iCritical email security and control


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Email Security & Control: Protect your organisation from advanced email threats and spam. Reduce the risk of data loss via email. No onsite hardware required.

Hassle-free email security in-the-cloud
Email continuity and disaster recovery included
Round-the-clock service maintenance and monitoring

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iCritical email security and control

  1. 1. DatasheetInfosec Cloud Ltd Unit 4 Elmwood, Crockford Lane, Chineham Business Park, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8WGT: 01256 379970 E: sales@infosec-cloud.com W: www.infosec-cloud.com“The iCritical team is one ofthe most impressive externalIT services that we have everworked with. Successfullyscanning over 7,500,000 emailsper month and passing themon spam and virus free to over20,000 users. iCritical spamfiltering is brilliant at its job andtherefore allows us toget on with ours!”Systems Administration Manager,Coventry UniversityBenefits• Protect your organisationfrom advanced email threats• Improve control ofemail activity• Reduce the time you spendon email administration• Centrally enforce youremail usage policies• Improve operational resiliencewith disaster recovery andemail continuity featuresEmail security and controlmailCritical cloud-based email security protects your organisation fromadvanced email threats and accidental or malicious data leakage via email.Our multi-layered security combines custom rules and industry-leadinganti-virus and anti-spam engines to keep your organisation safe fromall known and emerging email-based threats. Granular rules for policyenforcement and compliance help your organisation protect against dataloss by controlling what leaves your organisation via email.With mailCritical’s email continuityfeature your users will alwaysbe able to send and receiveemails from any device withan internet connection.Whether they’re in theoffice or on the move,users can continue toemail from a browserbased login even ifyou have an emailoutage onsite.FeaturesEmail continuitymailCritical’s On-Demand Email Platformgives your users continued access to emails when your email server failsor an unforeseen event disables your ability to send and receive emailsthrough the normal email gateway channels. Your users can continue tosend and receive emails as normal from a browser based login anywherein the world.Hold Replay disaster recoverymailCritical offers a rolling clean email store called Hold Replay thatkeeps a copy of all clean email being delivered to your network and has theability to replay this information on-demand. If an email server fails andhas to be restored from a backup, Hold Replay has the ability to re-injectemail sent after the point of last backup so you won’t ever lose an emailthat you’ve received.Configurable rules for policy enforcementUsing mailCritical’s configurable keyword, attachment and image blockingrules you can ensure all users are sending and receiving emails within yourcompany’s internal guidelines. Whether it’s inappropriate content, dataleaks or unacceptable activity that you need to control, mailCritical has thetools you need to help you achieve your goals.
  2. 2. Infosec Cloud Ltd Unit 4 Elmwood, Crockford Lane, Chineham Business Park, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8WGT: 01256 379970 E: sales@infosec-cloud.com W: www.infosec-cloud.comWhat next?See the service in action:email sales@infosec-cloud.comto arrange a demoTry the service for free:email sales@infosec-cloud.comto book a trialAlso availablewebCriticalweb security in the cloudvaultCriticalemail archiving in the cloudGranular spam managementmailCritical’s granular spam management features give you the flexibilityto tailor the service to suit your organisation. You can control how spamis handled, apply exceptions and anti-spoofing, configure end user spamrelease notifications and manage recipient verification – all from one set ofmanagement tools.Multi-layered securitymailCritical uses a combination of custom rules and industry-leading anti-virus and anti-spam engines to protect your organisation from all knownand emerging email-based threats. These rules and engines use differentinspection techniques so you receive the best protection available fromviruses, spam, phishing and malware.User-friendly online interfacemailCritical’s user-friendly online interface is available at any time, fromanywhere. From this online management dashboard you can remotelymonitor email activity across multiple domains in your organisation,configure email settings and set policies.EncryptionmailCritical supports TLS forced domain encryption helping you to enforceemail communication policies, reduce the risk of interception or alterationand ensure confidentiality of your communications. You can send encryptedemails to any TLS-enabled domain and receive all emails that areTLS encrypted.Industry and regulatory compliance controlsMany of the controls offered by mailCritical can assist your organisationin improving data security and adhering to industry and regulatorycompliance guidelines, including PCI standards. You can set rules to limit theleakage of confidential information and create alerts so you’ll be notified ofany attempt to breach these rules. System usage can also be accessed andused for auditing purposes.ServicemailCritical is delivered as a cloud-based service so in addition to thefeature-rich product you also receive:• Round-the-clock service maintenance and monitoring• Free 24/7 telephone support• Assisted setup and system training• Automated service alertsAbout iCriticaliCritical is a leading provider of cloud-based services for email security,web security and secure email archiving. Since the company began in 2003we’ve focused exclusively on delivering managed security services thatreduce risk, increase control and provide peace of mind. All our services are acombination of feature-rich technology and round-the-clock monitoring andmaintenance, backed by unbeatable customer service.“iCritical has had an immediateand lasting impact on our spamproblem, providing invaluableprotection for our 7,500 users.In our time with iCritical wehave recognised how much timea managed service can alleviateinternally dealing with day today threats. The high standardof support is definitely a pluspoint and something we arecertain will continue.”Infrastructure Manager,Rhondda Cynon Taf County Council