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5 tips to make your mainframe as fit as you


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Just like a periodic health check-up is important to assess your overall well-being, a detailed reexamination of the enterprise IT landscape is paramount. We take a look at the various ways an enterprise needs to revamp its mainframe and sharpen its functionalities to stay ahead of the game. While APIs aid you in providing superior customer service, migrating to the cloud provides you with scalability and resilience. These and many more sub-offerings from Infosys aid your organization in staying agile and equipped to leverage the latest technologies to cater to the ever-changing market. Learn more.

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5 tips to make your mainframe as fit as you

  1. 1. Wondering how to get your IT infrastructure into shape this Year? Here is how to get started.
  2. 2. 1 PURSUE THE GOAL OF ‘COMPLETE WELL-BEING’ Critically review your IT landscape and put in place a comprehensive strategy to strengthen both the software and hardware, just as you would for your body and mind. RETIRE LEGACY APPS, POWER UP FOR AGILITY • Re-architect effort intensive & redundant processes • Begin change management • Explore new technologies - cloud, mobility, digital…
  3. 3. LESS EXCUSES, MORE WEIGHTS Enough of the theory, now let’s get down to action. It will be an arduous journey to modernization, but the potential offered by new technologies is huge. CLOUD IS THE NEW ‘FIT’ • Re-host – to the cloud for scalability, reliability & availability • Re-engineer – to support new business models and technologies 2
  4. 4. EAT GOOD, EAT RIGHT Plan a wholesome diet according to your energy needs. Ensure your diet has just the right balance of carbs to compute, and proteins to build new tech muscles. MAKE YOUR CALORIES COUNT, WITH BATCH OFFLOADING • Identify, classify and offload batch processes to efficient platforms • Engage in need-based adoption of MongoDB, Hadoop, Spring Batch & ETL platforms 3
  5. 5. CHALLENGE YOUR MUSCLES, MAKE A DIFFERENCE You can spend time and revenue on modernization, but unless your effort is directed, you wouldn’t see the desired results. ACTIVATE BEAST MODE WITH API’S • Enhance personalization of user experience • Increase digitization, increase adaptation • Access data faster, on time and cost efficiency 4
  6. 6. WHEN YOU WANT TO GIVE UP, REMEMBER WHY YOU STARTED5 Keep your long-term goal in sight, track your performance in measurable stages, and push your critical processes towards agility. IT ALWAYS SEEMS IMPOSSIBLE, UNTIL IT’S DONE WITH DEVOPS • Combine people, processes, and tools for next-gen capabilities • Adopt an iterative approach using open source and CI/CD
  7. 7. WONDERING HOW TO GET YOUR MAINFRAME INTO SHAPE THIS YEAR? Here is how Infosys helped 5 enterprises. STRENGTHENED health insurance provider with API’s & micro services. Reduced mainframe usage and improved response time by 10- 15% MOTIVATED credit card giant to leverage Spring batch for high volume batch applications. Enabled processing of USD 15 million transactions in little over an hour POWERED leading bank to decommission 12 complex legacy apps saving ~2 million AUD a year JUMPSTARTED transition to cloud. Enabled CPG major to save USD 35 million. Reduced 2000 MIPS in the mainframe REINVIGORATED legacy apps for a large insurer. Enabled reduction in infrastructure, improved productivity and realized benefits worth USD16 million over 4 years
  8. 8. W: | E: The best time to start is now. GET F T WITH INFOSYS