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Grundtvig edu&culture

  1. 1. Grundtvig In-training course: DEVELOPING EUROPEAN DIALOGUE ON CULTURE AND EDUCATION Brussels, 24th-28th June 2013 Reference number: BE-2013-258-002 With a Grundtvig grant your participation, travel and accomodation costs are 100% refundableOBJECTIVESThe course has the objective of introducing people involved in the field of education in the Europeandimension, you will have the chance to be up to date with the new European guidelines, and study indeep European programmes on culture and education, taking the opportunity of carrying on anintercultural dialogue. The course aims at professional and personal development of the participants,through the creation of discussion groups on themes of European common interest, in order toenhance the interest on European matters between adults.PROMOTEREuropean Desk of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of CommerceCreated in 1950, the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce is a Belgian non-profit entity recognizedby the Italian Ministry for Economic Development, which offers a range of services for the support ofentrepreneurs and business relationships. The quality of its services is certified ISO 9001. TheEuropean Desk gives qualified consultancy about Community procurements and projects toenterprises, public entities, NGOs, and other entities. It organizes high-quality training coursesfocused on European policies and
  2. 2. PROGRAMME: DEVELOPING EUROPEAN DIALOGUE ON CULTURE AND EDUCATION24/06/20139:30-16:30• Introduction of the courses programme and presentation of the participants and of theirorganizations• Overview of policies’actors in Education and Culture• Education and culture: the European policy framework: the strategic framework for Europeancooperation in education and training (ET2020)• Importance of European citizenship25/06/20139:30-16:30• Review of day 1• European programmes in the field of culture:Culture, Youth in Action, Europe for citizens26/06/20139:30-16:30• Review of day 2• European educational programmes• Lifelong Learning Programme in details:Comenius, Erasmus, Grundtvig, Leonardo da Vinci, Transversal programme, Jean Monnet• Open discussion27/06/20139:30-16:30• Review of day 3• Education and Culture: external programmes and policies• Discussion on young people expectations and perceptions on Europe28/06/20139:30-16:30• Review of day 4• Lobby and advocacy in European affairs- Why: the role of civil society in policy making- How: advocacy and campaign for your organization• Questions and answers session• Evaluation of the training course
  3. 3. FEESCourse fee: 700 €Accommodation and subsistence package organized by the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce(hotel, breakfast, lunch - check in Sunday 23rd-check out Friday 28th): 600 €If you award a Grundtvig grant:  your travel costs (until 500 €)  the whole course fee (700 €)  your accommodation and subsistence costs (until 110 €/day)are entirely refunded by your LLP National Agency.HOW TO APPLY  Candidates should send their pre-registration form to the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce before the 14/01/2013 in order to receive a confirmation. No pre-registration fee is required;  Contact their competent LLP National Agency ( learning-programme/doc1208_en.htm) and download the application;  Send the application to the National Agency both online and via mail, before the 16/01/2013 (Please check with your National Agency the detailed procedure that might slightly change from Country to Country);  The competent National Agency will evaluate the application and give an answer in 7-10 weeks. If the candidate awards a grant, all the costs will be refunded (within the established limits);  Once the candidate knows the result, he/she should contact us in order to confirm the registration, upon availability.NB Applications should be sent to the National Agency of the country where the applicant lives. Incase the applicant works in a country other than that in which he/she is resident, the applicationmust be sent to the National Agency of the country where he/she is working.ELIGIBLE CANDIDATESIndividual applicants must be either: - a national of a country participating in the Lifelong Learning Programme (except Belgium); - a national of other countries employed or living in a participating country (except Belgium).Individual applicants must be one of the following:  Persons at any stage in their career who are already working on a part-time or full-time basis in any part of the adult education sector (formal, non-formal or informal), including volunteer staff as well as those who are formally employed;  Persons involved in the training of adult education staff;  Persons who can demonstrate a clear intention of working in adult education but who are currently in some other labour market situations (work in another field, retirement, absence from professional life due to family responsibilities, unemployment etc.);  Persons who have completed a qualification leading to a career in adult education and intend to start a career in adult education.
  4. 4. For sending your pre-registration form or for more information please contact The European Desk, Master and Training of the Belgian-Italian Chamber of Commerce Avenue Henri Jaspar 113 1060 Brussels-Belgium Tel. 0032 2 534 45 79 Fax. 0032 2 230 21 72 E-mail: