Informatica Cloud MDM for Salesforce and Veeva: Single Customer View for Pharmaceuticals


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Are you struggling with Salesforce or Veeva end-user adoption? Don’t let data quality challenges get you down. Informatica has recently introduced powerful Cloud-based Master Data Management (MDM) capabilities built natively on the platform.

Key capabilities include:
• Cleanse, standardize and enrich customer information
• Eliminate and prevent duplicate and inconsistent data
• Integrate Salesforce with other cloud and on-premise applications, databases and files
• Manage and view multiple hierarchies
• Consolidate data from multiple Salesforce or Veeva instances.

We will outline specific use cases in your industry and review some of the business benefits our customers are delivering with a universal MDM strategy from Informatica.

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  • Healthcare Professionals (HCP)Healthcare Organizations (HCO)
  • What Relationships do our Customers Have?
  • Informatica Cloud MDM for Salesforce and Veeva: Single Customer View for Pharmaceuticals

    1. 1. Cloud MDM for Salesforce Darren Cunningham, VP Cloud Marketing Josh Minton, Informatica Cloud MDM Specialist Ravi Shankar, VP Informatica MDM Marketing
    2. 2. Poll Question: How Many SaaS Apps are you Running? None…yet! 1-3 4-10 11+
    3. 3. Today’s Agenda • Introduction to Informatica Cloud MDM • Demonstration • Universal MDM from Informatica • Next Steps
    4. 4. Primary Cloud Data Management Challenges 4 No Single Customer View Inefficient Processes 1 3 7 5 8 2 4 6 Disconnected SaaS Silos
    5. 5. Business Value of Single View of a Customer Increase Revenue • Increase Upsell/Cross-Sell • Plan/Execute M&A • Improve Marketing Campaigns & Conversion Rates Improve Customer Success • Higher customer retention • Targeted product development • Identify your most valuable customers Risk Reduction • Credible forecasts • Trusted Reporting • Increased adoption of Salesforce
    6. 6. Primary Barriers to a Single Customer View Data Quality • Incomplete Data • Inaccurate Data • De-Duplicate Data • Validate Data Consolidation of Data • Disjointed Systems • Fragmented Data • Multiple Orgs Hierarchy Management • Create more robust Customer Relationships • Multi- Dimensional
    7. 7. Informatica Cloud 7 Cloud Integration Connecting your cloud apps Cloud Data Quality and MDM Delivering the “Single Customer View” within Salesforce Cloud Process Automation Guiding Salesforce users to work efficiently with the data
    8. 8. Informatica Cloud MDM • Dedupes HCP data within Veeva and Salesforce • Prevents duplicates at the point of entry • Creates single view of HCP/ HCO across Veeva and Salesforce • Keeps data in sync across Veeva and Salesforce – same HCP/ HCO data across both systems • Consistent affiliations across both systems • Integrates iMS, AMA data 8 Informatica Cloud MDM for Life Sciences Built to run natively on the Platform CRM Call Center CLOUD MDM
    9. 9. Informatica Cloud MDM Use Cases Regional MDM Deploy locally, Consolidate Globally Build regional hubs for countries outside of US Affiliations Track HCO/HCP relationships across all systems Elicit feedback & Engage field Data Quality Point-of Entry Management for all users across all devices Improve Reporting & Decision Management 9
    10. 10. Cleanse: Seal off Entry Points, Validate Addresses • Complete – Leverage data assets to fill in incomplete data • Consistent – All data formats are standardized • Duplicate Free Batch & Real-Time De-Duplication New Leads Leads Accounts Contacts Enhanced Lead Conversion
    11. 11. • Connect Both On-Premise or Cloud Apps • Enables Integrated Business Processes, e.g. Order-to-Cash Integrate: Data Transformation / Movement
    12. 12. Enrich: Single View of the Customer Data Loader McDonalds US Contact: Ronald McDonald Oppty: Monopoly Convention McDonalds US McDonalds US McDonalds US • Contact: Ronald McDonald • Oppty: Monopoly Convention • Lead: Grimace • Account: Hamburglar • Product: Happy Meal • Product: Shamrock Shake McDonalds WW Data Loader McDonalds US Product: Shamrock Shake Product: Happy Meal • Customer- Centric View • Golden Version of Customer Data • Enable White- spacing and Trend Analysis Data Loader McDonalds US Account: Hamburglar Lead: Grimace
