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The heady excitement of using a new application often gives way to the question of “what are we going to do with the data after the summer fades?” With the explosive growth of data in cloud-based applications and platforms, organizations of all sizes must therefore have a strategy to achieve a lasting customer view in order to stay ahead of the competition.

In this lesson we’ll delve into the challenges associated with cloud data quality and master data management. We’ll explore how to automate data cleansing, validation and consolidation of data from external systems.

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  1. 1. Cloud Integration and Data Management Summer School Lesson 2: Using Cloud MDM to Deliver a Single View of Your Customer Clive Bearman, Director of Marketing, Informatica Cloud Steven Mitchell, MDM Evangelist, Informatica Cloud Martyn Leman, MDM Consultant, Cloud Perspective Ltd.
  2. 2. Summer School Overview • Curriculum • Good News - No test! • Complete all 3 lessons receive gift card for a summer treat Lesson Title Date 1 Don’t Get Cast Away on a Data Island The Essential Guide for Connecting to Salesforce Tues 6/18 10:00 am PST 2 Customer Relationships Don’t End In September Using Cloud Master Data Management to Deliver a Single View of Your Customer Thurs 7/18 10:00 am PST 3 Working from the Beach Mobilizing Processes for the Smart Phone Generation Thurs 8/15 10:00 am PST
  3. 3. 3 Why are there 3 lessons?
  4. 4. 4 There are 3 BIG challenges.
  5. 5. 5 1 Salesforce Becomes Another Data Silo 2 Salesforce Data Becomes Inconsistent 3 Salesforce Users Corrupt The Data
  6. 6. Today’s Lesson • Goal • Understand Salesforce data management challenges • Faculty • Clive Bearman, Director of Marketing, Informatica Cloud • Steven Mitchell, MDM Evangelist, Informatica Cloud • Martyn Leman, MDM Consultant, Cloud Perspective Ltd. • Lesson Plan • Salesforce data management challenges • Delivering a single view of the customer • Demonstration • Data management best practices • Universal MDM from Informatica • Q&A • Homework assignment
  7. 7. 7 What’s wrong with inconsistent Salesforce data? (Nothing, if you don’t want a lasting relationship.)
  8. 8. Typical Salesforce Data Management Challenge 8 4 1 2 3 LEAD LEAD LEAD Content created • Manual data entry • Marketing activity • Automated integration LEAD Rampant duplication • Data invalid • Data inaccurate • Incomplete data Business Impact • Inaccurate forecasts • Loss productivity • Adoption issues Salesforce sprawl • Multiple instances • Different data definitions • Inconsistent processes
  9. 9. Delivering a “Single View of the Customer” 9 Data Quality • Accurate data • Complete data • No duplicate data • Valid data Data Visualization • Hierarchy management • Multi-source data • Multi-dimension views Data Consolidation • Field standardization • Golden-master record • Multiple Salesforce orgs • Multiple geographies
  10. 10. Powerful and Proven Data Quality Informatica Cloud MDM 10 Cleanse Relate 4 1 Enrich 2 3 Consolidate De-duplication Point-of-entry de-dupe Fuzzy matching Field standardization Email & address validation 3rd party data augmentation Golden master Schedule/Event-based merge Multi-org synchronization Single customer view Multi-source hierarchy Multi-dimension hierarchy &
  11. 11. Single View of the Customer in Action Cleanse Relate 4 1 Enrich 2 3 Consolidate LEAD LEAD LEAD Content created • Manual data entry • Marketing activity • Automated integration LEAD Established uniqueness • Validate data • Add missing data • Complete data Use the view • Increase revenue • Better customer service • Reduce business risk Improved data quality • Build single view • Construct hierarchy • Synchronize data LEAD & 11
  12. 12. Demonstration Steven Mitchell MDM Evangelist, Informatica Cloud
  13. 13. Please Face Forward for the Demonstration 13 • Standardization • De-duplication • Securing point of entry • Consolidation • Hierarchies
  14. 14. Data Management Best Practices Martyn Leman MDM Consultant, Cloud Perspective Ltd
  15. 15. Cloud Perspective  Informatica Cloud Certified Partner  Salesforce.com Cloud Alliance Partner  Salesforce.com ISV Partner  Data is our passion and we deliver: • Cloud MDM (Master Data Management) • Data Migration • Data Integration • Training / On-Boarding  We have delivered, or been influential in, all major Informatica Cloud MDM implementations World-Wide © Cloud Perspective 2013
