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SecurAccess product sheet

  1. 1. SecurAccessThe future of authentication
  2. 2. SecurEnvoy The future of authenticationSecurAccessSecurEnvoy is pioneering theauthentication space to meet thegrowing security needs ofmodern businesses.Today’s organisations need watertight security, particularlynow that ‘cloud computing’ has empowered users to accessdata any time, from anywhere. However, they also need costsavings, optimum productivity and a renewed focus onenvironmental action. So SecurEnvoy’s ethos is simple: Givecontrol back to businesses and users without compromisingon security or access.Unlike traditional authentication solutions, SecurEnvoy’s suiteof products can be installed and integrated into existing ITsystems quickly. And crucially, they avoid the need for muchof the additional cost or remote deployment of the traditionalapproach to security software, creating an unprecedentedzero-footprint solution while ensuring long-term cost benefits.Customers IncludeKey PartnersT +44 (0)845 2600010A info@SecurEnvoy.comW www.SecurEnvoy.comSecurEnvoy Ltd, 1210 ParkviewArlington Business ParkTheale, RG7 4TY, UKA global leader in business authentication, SecurEnvoy’sproducts – SecurAccess, SecurPassword, SecurICE andSecurMail – have been adopted by businesses all overthe globe.By strengthening mobile security without breaking businessbudgets, SecurEnvoy helps you manage risk, maximisereward and retain control of your sensitive data.
  3. 3. SecurAccess Authentication for the modern businessSecurAccess from SecurEnvoy turns any mobile phone thatcan receive SMS into a ready-made authentication device.This pioneering zero-footprint solution cuts costs by usinghardware that is already in circulation.Unlike traditional tokens that take months to deploy andreplace, SecurAccess can roll out more than 15,000 newremote staff per hour without the pain, cost or environmentalimpact created by legacy hardware distribution.The solution fully integrates into Microsoft Active Directory,Novell eDirectory, Sun Directory Server and OpenLDAP.Integration is simple as it requires no additional databases orhardware – not to mention their associated cost.SecurAccess also integrates with all leading remote accessservers and web services including Microsoft OWA, Citrix,Juniper and Cisco.There’s also no need for extra software, eliminating costly andtime-consuming testing and training schemes. SecurEnvoyhas been designed to respond to the constant changes inmobile technology to ensure a competitive ROI.Worried about network coverage or SMS delivery delays?SecurAccess is fundamentally designed to let you:• Pre-load one-time passcodes• Reuse session passcodes that change daily or aftermultiple days• Request temporary passcodes through self-help website• Obtain passcodes via email if necessarySecurAccess is changing the game for business security.No tokens, no fuss… Just rock-solid, two-factor security onthe move.Benefits• Strong, affordable, convenient• Two-factor authentication• No password reset or PIN management issues• No token/smartcard deployment, renewal orreplacement costs• No additional devices, no software required on the phone• Passcode always available even if temporarily out ofcommunicationRequirements• Windows 2003 or 2008 server with IIS installed• SMS provision via modem with SIM chip or a web SMSGateway providerT +44 (0)845 2600010A info@SecurEnvoy.comW www.SecurEnvoy.comSecurEnvoy Ltd, 1210 ParkviewArlington Business ParkTheale, RG7 4TY, UKFor more information about SecurAccessor SecurEnvoy’s other products,