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Different types and uses of Gourmet Sea Salt


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Discover the features and secrets of gourmet sea salt and special salt tpes designed by the prestigious chef Joan Roca with Infosa.

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Different types and uses of Gourmet Sea Salt

  2. 2. Gourmet Sea Salt • Gourmet Sea Salt is very special because of its features related to nutritional values and also with its power to enhance food flavours. • This salt is perfect for cooking as a premium element with a high add value. • There are two types of Gourmet Sea Salt depending on its production process and later uses: •Flower Salt •Salt Flakes
  3. 3. Flower Salt This is the natural salt crystallizing over the surface of water in artisan crystallizers without any treatments: • Natural Flower Salt • Flower Salt with peppers • Flower Salt with spices • Flower Salt with herbs • Flower Salt 4 flavours pack
  4. 4. Chef Joan Roca from Celler Can Roca Joan Roca is the Chef of “El Celler de Can Roca”, with 3 Michelin stars and also “Best Restaurant Award” (2013 and 2015). Joan Roca has designed in exclusive for Infosa our Flower Sea Salt types and Salt Flakes.
  5. 5. Natural Flower Salt This is the most tasty salt, perfect to use it ith ay kind of recipes. Natural Flower salt adds a delicate touch that enhances natural flavours of food.
  6. 6. Flower Salt with pepper This salt blends different types of peppers (5 peppers from Jamaica, Sichuan, Pink Curepipe, White Sarawak, Black Kampot and Long Java). It is recommended for grilled vegetables or meat.
  7. 7. Flower of Salt with spices It contains Fleur de Sel, Sichuan pepeprs, cardamom, ginger, coriander, cinnamon and star anise. Perfect for salads, pasta, fish or stews.
  8. 8. Flower of Salt with herbs It blends Fleur de Sel, Freeze dried dil, tarragon and star anise. This kind of salt is the best for soups, fish and shellfish.
  9. 9. Salt Flakes This sea salt type is made by a process where sea water is purifiedan the salt is harved with a delicate method that creates flakes of salt tht can be broken before adding to dishes. There are also different types os salt flakes apart from natural salt flakes (black salt flakes or lemon salt flakes). These types of salt are used to improve dishes visual presentation or to add interesting flavour to meat or even ice creams (lemon salt flakes).
  10. 10. Infosa Discover more about gourmet sea salt uses and features by visiting our website. Enhance your dishes flavours with high quality salt specially produced for cooking.