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Email + AMS = Success


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In this webinar, learn how you can increase efficiency, boost engagement, and maximize your email ROI. We'll showcase the “why” and the “how” behind integrated email marketing.

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Email + AMS = Success

  1. 1. Email + AMS = Success
  2. 2. Meet your presenters! Lori Ely Sarah KulpMarketing Manager Integrations Manager
  3. 3. Email’s value at an associationAssociations place highest value on email and web. Lehman ReportsTM: 2011 Technology Study
  4. 4. No Personalization 46% do not personalize emails Lehman ReportsTM: The Use of Mass Email in Associations 2013
  5. 5. No Targeting 48% do not target emails Lehman ReportsTM: The Use of Mass Email in Associations 2013
  6. 6. What does this tell us? • Organizations value email • But not backing email with a plan for success Make sense?
  7. 7. Why do we do this? • Limited staff • Limited budget • Too difficult • Worried about data
  8. 8. Imagine the potential… Lehman ReportsTM: The Use of Mass Email in Associations 2013
  9. 9. Small Change, Big ResultsEmail seamlessly integrated with your database.1. Improved results2. Improved efficiency3. Improved data integrity
  10. 10. Integrated = Improved Results  Higher opens  Higher clicks  More member engagement  Improved deliverability  Strong return on investment
  11. 11. What is relevancy?
  12. 12. The Key to Relevancy
  13. 13. Right Person: Leverage your data
  14. 14. Right Message: Personalization
  15. 15. Right message: Personalized Content
  16. 16. Right Time: Triggered Emails
  17. 17. Right Time: Triggered Emails
  18. 18. Integrated = Improved Efficiency “The seamless integration between my database and the Informz email platform has allowed me to create emails that deliver results while also saving us time and money. Every day I have several targeted, high-performing emails going out that don’t require any staff intervention. It doesn’t get much better than that!” ~ Mark Barton, ASM International, Membership Director
  19. 19. Real Life Success StoryAutomated member welcome program  Triggered based on join date  Emails at 7/30/90/180 days  Highly-targeted on member benefitsResults:  Outperformed other emails by 257%  Cut $30,000 from budget
  20. 20. Integrated = Improved Data Integrity “I can easily create target groups for my emails based on data stored in my database. This allows me send highly-targeted communications and I am confident I am using the right data. I can also automate the write back of valuable marketing data like opens, clicks, and bad email addresses to my member records - right where I want them!” ~ Amy Hager, Manager of Communications & Online Member Services, Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association
  21. 21. A solution for everyone! Integrated partners (turnkey solution)
  22. 22. A solution for everyone! Connect to any data source! 1. Web Services (XML) 2. Linked Server (SQL)
  23. 23. How to choose?• Web Services Integration - Organizations with access to programming expertise.• Linked Server Integration - Organizations with access to database/SQL expertise.
  24. 24. “Home-grown” system? No problem!
  25. 25. Why Integrated?Email Integrated with your Database =  Improved Results (ROI!)  Improved Engagement  Improved Efficiency  Improved Data Integrity
  26. 26. Learn more! Monthly Demonstration Next date: 4/4 @10am ET Register at: Contact us: 1.888.371.1842 x 5