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Case Study: SAP Test Automation Center of Excellence


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Kraft Foods, a leading American confectionery, faced challenges with
respect to multiple releases and mitigation of support releases; Test Maturity and Quality Management;
and dependency on Process teams to test the business processes. These challenges led to SAP Automation.
The company then leveraged its existing global partnership with Infosys to establish a global SAP Test Automation Centre of Excellence. This helped reduce costs of testing by almost 30%,
increased test coverage by 80-90% of core business processes, resulted in a better ROI, and provided a superior customer experience.

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Case Study: SAP Test Automation Center of Excellence

  1. 1. SAP Test Automation Center of Excellence August,2011 Lori L Etelamaki 1
  2. 2. Agenda Introduction to Kraft foods Challenges that lead to SAP Automation Path to SAP Automation Center of Excellence Automation Journey Benefits Future state Partnership with Infosys
  3. 3. Introduction to Kraft foods Visit us
  4. 4. Challenges that lead to SAP Automation4
  5. 5. Path to SAP Automation Center of Excellence • Define and Establish the right  Deliver superior and consistent Governance and metrics Model. product to the end customers • Demonstrate cost and effort benefit  Increase quality with to the end customer. comprehensive and efficient testing • Improve and innovate.  Standardized Robust Global Metrics Vision Framework for automation.  Reduction of production Kraft Foods North America incidentsdefects (KF-NA)  Increased value to business units Kraft Foods Europe (Reduced cost) (KF-EMEA) Worldwide HQ: Northfield, Asia Pacific Illinois Region (APAC)  Tactical implementation: Getting Latin America started Region(LA)  1 year maturity roadmap for NA  2 years scope expansion roadmap  Centralized Test tool management across geography (APAC, EMEA and ownership LATAM)  Global Resource model  Progressive Automation  Standardized HP tool suite  Quality Center Execution Roadmap  Quick Test Professional  Load runner  Business Process Test5
  6. 6. Vision for SAP Automation Testing COE Consistency Quality Productivity Client Satisfaction Cost savings • Standardized • Reduction of • Speed-to- • Increased value to test model production market business unitsTest Delivery across incidents/def • Reduced Rework • Better client Excellence geography ects Increase level of experience • Reduced Costs • Single point of testing Automation test Automation Process ownership • People: One organization responsible for Regression and Automation testing • Process: Standardize automation framework, process and methodology acrossKey Drivers the geography • Tools: One set of standard test management tools across the geography • Delivery Superior release to our client and end customers • Keep production system stable :- Critical /High defects discovered before go live • Delivery predictable and consistent results that delights our teammates and Key clients Objectives • Build comprehensive test suite that covers 100% core business functionally • Leverage Automation across the testing landscape • Minmize the dependency of the Business team for regression testing : Automate 60 to 70 % of regression scripts 6
  7. 7. Automation Journey Phase I Phase II Phase III Phase IV Set Design Make it Run and Reuse Direction Happen Assess, Envision & Architect, Build, Test & Stabilize, Roadmap Validate & Design Integrate Improve and reuse Development of Robust Global Automation Framework Global Automation Framework Implementation of Automation Framework in APAC, EMEA and LA Generated transactional data for effective unit testing Leverage automation for integration testing(multiple master data) – Reduced cycle time. Leverage automation for regression testing – Ensure production system stability. One Stop shop for Leverage automation for production support regression testing – Ensure production system stability. testing Leverage automation to validate TDMS refresh effectiveness. Leverage automation to generate transactional data for financial closures (MEC). Leverage automation for test bed and test data creation for performance testing. E2E test cases for complete test coverage Comprehensivecoverage and Reporting Non ambiguous, easily readable XML report
  8. 8. Benefits of Automation 80-90% Test Coverage of core business process 60-70% Automated Tests for Regression testing 30 – 40 % Base Cost reduction for Automation of regression scripts in new geography >6% Defects captured due to comprehensive regression testing Testing for multiple master data set Successful monthly package regression testing Leveraging automation to validate the TDMS refresh effectiveness8
  9. 9. Future and where we want to be.. TCoE Governance Test Strategy, Testing Best Practices, Testing Estimates, Scheduling, Test Management, Test Tool Evaluation and Recommendation, Defect Management , project governance Automation Testing Competency center Integration Testing competency Performance Testing competency Center Center SAP Functional expertise, Knowledge Management Framework, Global Test Process Management Measures and Metrics Test efficiency, Cost of testing, Test Coverage, Defect removal efficiency NA EMEA APAC LA9
  10. 10.  Automated regression suites for 60 Trusted Partnership with Infosys to 70% of SAP business process.  Improved onsite ratio to 10% thereby reducing total cost of ownership.  Reduction of regression testing cost by almost 30%. Infosys Testing organization  Implemented world class  Strong Leadership skills / Automation approach, processes, experience leading large is driven by the values to continuously deliver methodology and framework transformational better and faster results at a cheaper cost  Built comprehensive regression test programs suite covering 100 % of core  Specialized independent while keeping itself scalable business process testing group with the  Developed reusable test scenarios right mix of business , for SAP business processes functional & technical resulting in skills  Leveraging Synergy with Legacy and  Automation trained and support team to reduce testing certified resources turnaround time.  100% Defect detection for regression testing  Strong Automation expertise  Proven track record /  Strategic alliance with HP strong partnership at and SAP Kraft  Proven tools and  Knowledge of Kraft accelerators business processes.  Infosys intellectual  Existing partner in property: multiple initiatives . • Reusable artifacts • Standard proprietary XML test results10
  11. 11. Infosys - Kraft Global Partnership Kraft Foods North America (KF-NA) Kraft Foods Europe (KF-EMEA) Worldwide HQ: Northfield, Illinois Asia Pacific Region (APAC) Latin America Region(LA)11