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30 Tips in 30 Minutes


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In this webinar, our experts will break down the hottest concepts that came out of the conference 2015 Informz Superfan Summit.

You’ll hear about:
•The latest in email design and template trends.
•Marketing automation must-dos and tips for getting started.
•Common email deliverability pitfalls and key performance indicators.

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30 Tips in 30 Minutes

  1. 1. 30 Tips in 30 Minutes November 19, 2015 #Informz30in30
  2. 2. Chris Scavo Digital Marketing Strategist Chris Clemente Informz Designer Greg Robinson Director of Security, Privacy and Compliance
  3. 3. Superfan Summit 2015 • Over 175 attendees • Hands on training and 15 strategy sessions spanning 2 days • 300 hygiene kits packed for Clean the World: ONE Project • One rock star
  4. 4. Marketing Track Tips
  5. 5. The importance of personas • Unification of departmental strategies • Increased audience insight and analysis • Personalized content marketing plan for more effective messaging • Better understanding of prospects/leads
  6. 6. Data – you get out what you put in • Where are there gaps? • What do you capture that you currently do not use? • What do you capture that you do not need? • What do you know, and what don’t you know?
  7. 7. Better data = better content = deeper connections • Align organizational goals with subscriber needs • Refined content strategy • Design campaigns around member lifecycle • What content elements work best • Personalized images, stories, menu options, etc.
  8. 8. Content Pillar = Efficiency Fill your editorial calendar from one single content pillar: • Blog posts • Infographics • Webinars • Social Media Posts • Videos • Shorter guides • Email content • And more!
  9. 9. Email Marketing Benchmark Report Blog: Overall Email Metrics Blog: Email Client Type Blog: Timing/ Day of Week Blog: Timing/ Time of Day Blog: Open Duration Results Blog: Results by Country Blog: Email Frequency Results Webinar: Key Findings Add Recording to VimeoAdd Slides to Slideshare Add Recording to YouTube Infographic: “Recharge” Theme Mini Infographic Overall Metrics Mini Infographic Email Client Type Mini Infographic Best Day of Week Mini Infographic Best Time of Day Mini Infographic Open Duration Mini Infographic Results by Country Mini Infographic Frequency Results
  10. 10. Plan your automated campaigns • Purpose • Organizational and audience • Message • Reflect the campaign goal • Relevant, personalized content that “moves” the subscriber along • Target Audience • Know your audience and the journey they will take • Timing • Think about frequency • Test Plan • Enhance your campaign plan
  11. 11. Campaign Name Email 1 Email 2 Email 3 Email 4 Purpose Invitation to annual event 2nd Invitation Last Call Attendee Information Target Audience All active Members Non Openers Balance of Non Openers & Non Registrants Registered members Message Network with your peers! Same message We will miss you! See you there! Timing July 1st 2 weeks after original 2 weeks after resend 5 weeks after invite Test Plan Subject Line & Friendly From Winning Elements N/A N/A
  12. 12. Words of advice from fellow clients… • Start small • Don’t let perfection be your enemy • Use decision points and notify steps • Build in check points to ensure information is up to date • Invite others to test campaigns • Analyze the data - let your audience tell YOU what they want to know about
  13. 13. Remain relevant by staying engaged • Automation does not mean set it and forget it • Evaluate your personas • Review your content – are you still saying the right things? • Review engagement metrics • Stay on top of industry developments • Are there new laws being passed that affect your members? • New actions that could affect subscribers?
  14. 14. Design Track Tips
  15. 15. Tip #1 There is a difference between Mobile Optimized and Responsive
  17. 17. One column layouts increase legibility and reduces vertical space One column layouts are more adaptive to various device sizes Images appear bigger More accommodating to stories with multiple layouts
  18. 18. RESPONSIVE
  19. 19. Fits to mobile device Changes multiple column layouts to one column layout Images, text and buttons appear bigger Caters exclusively to the mobile experience
  20. 20. Tip #2 Use real Hero Images
  21. 21. Sets the theme more than words More appealing than a long story or welcome message Can be used as a big call-to-action Caters to an on-the-go society
  22. 22. Tip #3 Graphic design is flat
  23. 23. Few or no gradients, reflections, and outer shadows Limited color palettes (1-3 colors and/or shades 80/60/20) Shadows are sharp and angular Most of all, graphics nowadays lack detail ?
  24. 24. Tip #4 Buttons are bigger
  25. 25. } 40px
  26. 26. Tip #5 Content is shorter
  27. 27. Appeals to increase in “skim” Reduces vertical space Increase reliance in buttons and CMT
  28. 28. Tip #6 It’s good to get personal
  29. 29. Use personalization codes Use warm, inviting language Who is in the salutations? Hidden gems: a postscript doesn’t hurt
  30. 30. Tip #7 Think modular
  31. 31. Tip #8 Represent your images with style
  32. 32. Tip #9 Dress iOS links
  33. 33. .classname a { color:#ffffff !important; text-decoration: none !important; } <span class=“classname”> 972-555-9980</span>
  34. 34. Tip #10 Fallback your web fonts
  35. 35. Use with a FALLBACK
  36. 36. Tech Track Tips
  37. 37. Who are you, really? Sender Authentication: SPF DKIM (& DMARC for some)
  38. 38. (Un)Predictable Sending Patterns Frequency Unexpected Changes in Volume Sending Speed and Back Off
  39. 39. List quality Accuracy (COI is best) Bounce rates (KPI) Bounce reasons – “Diagnostic-Code”
  40. 40. From Address WHO @ WHERE.COM ?
  41. 41. Content Considerations “Naked” Links Broken Links Third Party Links
  42. 42. Targeted Messaging Know the audience B2B vs B2C Leisure Financial / Healthcare / Government
  43. 43. Targeted Messaging Relevance = Results EMAIL BLASTING
  44. 44. Two-Way Messaging NOT
  45. 45. Consent and Relevance Co-Reg Unsubscribe rate (KPI) Complaint rate (KPI)
  46. 46. CCR Consent | Content | Relevance
  47. 47. Questions? Stay in touch!