OmniEdoc - For a Paperless Generation


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OmniEdoc is a document management system (DMS) that helps companies handle documents and information they contain.

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OmniEdoc - For a Paperless Generation

  1. 1. OmniEdoc | DocumentManagement System
  2. 2. OmniEdoc OmniEdoc is a document management system (DMS) that helps companies handle documents and information they contain.
  3. 3. OmniEdoc Features at a Glance Allows quick access to all information contained in documents thanks to effective search tools Includes flexible and powerful security features Provides audit trails Has intuitive, easy to use interface Ensures customizable self-service environment Defines and enforces folder rules Allows for advanced version control with major, minor and revision functionalities Uses email alerts and notifications Provides high-performance load balancing
  4. 4. What is OmniEdoc? OmniEDoc is a comprehensive electronic document management system (DMS) that provides a company with a highly secure, powerful and integrated, enterprise- wide document management solution. It enables businesses to streamline their collaborative processes in order to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  5. 5. OmniEdoc ModulesOmniEdoc consists of 6 modules:1. User Management2. Admin Management3. Scanning Module4. eDoc Management5. Search Engine6. Audit Trails
  6. 6. OmniEdoc User Management ModuleThis OmniEDoc‘s module gives users the facility to log in to thesystem and change their passwords. They can also personalizehow to display search results and documents.This customized view increases efficiency because it facilitatesbasic administrative functionalities of the application such as: – Activating and deactivating users – Resetting passwords – System files management – Backups management
  7. 7. OmniEdoc Admin Management ModuleIn OmniEDoc, authorized userscan easily administrate thesystem’s basic functionalitiessuch as managing users’ accessand security settings.It ensures full control andprotection over theinformation stored in thesystem.
  8. 8. OmniEdoc Scanning Documents ModuleThis is a process in which documents are scanned andinput into the system. OmniEDoc offers you the ability toscan up to 100,000 documents per month but can haveeven higher scalability, if needed.It scans, captures and saves files in the most commonformats: Word Documents, Excel Sheets, PDF Files, JPGImages, etc.
  9. 9. OmniEdoc eDoc Management ModuleeDoc Management is a key component of OmniEDoc because itfacilitates folder management: i.e. sharing and copying folders.It also handles notifications of new documents being uploadedinto the system to respective users.It also allows users to upload and create documents usingtemplates, to view and print them, if needed, as well as editthem using a default program, such as Microsoft Word,Microsoft Excel or Adobe Photoshop.Automatic document indexing and version control maintenanceare also handled here, allowing users access to previous versionsof the documents as well as to any comments made on them.
  10. 10. OmniEdoceDoc Management Module
  11. 11. OmniEdoc Searching Documents ModuleThis module is the search engine of the whole documentmanagement system.It allows users to search documents: – by title, – by author, – by keywords, – by other, specific personal search criteria.Furthermore, advanced search options allow users not onlyto search through the name but also through the contentof scanned documents.
  12. 12. OmniEdocSearching Documents Module
  13. 13. OmniEdoc Audit Trails ModuleThis OmniEDoc‘s module allows viewing audit log based ondocument name, user or any other search criteria.The main functions provided through this module include – identifying information owners, – identifying collaboration sources, – displaying reports on documents opened by particular users.
  14. 14. OmniEdoc Key Benefits Centralized source of information that is available at any time, Better accessibility of data for quick and accurate decisions, Flexible retrieval of documents and information they contain, Controlled and improved document distribution, Improved security by administratively controlled access to data, Protection from physical damage, Disaster recovery, Reduced or eliminated document storage costs, Improved workflow thanks to easy exchange of information, Maximised customer satisfaction thanks to easier and fasted access to customer-related data.
  15. 15. OmniEdoc Conclusion OmniEdoc is a document management system (DMS) that helps companies handle documents and information they contain. Following the fast-time-to market policy the basic version of OmniEdoc can be delivered in 3 months only saving company’s time and money. OmniEdoc is also smoothly integrated to the existing software suite what reduces change management costs and eases the implementation process.