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The Bad Idea Terminator

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Melissa Perri presents how to destroy bad product ideas before they go to market while achieving the business goals and determining product strategy. She brings practical techniques on defining success and creating effective product experiments to kill bad ideas and give energy to the good ones. Filmed at

Melissa Perri is an experienced Product Manager and UX Designer from the New York City, where she has worked in various startups. Her core expertise focuses on integrating lean startup methodology into product and UX practices at existing companies and startups.

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The Bad Idea Terminator

  1. The Bad Idea Terminator Melissa Perri @lissijean melissaperri.comQCon London 2015
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  3. Presented at QCon London Purpose of QCon - to empower software development by facilitating the spread of knowledge and innovation Strategy - practitioner-driven conference designed for YOU: influencers of change and innovation in your teams - speakers and topics driving the evolution and innovation - connecting and catalyzing the influencers and innovators Highlights - attended by more than 12,000 delegates since 2007 - held in 9 cities worldwide
  4. @lissijean#qconlondon Melissa Perri ProdUX Labs @lissijean
  5. @lissijean#qconlondon
  6. @lissijean#qconlondon Software companies are suffering the same fate…
  7. @lissijean#qconlondon Idea Product/Market fit Iterating We start off testing and iterating…
  8. @lissijean#qconlondon Idea Product/Market fit Iterating Build Build Build but we get stuck building and not validating.
  9. @lissijean#qconlondon The Build Trap @lissijean#qconlondon
  10. @lissijean#qconlondon pressure from higher up arbitrary deadlines “building is working” mentality
  11. Building is the easy part. Figuring out what to build is hard. @lissijean
  12. @lissijean#qconlondon @lissijean#qconlondon
  13. @lissijean#qconlondon @lissijean#qconlondon
  14. @lissijean#qconlondon Feature ideas are not your baby. @lissijean#qconlondon
  15. @lissijean#qconlondon manage product life cycle product specifications work with development team gather business requirements create user stories create wireframes prioritization manage KPIs across products manage stakeholders create product roadmaps
  16. @lissijean#qconlondon Narrow the focus @lissijean#qconlondon
  17. @lissijean#qconlondon @lissijean#qconlondon
  18. @lissijean#qconlondon @lissijean#qconlondon
  19. @lissijean#qconlondon How do you become the Bad Idea Terminator? @lissijean#qconlondon
  20. @lissijean#qconlondon What we normally do…
  21. @lissijean#qconlondon It starts with a request. PM VP Marketing Sales
  22. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales
  23. “Our customers want a mobile app.” @lissijean#qconlondon
  24. @lissijean#qconlondon Here,   build  this. Meh. VP PM or sometimes it’s more like this.
  25. @lissijean#qconlondon Gather requirements Write Specs Design Develop
  26. @lissijean#qconlondon DO NOT WANT @lissijean#qconlondon
  27. @lissijean#qconlondon Where did we go wrong?
  28. @lissijean#qconlondon Didn’t recognize bias. MISTAKE NUMBER ONE
  29. @lissijean#qconlondon 3 Types of Bias Causality Curse of Knowledge Anchoring
  30. @lissijean#qconlondon The copycat experience. “We  built  a  mobile  app   before  and  it  was   successful.”
  31. @lissijean#qconlondon The copycat experience. “Everyone  has  a   mobile  app,  we   need  one  too.”
  32. @lissijean#qconlondon Notice differences between customers and business. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  33. @lissijean#qconlondon You’re the expert. “The  customers   want  all  the  data   possible.”
  34. @lissijean#qconlondon Change perspective. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  35. @lissijean#qconlondon Put yourself in your user’s shoes.
  36. @lissijean#qconlondon “All  my  clients   are  asking   for  this.” What was said vs reality.
  37. @lissijean#qconlondon What was said vs reality. What was said vs reality.
  38. @lissijean#qconlondon Always ask for data. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  39. @lissijean#qconlondon Feature Request Form 1. What feature you would like to build. 2. What KPI will this change? By how much? 3. Is there any other value for this change? 4. What is the business priority? 5. Is this dependent on any other changes?
  40. @lissijean#qconlondon Solution with no problem. MISTAKE NUMBER TWO
  41. @lissijean#qconlondon Why?
  42. @lissijean#qconlondon Focus on the problem. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  43. @lissijean#qconlondon Is this a problem we can and want to solve?
  44. @lissijean#qconlondon Building without testing. MISTAKE NUMBER THREE
  45. @lissijean#qconlondon Committing too early to one solution. @lissijean#qconlondon
  46. @lissijean#qconlondon Consider many solutions. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  47. @lissijean#qconlondon Investing too much and not letting go. @lissijean#qconlondon
  48. @lissijean#qconlondon Test the most viable ones. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  49. @lissijean#qconlondon Customer Feedback Investment
  50. @lissijean#qconlondon Small, data driven experiments to make sure people are interested.
  51. @lissijean#qconlondon 1. Do they have this problem? 2. Are they interested in solution idea? 3. Are they interested in solution? 3 Key Experiments to Run
  52. @lissijean#qconlondon 1. Do they have this problem? Talk to your customers.
  53. @lissijean#qconlondon “I don’t feel comfortable meeting people that way.” “I don’t feel comfortable meeting people that way.”
  54. @lissijean#qconlondon “I wish someone would give me steps.”
  55. @lissijean#qconlondon 1. Do they have this problem? Talk to your customers.
  56. @lissijean#qconlondon 2. Are they interested in solution idea?
  57. @lissijean#qconlondon 3. Are they interested in solution?
  58. @lissijean#qconlondon No success metrics. MISTAKE NUMBER FOUR
  59. @lissijean#qconlondon We build and launch with no measures of success. @lissijean#qconlondon
  60. @lissijean#qconlondon Set goals early. THE IDEA TERMINATOR WOULD…
  61. @lissijean#qconlondon What KPI are we affecting?
  62. @lissijean#qconlondon How much value do we need to capture to make this worth it?
  63. learning = success @lissijean#qconlondon
  64. Idea Launch Risk of continuing with a bad idea goes up @lissijean#qconlondon
  65. @lissijean#qconlondon 1. Recognize Bias 2. Focus on the problem 3. Test ideas quickly 4. Define success @lissijean#qconlondon
  66. “Our customers want a mobile app.” @lissijean#qconlondon
  67. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales Mobile app is a solution, what’s the problem?
  68. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales What KPIs are we affecting?
  69. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales How do we make sure this is a problem?
  70. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales Do we want to solve this problem?
  71. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales How can we test this quickly?
  72. @lissijean#qconlondon PM VP Marketing Sales How do we measure success?
  73. @lissijean#qconlondon The faster you kill the bad ideas, the more time you can devote to the good ones.
  74. Melissa Perri @lissijean Melissa Perri @lissijean
  75. Watch the video with slide synchronization on! management-bad-ideas