumph by establishing offshore development? coupled with the aerospace engineering engineering centers of excellence for them A: All the engagements that we currently talent available in the Government and here in India. Our clients see great value in service in the Aerospace segment defence research organizations will play a this service as the availability of qualified leverage the global delivery model. An significant role in shaping the landscape aerospace engineers continues to dwindle excellent example of this is the use of of the Global Aerospace industry. globally. We will continue to invest in the Global Delivery Model for the Design building our engineering capability to and Development of the top and bottom Q: Infosys insists on winning in a flat support the future growth of this industry. skin extensions on the A380 inner fixed world. How much more flat can the world trailing edge. For Airbus, this resulted in get? Q: What do you envisage for India in shorter lead time and faster roll out which A: Firstly, the current wave of globalization terms of commercial aircraft industry, in turn reduced program cost for this and technology adoption is just the tip given the recent boom in civil aviation? development. of the iceberg. Though there are some How do you assess the prospects for Q: Could you throw more light on some concerns about the rise of protectionist India in developing a competitive, cost- of your strategic alliance partners in the sentiment, most experts expect this effective commercial aviation sector? field of aviation, and the core missions global integration to continue for some A: India is certainly a fast growing market that you are involved in? time. Secondly, companies are not only for the commercial aviation industry. There A: Infosys has certainly invested in beneficiaries of the flat world, but are are thus going to be significant investments alliances in the Indian Aerospace Industry. also contributin4g to flattening the world by Indian operators and corresponding These include the MOU that we have in further. offset obligations. This represents a place with key aerospace players like HAL Take Infosys itself for example. We significant business opportunity for Indian and NAL. We believe that these alliances leveraged globalization, regulatory players both in the manufacturing and would assume increasing importance changes, technology and demographic services space – which is hard to ignore. towards servicing customer needs as the advantages to offer IT services and The Government policy on offsets will Aerospace practice evolves within Infosys. solutions through a Global Delivery Model. also give a boost to this sector in India. Alliances for PLM - MatrixOne In other words, we used opportunities created by the flat world to become Q: Is Infosys eyeing the emerging Q: You have been involved with Indian successful. At the same time, however, Asian market for aircraft Maintenance, LCA, Hansa etc. What do you think is our success showed other companies, Repair and Overhaul at any level, IT or our edge in terms of global model for particularly those in the Western markets, engineering? engineering? the opportunities they have available to A: We are exploring the market and A: Infosys has invested in acquiring them and these companies started their will service our clients across various AUTOLAY (CADDS-Composites) from ADA own IT operations in India, China and other geographies. which was a technology spin-off from the countries. In other words, by showing development for the composites structure what is possible, our success contributed Q: You speak of a Global Delivery Model of the LCA. to trends that are making the world flatter and offshore global outsourcing. How We are confident that the acknowledged even as we speak.Aeromag l3 4 l Aeromag