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Infosys - Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions | Case Studies


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Infosys IT innovative solutions have helped aerospace defense practices to build sterling reputation for quality, productivity and predictability

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Infosys - Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions | Case Studies

  1. 1. If innovation is your destination, who’s your carrier? Collaborating with Boeing on the 787* Consulting • IT & Engineering Outsourcing • BPO www.infosys.comInfosys® is a registered trademark of Infosys Technologies Ltd. Infosys acknowledges the proprietary right in the trademarks and product names of other companies mentioned in this document. The trademarks are being usedwithout permission and the publication of the trademarks is not authorized by, associated with or sponsored by the owners of the relevant trademarks. * As seen in Boeing 787 Dreamliner published Fall 2006
  2. 2. Picking up the Gauntlet: the Infosys solution Infosys’ Aerospace and Defense PracticeWith the 787, Boeing was dreaming big dreams. They wanted to create a next generation plane – Infosys has built its aerospace and defense practice on a sterling reputation for quality, productivity and predictability.a plane that was everything a 21st century airline could possibly want. And they wanted to slash the These are the reasons why Infosys is the highest ranked IT services company in Business Week’s annual “Top 100” ratings.cost of production, as well as the cost of operation. It was a daunting challenge. But Infosys was up With revenues exceeding US $2 billion, Infosys has become recognized as a global leader in next-generation IT, engineeringto the task, co-developing innovative solutions in Information Technology (IT). and consulting services. The Infosys approach is distinctive…and effective. Our Modular Global Sourcing Model enables us to better develop breakthrough solutions – breakthrough in design, in cost-efficiencies, in cycle times. Our global network, our AS/EN9100Reinventing airplane operations through IT AND ISO/CMM Level 5 certifications along with the depth and breadth of our experience, results in a portfolio of servicesImagine an airplane as an extension of an airline’s network on the ground. Boeing did. They could see huge efficiencies that can have a profound impact across the entire value chain.coming from the seamless integration of intelligent onboard systems with ground IT systems. Working with Infosys, Boeinghas continued its pioneering role in Aerospace System development enabled by IT. For the 787, Infosys supported Boeingon several major IT initiatives: Expertise in Aerospace Domain• Electronic Flight Bag Document Browser – when they need information on the flight deck, pilots Infosys’ expertise in the aerospace domain spans every phase of the product development process: concept, preliminary of the 787 won’t have to flip through the pages design, detail design, stress check calculations, Design for Manufacture (DFM) and manufacturing support. of a manual to hunt it down. Instead, with the application that Boeing and Infosys developed and integrated, information is retrievable in seconds. PYLONS EMPENNAGE FLOORS FUSELAGE WINGS ENGINE• Cabin Network Applications System (CNAS) – Defect logging by the cabin crew will now be sim- plified by means of a “Cabin logbook” application. Engineering Outsourcing Benefits Infosys Service Offerings• Boeing’s Predictive Maintenance Solution – A key component of the “intelligent airplane” is • Seamless virtual team Product Design Composites spanning the globe for • Design – Concept / • Preliminary / Detailed Design predictive maintenance. Boeing promised a plane optimal skill sourcing and Preliminary / Detailed • Analysis & Optimization that could spend more time in the air – and the 787 24 hr productivity • Verification & Validation • Manufacturing Simulation delivers. Infosys played a key role in the integration • Multi-disciplinary teams • Data for Manufacture • Manufacturing Data Generation architecture in Boeing’s e-Enabled Solutions. for optimal design itera- tions and rapid turnaround CAD & DMU CAE• Data Delivery – There has to be a better way of delivering aircraft information to the Customer. Infosys is working with • Engineering Center of • Legacy data conversion • Static/Dynamic Analysis Boeing to develop an integrated suite of products that streamlines access to massive amounts of aircraft information Excellence (ECoE) creation • Library / Standard Parts • Stability Analysis and data, as well as to the updates for an airline’s ground operations and OnBoard Systems for its aircraft fleets. for cost effective product • DMU • Thermal/CFD Analysis development: Infosys has • UNIX to Windows Migration • Impact & Crashworthiness set up dedicated ECoEs for • Automation tools • Aero-elastic Analysis leading Tier 1 aerospaceThe next generation of Boeing Commercial Airplane tools and automotive suppliers Design – Certification Deployment & SupportBoeing wanted to give its customers more than just a better plane. It wanted to help them in their efforts to become a Verification • Training • Static Analysis • Testingbetter airline. And that meant using IT to provide a higher standard of customer support. Infosys worked hand in hand with Outsourcing engineering not only saves millions in • F & DT Analysis • Process / Methods developmentBoeing to develop a host of IT support solutions, including: product development costs, but also enables you to • Aircraft Certification Documents• A unique Product Configuration tool that enables Boeing’s sales force and customers to develop and analyze aircraft achieve market leadership by decreasing time to market. • Structure Repair Manual configurations. Partnering with Infosys on the design and prototyping phases during product development can generate• A new system that allows electrical and wiring schematic data to be shared with customers through a common database. significant savings of both money and time. You can Unigraphics • CATIA • I-DEAS • CADDS5 • Pro/Engineer MSC/PATRAN • MSC/NASTRAN • LS-DYNA • HYPERMESHBut Boeing also recognized that its operations still needed to work seamlessly with the operations of its customers and reinvest precious capital back into enhancing the product MSC/FATIGUE • ANSYS • MSC/MARC • MEDINA • ELFINI • Fluent while increasing the time available for product planning.their support organizations. So it turned to Infosys to help develop a series of backward-compatible and cross-platform P/THERMAL • D-MAP • ABAQUS • Pro/MECHANICAsystems, ranging from process-workflow automation to advanced authoring and publishing tools. For more information, contact