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Breaking the Cloud Barrier


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81% of your peers either already use or plan to use mission-critical apps on cloud in the next 2 years. That’s just one among many insights from the Infosys commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting ‘Simplify and Innovate the Way You Consume Cloud’. The October 2014 study reveals some interesting facts about cloud usage and challenges:

• 77% rate agility, not cost, as the key driver for cloud adoption
• 83% are struggling to bring together all their cloud services
• 83% have not unified their self-service experience
• 71% want partners to provide a holistic view of their cloud resource usage across providers

A key takeaway from the study is that 70% of enterprises want to work with a cloud implementation provider for a single point of accountability. And they are also looking for a single interface that unifies enterprise integration, eases system and application management, provides a consolidated view, and simplifies billing.

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Breaking the Cloud Barrier

  1. 1. 66%
  2. 2. Compared to 41% globally