    13. 13. Enrich: 3rd-Party Data Enrichment Data Loader • Moody’s Credit Rating • Retail Analytics for Eastern Europe McDonalds WW Global DUNS McDonalds US McDonalds EMEA McDonalds LATAM • S&P Rating for Brazil• D&B Data Elements • Augment Your Existing Customer Data • Identify & Culture Relationship • Account Hierarchies • Global Segmentation/ Reporting
    14. 14. Consolidate: Multiple Orgs Data Loader McDonalds US Contact: Ronald McDonald Oppty: Monopoly Convention Data Loader McDonalds EMEA Product: Happy Meal Oppty: Milkshake Conference Data Loader McDonalds LATAM Oppty: Brazil Hamburger Fan Club Lead: Grimace McDonalds US McDonalds EMEA McDonalds LATAM • Contact: Ronald McDonald • Oppty: Monopoly Convention • Product: Happy Meal • Oppty: Milkshake Conference • Oppty: Brazil Hamburger Fan Club • Lead: Grimace McDonalds WW • Single View of Customer Across Salesforce Orgs • Allow Global Account Team Collaboration • Enable White- spacing and Trend Analysis
    15. 15. Relate: Advanced Account Hierarchies • Model more robust relationship Expanded Relationships • Import Relationships • Automate Updates Automation • Embed various hierarchy types Multi- Dimensional
    16. 16. Relate: Tie it Back to CRM Dashboards • Engage Dashboards at any level of hierarchy • Improve Collaboration/Coordination • Drive best practices/innovation across geographies and brands
    17. 17. Extend: and Social/Mobile Apps • Leverage your VisualForce or APEX coding skills • Build Social/Mobile Apps Faster with clean data
    18. 18. Demonstration: Josh Minton
    19. 19. Hierarchy Management Automatically Find Ultimate Parent or Fuzzy Search • Multi-dimensional hierarchies: e.g Salesforce, D&B or Franchise, etc. • Relate Global Accounts with their subsidiaries rolled up to Ultimate Parent • Easily visualize, navigate and manage the different hierarchy types
    20. 20. Today’s Agenda • Introduction to Informatica Cloud MDM • Demonstration • Universal MDM from Informatica • Next Steps
    21. 21. 22 Cloud MDM and Multidomain MDM • Flexible multidomain data model • Enterprise use – Operational & Analytical • On-premise/ hosted deployment Multidomain MDM Generic MDM with flexible data model to reconcile multidomain master data across all systems MULTIDOMAIN MDM •Resides within Salesforce (cloud) •Multitenant architecture ( •Consolidates data within Salesforce Cloud MDM Cloud-based multitenant SaaS MDM application optimized specifically for Salesforce CLOUD MDM Sample Customers
    22. 22. Universal MDM Benefits • Consistent HCP/ HCO and affiliations data across Salesforce, Veeva, and Enterprise • Faster data synch from Cloud MDM to Multidomain MDM • Standardized HCP/ HCO data from Cloud MDM fed into Multidomain MDM • Fewer duplicates passed on to Multidomain MDM • View product hierarchies, sales territory hierarchies, sphere-of- influence relationships from Multidomain MDM within Salesforce, Veeva (data controls) 23 Informatica Cloud MDM to Universal MDM Cloud MDM MULTIDOMAIN MDM Applications Third Party Data Business Intelligence Multidomain HCP/ HCO Employee Product Location Item
    23. 23. Informatica Universal MDM Architecture Vibe™ Virtual Data Machine Universal Governance Data Governance Monitoring Workflow Data Stewardship Data Components Scorecard Reporting Hierarchies Relationships Composite Apps Search Universal Solutions Life Sciences Banking Insurance Healthcare Partner Solutions Universal Domains Model / Metadata History / Lineage Survivorship Rules Match Rules Security Universal Services Validation Rules Retail Manufacturing Product CustomerSupplier LocationAsset Employee Batch Metadata Cleansing FederationData Exchange Business Glossary Profiling Messaging Address Standardization Real-time Synchronization
    24. 24. Next Steps • Help us understand your use case: • Regional MDM: Deploy locally, Consolidate Globally • Affiliation: Track HCO/HCP relationships across all systems • Data Quality: Point-of Entry Management across all devices • Find out more about our Salesforce solutions:
    25. 25. Thank You!