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How to Rock at Marketing Automation


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Ready to take your digital marketing to the next level? It's time to start using marketing automation

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How to Rock at Marketing Automation

  1. 1. How to rock at Marketing Automation
  2. 2. Introducing our Panelists Meg Curtain VP, Strategic Partnerships Informz Jake Fabbri VP, Marketing Fonteva
  3. 3. • Organize your existing data • Map out transition plan and create a timeline • Don’t feel like you need to tackle everything at once – it can get overwhelming! Start small • Membership experience lifecycle & journey map • Ensure staff knows how and why this MA solution works for your org • What do you know about your audience already? • Segmentation data for Personas • Identify your content assets Where to start with Marketing Automation
  4. 4. Membership and Customer Personas What are some important elements for MA success?
  5. 5. Your Membership Lifecycle What are some important elements for MA success?
  6. 6. • Split into three, shorter emails • One to two messages per email • New members automatically flow into campaign • Sends subsequent emails at three week intervals • 201% increase in email engagement • 64% open rates, 45% click rates • 2-3 per day saved by membership director Automated “New Member Onboarding Campaign”
  7. 7. • Instead of sending a one-off email each month, they built an automated campaign that starts with the CME mailing, and then sends additional emails based on how subscribers are interacting with that mailing • Redesigned template for their audience (60% was reading on mobile ) • Personalized suggestions were sent based on where readers are clicking • 313% increase in course sales Texas Medical Association Automating Continuing Education Course Promotion
  8. 8. Crate Compelling Content
  9. 9. Customize Communications CME Newsletter Non Openers Registered Clicked on a Course 2nd Chance to Join a Class Course Specific Email Purchase Confirmation
  10. 10. • Using Marking Automation to promote free trials of apps • Doing a campaign similar to an abandoned shopping cart campaign with events and membership Brewers Association Cool Examples from Associations
  11. 11. • Events/Conference promotions • New member join and onboarding • Member transitions (student to professional, etc.) • Online community engagement • Committee engagement • Volunteer engagement • Possibilities are endless based on your association’s Personas and what you want those personas to accomplish with your organization. More ideas
  12. 12. THANK YOU Contact info Jake Fabbri: Meg Curtain: