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Check'n Go Paperless Shop Floor Software Flyer


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Provide workshop operators with up to date information at the right time thanks to a 100% digital production order routing to ensure compliance and full traceability.

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Check'n Go Paperless Shop Floor Software Flyer

  1. 1. You want:  To remove paperwork from your workshop  Guide operators using clear work instructions and interactive production process  Ensure the correct execution of your process, mistake proofed and in accordance with the operator skill matrix  Accurately track the progress of your orders  Record measurements and traceability  The ability to accurately map and describe the complexity of your processes But you also want :  Visual analysis and reporting  Understand your process times, bottlenecks and downtime causes Check’n Go - Shop floor progress made simple and achievable. Typical applications:  Installation / Assembly / Wiring  Composites (layup, material verification)  Special processes (heat treatment, chemical treatment, painting. Conforms to NADCAP, EN9100...)  Medical (dosage, analysis, packaging)  Maintenance (inspection, repair, overhaul) Check’n Go Paperless Shopfloor  Clear Production Plans & Instructions  Simple Production Order Tracking  Value Adding ‘Lean’ Process Analysis PROCCESS Operation 1 Operation n Instructions Validation Checks / Measurements / Traceability PO Completion PO Start I was instantly attracted by the end user simplicity and easy implementation of Check’n Go AIRBUS HELICOPTERS
  2. 2. 5 Key Features Infodream Inc. 999 Third Ave, Suite 700 Seattle, WA 98104 1. Electronic process plan and work instructions Provides a step by step plan clearly guiding operators through each activity. Your current instructions and procedures can be used but the structure of Check’n Go provides a greater level of detail for the operators. 2. Electronic records of validation data Paper check-sheets and travelers are eliminated with all process checks, measurements and traceability information electronically recorded at each step of the process. This could range from simply confirming a process setting, recording a material batch or importing complex measurement data. 3. Manage and track production orders Walking the shop floor to see the status of a production order is not needed. Check’n Go allows you to remotely track progress, view current status, estimate completion and view unplanned deviations. Bill of materials integrated. 4. Analyze production performance As with all our software, Check’n Go drives and supports your continuous improvement efforts. Key quality and performance measures such as standard time performance, value adding time and analysis of process stoppages and bottlenecks help increase productivity and efficiency. 5. Simple IT integration and deployment Check’n Go is a full web application, enabling easy deployment and management which can be integrated with other business IT systems including SAP and other ERP. Compatible with standard browsers: IE >10, Chrome >30, Mozilla Firefox >30, iPad (Safari 7 ou Chrome >30), Android (Chrome >30)...