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Key Findings from the 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report


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In this webinar we will review the latest market trends and key findings from the past year. Attendees can expect to learn:
-Key findings from emails sent by associations over the last twelve months.
-The latest industry trends in email marketing and marketing automation.
-The role of intelligent targeting and its impact on subscriber engagement.

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Key Findings from the 2016 Association Email Marketing Benchmark Report

  1. 1. 2016 Informz Benchmark Report June 22, 2016 #AssnBenchmark16
  2. 2. Presented by…. Tracy Solarek Executive Advisor Vivian Swertinski Sr. Digital Marketing Strategist
  3. 3. Webinar Agenda 2016 Email Marketing Benchmark Report Industry Marketing Trends Recommended Next Steps
  4. 4. • 6th consecutive year produced • Over 1,300 Associations and Nonprofits • 12 months of data • Over 1 billion emails • US, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK
  5. 5. How Do You Measure Email Performance? Source: 2015 Association Technology Study, Lehman Associates, LLC
  6. 6. Open Rates – a deeper dive • HTML email with images enabled • Text or HTML email with click activity • Unique Open by Subscriber
  7. 7. Click Through Rates Openers that clicked on a tracked link Better yet… Insights about your users behaviors and interests.
  8. 8. Open Rates vs. Click Rates Open Rate Click Rate Influenced by friendly from name, subject lines, and pre-header text Influenced by content and call to action Need opens to acquire clicks Follow email engagement Open Click Conversion
  9. 9. Overall Benchmark Email Metrics
  10. 10. Open Rate by Subscription Size
  11. 11. Engagement by Subject Line Length
  12. 12. Short and Sweet Subject Lines Are you in?OMG, HMF!! Thank you APA News
  13. 13. Results by Frequency
  14. 14. Engagement by Number of Links
  15. 15. Profile by target audience
  16. 16. Results by Target Audience
  17. 17. Duration of time spent “reading” the email
  18. 18. Day of Week
  19. 19. Time of Day
  20. 20. Email Client Type
  21. 21. 2015 - The Year of Testing 62% Increase in Subject Line Testing in 2015 73 Million Test Emails Sent
  22. 22. What to Test? • Friendly From • Subject Line • Pre-header Text • Banner Image • Message • Call to Action
  23. 23. Effective Tests Options Traditional Split (50 -50) or A/B Send to Winner
  24. 24. Industry Trends
  25. 25. Trend – Measure ROI after the Click Source: 2015 Association Technology Study, Lehman Associates, LLC
  26. 26. Integrated Systems – Holistic View of your Audience Database Email Website Online Community
  27. 27. 2015 Association Technology Study – Marketing Automation Source: 2015 Association Technology Study, Lehman Associates, LLC
  28. 28. What is your experience with Marketing Automation? Using it Today Considering within 6-12 months Have awareness, no specific plans New Concept
  29. 29. Why Automate? • Efficiency • Effectiveness • Relevancy • Customized Experience
  30. 30. Customize the experience
  31. 31. Web tracking – Insight and “ACTION” tool
  32. 32. Target “known” audiences Create action based target groups Session Trends for Known and Anonymous Users
  33. 33. Automated Campaigns
  34. 34. Next Steps • Take time to create and send targeted mailings • Know your mobile audience - Enhance the user experience • Measure performance after each individual mailing • Monitor/benchmark reports by category • Create a test plan • Provide ample, prominent calls to action • Create a follow up plan to decreased missed opportunities • Higher Education Administrators, check out your specific Higher Education benchmark report
  35. 35. Questions? Stay in touch!