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SureCloud event manager datasheet

  1. 1. DatasheetEvent ManagerLog Monitoring and Wireless IDS are two security controls that have typicallybeen served by complex enterprise offerings (such as SIEM); solutions whichare widely considered to be too costly for most organisations to implement.However, regulatory bodies and security professionals SureCloud’s Event Manager provides a simplified lessalike view SIEM as the technology of choice for costly approach to SIEM; streamlining log monitoringdetecting security breaches and suspicious activity; processes, and focusing organisations on the criticalas such SIEM is viewed as a must have technology. events that require action.Log Monitoring SureCloud’s SIEM solution collects and normalises Key components include: event data from network devices, computers A simple, yet powerful user interface. and applications, at which point a sophisticated rules engine identifies key events such as threats, Three features for deriving value from log data: analysis, unusual user activity or system and network reporting and actions – the core elements required to achieveproblems. Event information is aggregated to insulate the user compliance and deliver value.from the ‘noise’ generated by millions of events so that action can Proactive alerting; information relating to events occurringbe focused on critical issues. on critical business assets are automatically sent to key personnel in the form of Actions. PCI Compliance – complies with requirements 10.2-10.3.6, 10.4.2b, 10.5-10.5.5, 10.6, 10.7, 11.5.Analysis Analysis functionality enables users to interrogate filtering process the view can be expanded to show all events for events in greater detail. Filters, such as time period, the current selection. Drilling further into a single event will display user, log device or event type, can be applied to the full log detail. Excel and PDF reports can be generated at any investigate suspicious activity. At any point within the level within the process.Compliance Reporting In addition to the comprehensive suite of standard Government Codes of Connection and ISO27K amongst others; reports, Event Manager includes reports specific reports list events relevant to the Control Requirements of the to compliance standards such as PCI DSS, respective standards.Tel: +44(0)1189 637999 Email: ©SureCloud® Limited 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Event ManagerFIM and Network IDS Correlation File Integrity Monitoring forms part of the log automatic alerts. Events from network IDS solutions can be monitoring solution. Changes to files, directories or correlated with vulnerabilities using CVE references, alerting users the registry will generate events which can trigger to any device at risk.Wireless Intrusion Detection System This is a passive solution designed to identify potential Identification of potential rogue Access Points connected to the rogue Access Points (APs) connected to the Local Area LAN; Network (LAN) that bypass security controls. 24/7 scanning for detectable Access Point broadcasts; Wireless Analysers are deployed throughout the Management of known and unknown access points via thepremises to continually monitor for AP activity. SureCloud Event Manager; Automatic generation of vulnerabilities for Misconfigurations viaA wide range of Events are reported such as poorly configured APs the SureCloud Vulnerability Manager.or malicious scans in the vicinity of the Analysers. Features include: PCI Compliance – complies with PCI requirement 11.1.Actions & Workflow Event Manager features platform-wide Actions Automated Actions can be delivered real-time or can be functionality. This allows activities, such as remediation reported on an hourly, daily or weekly frequency as required; or follow-up investigations, to be allocated to an Actions can be linked to Forms within the Compliance Manager. individual or groups: For example an automated Alert may be triggered to indicate anKey features include: incident; the Alert can then be reclassified as an incident related action with an incident response form created for reporting and Integrated workflow enables tasks to be tracked to completion audit purposes; and the ability to set reminders ensures timely responses; Central Actions Dashboard shows real time status and Actions are fully customisable and can be set at multiple levels highlights areas that may require further attention. within the organisation’s business assets with the ability to select specific categories or severity of events; Collaborative Compliance Platform™ Module Vulnerability Event Wireless Compliance Manager Manager Manager Manager Intelligent • Alerts • Alerts • Alerts • Alerts Action • Actions • Actions • Actions • Actions • Reports • Reports • Reports • Reports GRC • Asset Classification • Monitoring • Monitoring • Compliance Processes • Remediation • Analysis • Analysis Management • Pen Test Management • Incident Response • Incident Response • Vendor Management • User Awareness Assessment • Vulnerability Scanning • Log Management • Wireless IDS • Consolidated & Monitoring • Configuration Auditing • SIEM Assessment & • Data Discovery • IDS Monitoring DataMaking Compliance Simple and AffordableTel: +44(0)1189 637999 Email: ©SureCloud® Limited 2012. All rights reserved.