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Targeted Revenue Source: Lapsed Member Recruitment


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A discussion about the lapsed member campaign that won back 800 members in 45 days.

Walk away with:
- A 4-step strategy for creating a lapsed member campaign.
- New approaches for crafting purposeful, audience-centric messages.
- Tips and tricks for ongoing member engagement with marketing automation.

Published in: Marketing
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Targeted Revenue Source: Lapsed Member Recruitment

  1. 1. Targeted Revenue Source August 23, 2017 Lapsed Member Recruitment #InformzWebinar
  2. 2. Presented by…. Vivian Swertinski Strategic Services Manager
  3. 3. $64,000 in 45 Days #InformzWebinar
  4. 4. Agenda Membership Challenge 4 Step Strategy for Recruiting Lapsed Members Tips and Tricks for Member Engagement #InformzWebinar
  5. 5. Membership Challenge #InformzWebinar
  6. 6. Think through all viable options #InformzWebinar
  7. 7. Don’t make it up as you go! #InformzWebinar
  8. 8. Crafting YOUR win back campaign #InformzWebinar
  9. 9. Step 1: ANALYZE #InformzWebinar
  10. 10. What happens after they lapse? #InformzWebinar
  11. 11. What do they have access to? What do they still need? What would be different or new? #InformzWebinar
  12. 12. Top Reasons for Joining Uphold certification Online Education Professional Pride #InformzWebinar
  13. 13. Main reasons for NOT renewing Forgot to renew Not sure of ROI No longer working #InformzWebinar
  14. 14. Observations from Step 1  Keep certification in good standing  Access to quality online education  Take pride in the work they do  No specific pain point – Forgot to renew  New online education platform #InformzWebinar
  15. 15. Step 2: TARGET AUDIENCE #InformzWebinar
  16. 16. Length of time lapsed Length of relationship Demographic data Membership type #InformzWebinar
  17. 17. Build on insights from steps 1 and 2  Maintain certification  Quality online education  Professional pride  Forgot to renew - 3 to 6 Months  New online education platform - 7 to 24 Months  Updated Website - 7 to 24 Months #InformzWebinar
  18. 18. Step 3 – CREATE THE CAMPAIGN #InformzWebinar
  19. 19. Game plan criteria Want to make an emotional connection Audience takes center stage Renewal is not the end goal #InformzWebinar
  20. 20. Theme #1: Get Back to Class Membership expired within past 3 to 6 months Assume they forgot to renew Two steps away from getting to class #InformzWebinar
  21. 21. SL: Vivian, 2 Steps and You’re Back! We’re committed to helping you provide your patients with excellent care. It's a top priority for us to support you in being the best respiratory therapist you can be! #InformzWebinar
  22. 22. Keeping up-to-date with low-cost educational credits has never been easier. Sign up today with just 2 easy steps. Step 1. Renew your dues Step 2. Sign up at AARC University #InformzWebinar
  23. 23. Theme #2: Rediscover AARC Membership expired within past 7 to 24 months May have experienced pain points New online educational platform #InformzWebinar
  24. 24. SL: Vivian, Rediscover AARC It’s been awhile since your membership in AARC lapsed… We want to help make your life easier and help you be a better respiratory therapist. Here are some of the newest ways we’re doing that: #InformzWebinar
  25. 25. AARC University: We’ve created a new online learning experience that meets your need for continuing education. New Website: It’s easier to navigate and easier to find what you want – and that’s better time management for you. #InformzWebinar
  26. 26. Step 4: Execute the plan #InformzWebinar
  27. 27. Sample Size Testing Friendly From Subject Line Short and Long Message #InformzWebinar
  28. 28. 800 Renewed Members in 45 Days #InformzWebinar
  29. 29. Next Step – Automate the Campaign #InformzWebinar
  30. 30. Executive Director, AARC “Get someone new to look at your messaging. You might be saying things in an old, stale way. None of us have the time to be manually sending out emails. It makes perfect sense to automate” #InformzWebinar
  31. 31. Preventative Care #InformzWebinar
  32. 32. Traditional Email Marketing Target Group StopMailing #InformzWebinar
  33. 33. Email Marketing Technology Today Target Group Mailing #InformzWebinar
  34. 34. Leverage Web Analytics Pageviews - visits to individual pages Page Interactions - filling out forms, downloading content Online Purchases - ecommerce transactions Create target groups – combine with data from databases #InformzWebinar
  35. 35. Event Registration Campaign Target Audience:  Visited 5 website pages in one session  Clicked registration link but didn’t register Facilitate the decision making process #InformzWebinar
  36. 36. Need help getting approval? Let us do the work for you. Simply download our customizable justification letter built to help you gain approval to attend the conference.
  37. 37. Onboarding Welcome Series #InformzWebinar
  38. 38. 90 Day Renewal Campaign #InformzWebinar
  39. 39. Winning Back Lapsed Members  Analyze – Target – Create – Execute  Audience centric message  Think beyond the renewal  Leverage all your data assets #InformzWebinar
  40. 40. There’s no smarter solution Helping you succeed is what we do! Contact us at