  16. 16. Tried and Tested Methods © Cloud Perspective 2013 Plan Analyze Design and Build Validate and Deploy Ensure Ongoing Success Establish Scope Project Plan DQ Data Quality Resolutions Technical Workshop Require- ments Sign-off Document and Scope Design Sign-off Document Use & Test Cases Solution Build Manage Data Test Solution Iterative Reviews Project Sign-off Knowledge Transfer Project Closure Address Issues Collect lessons learned & Feedback Transition to Support
  17. 17. DQ – Data Salvation © Cloud Perspective 2013 Data Salvation Salesforce Reporting Segment Analysis Educate • The Implementer • The Customer • The Process Data Salvation Analysis Client Review Install and Config Synch Accounts Dupe Check Client Review Fine Tune Results Client Review Go Live
  18. 18. Data Analysis  Before starting any initiative • Thoroughly understand your data.  The better the data quality • The better the results will be all round. In addition, we help you understand your data and identify areas for improvement.  Typical areas for analysis • Completeness and consistency of addresses, including • Country, State/Province, Phone numbers, Email addresses.  Patterns of data • Recurring account names (e.g. Days Inn Hotel, Burger King)  Best fit data for matching and duplicate checking • How are duplicates identified? • Which fields inform the process? © Cloud Perspective 2013
  19. 19. Deployment Success - Example 18/07/2013 © Cloud Perspective 2013Page 19 Data Salvation analysis identifies the holes in the data A 2nd run after enrichment shows that the holes have been plugged!
  20. 20. Performance Tuning & Segment Analysis © Cloud Perspective 2013 • Cloud Perspective offers optimization for Cloud MDM • The “Segment” in Cloud MDM is a field used for segmenting records. • It determines which records will be compared for fuzzy matching • Reduces the total number of records being compared and ensures that Salesforce.com Governor limits are respected. • Speeds up processing • Data Analysis helps us to identify • The best source fields to use to build the segment. • The batch acceleration level required to get optimum performance.
  21. 21. Cloud MDM Examples • Premier League British soccer team • Multiple sources including, season ticket, regular ticketing, club shop etc., in built duplication • Allergan, Inc. • Multi-specialty healthcare • Hybrid, hub and spoke solution, central repository, single view of the customer in Salesforce • Interactive Data Corp • Financial services • New Salesforce implementation • Multiple sources including flat file • Known data issues 21
  22. 22. Cloud MDM Multidomain MDM Cloud MDM and Multidomain MDM 22 Cloud-based multitenant SaaS MDM application optimized specifically for Salesforce Cloud MDM Multidomain MDM Generic MDM application to reconcile multidomain master data across all systems • Resides within Salesforce • Multitenant architecture (Force.com) • Consolidates data within Salesforce • Multidomain data model • Operational and Analytical use • On-premise / hosted deployment Sample Customers
  23. 23. • Consistent customer and relationship data across Salesforce and Enterprise • Faster data synch from Cloud MDM to Multidomain MDM • Standardized customer data from Cloud MDM fed into Multidomain MDM • Fewer duplicates passed on to Multidomain MDM • View product hierarchies, sales territory hierarchies, sphere-of-influence relationships from Multidomain MDM within Salesforce Universal MDM Benefits Informatica Cloud MDM to Universal MDM 23 Multidomain MDM Cloud MDM Third Party DataApplications Multidomain HCP/ HCO Employee Location Product Item Business Intelligence Universal MDM
  24. 24. Questions and Answers
  25. 25. Homework Assignment 25 1 2 3 Read MDM “Best Practice Guide” InformaticaCloud.com/summerschoolguide Get social & tell a friend Follow @cloudmdm on Twitter Come to the final lesson Thursday August 15th 10:00 am PST “Working from the Beach” Mobilizing Salesforce Processes for the Smart Phone Generation”
  26. 26. Appendix
  27. 27. Cleanse 27 1 De-duplication Point-of-Entry de- dupe Fuzzy Matching
  28. 28. Enrich 28 2 Field standardization Email & address validation 3rd party data augmentation
  29. 29. Consolidate 29 3 Golden master record Scheduled & event- based merging Multi-org synchronization
  30. 30. Relate 30 4 Single customer view Multi-source hierarchy Multi-dimension hierarchy
  31. 31. Contact Cloud Perspective at: Cloud Perspective Limited Wigan Investment Centre Waterside Drive Wigan WN3 5BA www.cloudperspective.co.uk Email: info@cloudperspective.co.uk Tel: +44 1942 705259 © Cloud Perspective 2013