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Human Amplification In The Enterprise - Retail and CPG


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Infosys commissioned a study to develop a research methodology and get insights into the current nature of digital transformation enterprises undergo, across industry verticals. This deck provides industry specific insights from Retail and CPG.

The study sought to understand a) the specific drivers of digital transformation for enterprises, b) the various facets of this transformation, c) expected and ensuing outcomes, and d) the role of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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Human Amplification In The Enterprise - Retail and CPG

  1. 1.
  2. 2. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE THE RESEARCH THE STUDY REVEALS • Specific drivers of digital transformation for enterprises • The facets of this transformation • Expected and ensuing outcomes • Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)- supported activities through the digital transformation journey The study outlines how an enterprise’s digital transformation can become more than an accelerator of business, an amplifier of its people. 2 IT and business decision makers were interviewed from industry verticals across the U.S., from a range of organizations, with more than 1,070 employees and 1,000 or more annual revenue $500M
  3. 3. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE CURRENT STATE OF DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 3 53% enterprises in the Retail and CPG sector are undergoing full-cycle digital transformation 38% are transforming partially or in pockets 9% are not currently transforming but will do so in the near future
  4. 4. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE KEY GOALS TO ACHIEVE WITH DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION 4 This research also took a look into what enterprises mandate for their senior leadership to achieve to be able to meet their organizations’ 12-month growth plans. REASONS THAT MAKE IT DIFFICULT TO ACHIEVE THE MANDATED GOALS feel it is lack of collaboration among teams44% say it is lack of time 43% say it is lack of data-led insights on demand40% But only a few enterprises have fully accomplished their stated goals to deliver great customer and employee experiences54% to become more agile and customer-centric43% to build a mobile enterprise38% Progress toward digital transformation goals Limited progress (1-25%) Some progress (25-50%) Significant progress (50- 75%) Near complete (100%) 21% 33% 38% 8%
  5. 5. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE ROLE OF AI 5 The respondents who say their organizations are transforming indicate that the following AI-supported activities play a significant role in their digital transformation: 45% Machine learning 42% Automation of decision making 35% Automated predictive analytics 35% Cognitive AI-led processes or tasks 32% Institutionalization of enterprise knowledge using AI 30% Building AI-based applications to amplify and improve products and services
  6. 6. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATION PRIORITY 1 – AUTOMATION 6 38% of the respondents indicate their organizations’ first priority for automation is to automate processes PRIMARY REASONS FOR AUTOMATION to increase productivity76% to save time 65% to minimize manual errors 63% WHAT ENTERPRISES WANT TO ACHIEVE WITH AI APPLICATIONS want AI to provide human-like recommendations for automated customer support/advice60% want AI to process complex structured and unstructured data and to automate insights- led decisions 41% want to use AI to create a simulated experience that then helps a decision-making process39% want to use AI to create a decision-making system in which machine learning allows the system to learn from humans and improve itself 35% want to use AI to institutionalize enterprise knowledge20% to reduce costs57% to refocus people’s efforts on non- repetitive tasks that benefit from human intervention 51%
  7. 7. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATION PRIORITY 2 – INNOVATION 7 Organizations that automate and reinvest their people productivity gains into innovation efforts tend to be more successful WHAT PEOPLE NEED TO BE MORE INNOVATIVE need freedom from having to execute mundane tasks69% want exposure to new, breakthrough technologies58% need opportunities to learn new skills51% want more avenues for experimentation47%
  8. 8. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATION PRIORITY 3 – LEARNING 8 Transformation is most fruitful when based in a culture of lifelong learning that ensures people remain relevant even in a vastly changed, increasingly digital landscape LIFELONG LEARNING IS THE FUTURE respondents from Retail and CPG enterprises say that employee lifelong learning programs are extremely important to their organizations 58% LIFELONG LEARNING IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE… say it improves their ability to fit into new roles and jobs44% say it improves their productivity 37% say it prevents skills loss when employees with highly specialized skills retire or switch jobs 13%
  9. 9. RETAIL AND CPG HUMAN AMPLIFICATION IN THE ENTERPRISE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGES 9 We specifically asked IT professionals about the difficulties in achieving their enterprises’ full-cycle digital transformation DIFFICULTIES IN ACHIEVING FULL- CYCLE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION say it is time constraints 60% highlight IT misalignment 59% CHALLENGES IN ADOPTING MORE AI-SUPPORTED ACTIVITIES IN ENTERPRISES state lack of in-house knowledge and skills around the technology61% indicate lack of financial resources 52% say there’s lack of clear implementation plan47%
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