An Infographic on Decorative Concrete for Home


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The given Infography depicts the info about various patterns, color options and benefits of decorative concrete for home. Douglas Concrete & Construction offers concrete solutions for St. Louis and surrounding areas.

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An Infographic on Decorative Concrete for Home

  1. 1. {’: ‘,'» douglasconcrete. com _ . ._. ‘5%5-: , 3, l - -‘t J. ." . J , . -. . : .«. =‘4~, , C ’ , . I The Flight Choice For Your Home 3’? « '. ¢_"~r - _ Q '_. :. s,4 Decorative Concrete is a durable and versatile solution and when you combine that with the many options you have available in colors, stains, dyes, textures and stamp patterns you have an almost endless ability to take your project from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether you are building a new home and want a driveway that isn't the norm, or you want to add a patio to your existing home that “wows” your friends and family when they visit - Decorative Concrete is a great choice. Mat are the Advantages of using Decorative Concrete? Durability Decorative Concrete holds up better to traffic and lasts longer than other materials such as asphalt and pavers. Low Maintenance Periodic sealing is all that is needed with Decorative Concrete, it will not become loose or settle as pavers may overtime and it eliminates potential tripping hazards. Customization Go ahead and express your personality by combining colors, patterns and textures for a modern, classic or contemporary look. Go Green Decorative Concrete is a sustainable building material that has a very small impact on the environment compared to other materials. i Where can I use Decorative Concrete , ; around my Home? rs. .. 4 Rotating Ashiar Blue Slate >» Sidewalk Slate >» Random Sandstone 4 Hammered Edge W <<< Basketweave Used Brick Decorative Concrete Color Options Coloring Concrete is the process of adding coloring agents or pigments which can include dyes, acid and water based stains, dry shakes, liquid and powder releasers, integral colors and color hardeners. Some of these coloring products will be added directly to the cement mix so that the entire project will be tinted evenly, while other additives are applied to the surface and will produce intense hues and natural tones that can create one-of-a-kind effects. Chili This is a handfull of color options available, if you would like to see a more extensive list please visit us online. How much does Decorative Concrete Cost vs. other ll/ latenals? $ = average cost per square foot $25+ Asphalt Stamped Natural Concrete Stone INFOGRAPHIC PRESENTED BY Stamp Pattern/ Color Source: Butterfield Color doug| asconcrete. com