Informz Client Success Series: Email's Role in Raising $300,000 in One Month


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In this webinar, hear from Informz client, Beta Theta Pi, and learn how their strategic, blended fundraising approach helped them successfully raise nearly $300,000 during the final month of their fiscal year. Learn how Beta Theta Pi developed and deployed a blended fundraising strategy, engaged donors throughout the month, and created a seamless donation process to alleviate obstacles for donors.

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Informz Client Success Series: Email's Role in Raising $300,000 in One Month

  1. 1. Informz Client Success Series: Email’s Role in Raising $300,000 in One Month Presenters: Alex Mastrianni, Informz Ryan King, Beta Theta Pi
  2. 2. Check 1, 2, 3… If you can hear me and see my slide, please note this in the chat box to your right. If you cannot hear, please try re-dialing in, and let me know so I can be of assistance.
  3. 3. Presenters: Alex Mastrianni, Informz Ryan King, Beta Theta Pi Informz Client Success Series: Email’s Role in Raising $300,000 in One Month
  4. 4. About Informz Image
  5. 5. Meet the Presenters Alex Mastrianni Marketing Specialist Informz Ryan King Director of Advancement Beta Theta Pi
  6. 6. Cross Channel Marketing Cross-Channel Marketing
  7. 7. The mission of the Beta Theta Pi Foundation is to develop men of principle for a principled life. • 174 year old college fraternity based in Oxford, Ohio. • 129 active chapters across North America • 8,000+ undergraduate members • 127,000 living alumni • 100,000 with mailing addresses • 40,000 with email addresses • 10,000+ parents and friends of the Fraternity About Beta Theta Pi
  8. 8. The Challenge • In FY13 (June 1 – May 31) we were roughly $350,000 short of our $1 million annual fund goal on May 1. (Beta Leadership Fund) • A few audience segmentation strategies worked previously, but we wanted to take it to the next level. • We knew we needed a fully blended strategy with multiple audiences and multiple outreach methods (methods supplementing each other, rather than competing).
  9. 9. The Plan In February and March we designed a fiscal-year end strategy that involved multiple audiences and outreach methods. Donor Base Audiences • Inner family of volunteers • Top lifetime/lapsed donors • Parents • Canadian members • General members/non- donors Outreach Methods* • Out of house direct mail • Email • In house direct mail • Phone calls from Board members & other volunteers. • Staff phone-a-thon • Facebook/Twitter * Number of recipients for various email/mail outreach ranged from less than 100 people to 40,000 people.
  10. 10. The Execution Our April and May plan included – 3 Direct Mail Appeals – 16 Email Solicitations – 8 Facebook/Twitter posts – 3 Phone Outreach
  11. 11. Audience & Appeal Breakdown Examples Top Donors • In house letter under signature of dignitary – May 15 • Phone call from board member – May 20-22 • Email reminder with reinforced ask amount – May 23 • Final progress updates on May 31 Parents • Direct mail appeal – April 15 • Email announcing $10,000 May Challenge – May 8 • Challenge progress update email – May 23 • Final progress update – May 31 Those who gave were excluded from subsequent emails with the exception of the May 31 “progress update.”
  12. 12. The Results • $292,099 was raised in May (second largest month ever) o $114,821 through email o $60,213 through phone o $117,065 through mail • Unsubscribe Rates o “Series Unsubscribe” gave the option to opt-out of future May outreach only. o All 16 Informz emails in May had an unsubscribe rate below the 0.14% benchmark. o May 2013 unsubscribes were less than half of our May 2012 push unsubscribes. – We ended the fiscal year at $960,828 - our second largest year ever.
  13. 13. Key Learnings • Master Calendar – Created months in advance and allowed for effective blending of strategies across multiple outreach methods and audiences. • Database Integration o Audience segmentation o Personalized donor information in various emails o Reinforcement of ask amounts used in direct mail appeal o Custom giving URLs allowed for auto-population of donor information on the giving form (fast and easy for smartphone users) o Tracking of email effectiveness with embedded appeal codes o Clean unsubscribe process which minimized “global unsubscribes” thanks to the “series unsubscribe” option
  14. 14. “The annual fund provides a fertile field in which to experiment with new and emerging technologies and techniques. Successful organizations will apply a blended approach of proven and exploratory methods to ensure growth and viability into the future.” Fundraising Best Practices Report
  15. 15. Things to remember • Create a master calendar • Utilize your data • Get personal • Set expectations • Make it easy
  16. 16. Questions? Let us know! Type your questions in the chat box to the right! Contact the speakers: Alex | Ryan | Speak to the email marketing experts at Informz: 1.888.371.1842 x5