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Fighting the #fintech Wave with DevOps

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Benjamin Wootton discusses doing DevOps in banking and financial institutions, providing advice on performing a DevOps transformation in such an environment. Filmed at

Benjamin Wootton is a co-Founder of Contino, a London based consultancy that specialize in helping organizations adopt DevOps & Continuous Delivery related tools and practices. Prior to this, he built over a decade of experience as a hands on Agile Software Developer.

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Fighting the #fintech Wave with DevOps

  1. 1. Fighting The #FinTech Wave With DevOps Benjamin Wootton @benjaminwootton
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  4. 4. Aims  For  Talk Why  Banking  Needs  DevOps To  Fight  #FinTech Disruption [Some  Of]  The  Ingredients  Of  DevOps Transformation How  To  Be  Successful  With  DevOps In  A  Banking  Environment
  5. 5. 2015  -­‐ Retail2014  -­‐ Media 2016  – FS  &  Insurance DevOps Is Hitting The Financial Services Industry
  6. 6. What  I  Think  I  Do
  7. 7. What  I  Really  Do
  8. 8. Development  Team  1 Development  Team  2 Development  Team  3 Development  Team  4 Development  Team  5 Development  Team  6  -­‐ Mobile Development  Team  7  -­‐ Vendor Monitoring  Team Middleware  Team App  Support  Team  1 App  Support  Team  2 DBA  Team Network  Team Wintel  Team Unix  Team Infrastructure
  9. 9. Six Weekly Release Cycle Preparing  for  release 30% Cleaning   up  after   release 20% Writing  new  code 50% How  We  Spent  Our  Time Regulatory  changes 25% Maintenance 25% Mandatory   upgrades 25% Feature  requests 25% How  We  Spent  Our  Development  Time 12.5%  Of  Total  Time  For  Innovation
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. DevOps?
  13. 13. • Improving  the  collaboration  between  the  traditionally   siloed development   and  operations  functions • An  extension  of  agile  software  development.    Agile    as   very  development  focussed,  but  often  moved  the   bottleneck  downstream • Want  to  continue  agile  principles  such  as  automated   testing  in  the  sprint  to  bring  operational  concerns   forward  and  automate  our  infrastructure
  14. 14. Automation
  15. 15.
  16. 16. Collaboration
  17. 17. Benefits More efficient pipeline from developer desktop to production Increased efficiencies (cost savings) Earlier delivery of value (innovation)
  18. 18. Why Banking & Financial Services Industries Need DevOps
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. Better Faster Cheaper
  23. 23. Regulation Threat & Opportunity
  24. 24. Ingredients Of DevOps
  25. 25. People
  26. 26. “DevOps Is  Not  A  Culture  – It’s  A  Concrete  Activity”
  27. 27. Developer Cross  Functional  Teams Developer Developer Tester Tester Sysadmin DBA Middleware Agile  Team Cross  Functional  Dev/Ops  Team
  28. 28. Shared  service  teams  – the  root  of  much  evil   In  enterprise  IT DevOps can  mean  breaking  up  shared  service   teams  to  reduce  depdencies Shared  service  teams  remain,  deep  technology   focussed Size  of  delivery  teams  increases Net  headcount  goes  up   BUT  efficiencies  are  restored  
  29. 29. Product  Aligned   Dev/Ops  Team Product  Aligned   Dev/Ops  Team Product  Aligned   Dev/Ops  Team “DevOps Team” Tips  to  make  DevOps team  a   success: • Enable  other  teams • Don’t  become  a  silo • Coaching  and  training • Reference  Architecture • Automate  relentlessly • Self  service
  30. 30. Centralisation Vs Innovation
  31. 31. DevOps Team Federated  DevOps Team Federated  DevOps Team Federated  DevOps Team Delivery  Team Delivery  Team
  32. 32. Process
  33. 33.
  34. 34.
  35. 35.
  36. 36.
  37. 37.
  38. 38. Technology
  39. 39.
  40. 40. Infrastructure  as  code  pipelines Infrastructure  – it’s  just  code   Raise  consistency  across  environments
  41. 41. Decoupling Monolith To Microservices!
  42. 42. Docker & Containerisation
  43. 43. Continuous Delivery Moving  Away  From  Big,  Risky  Releases  To   Smaller  Batches  OF  Change  Delivered  More  Often
  44. 44. Surprise! Banks Are Surprisingly DevOps Mature! Agile  Adoption   Good  Dev/Test  Integration Good  Dev/Ops  Integration SOA  Architecture   High  Levels  Of  Automation SHTF  Moments Better  Than  Many  Other  Industries!
  45. 45. Measuring,  Benchmarking  And  Assessing  DevOps Maturity The  key  to  DevOps in  a  traditional  banking  environment   is  a  rigorous  approach We  need  to  articulate  the  benefits  to  the  business  case   clearly  and  in  hard  numbers We  need  to  benchmark,  measure  and  improve  with   hard  numbers  behind  it  
  46. 46. Measuring,  Benchmarking  And  Assessing  DevOps Maturity
  47. 47. Building  The  Business  Case
  48. 48. Thanks! Questions?
  49. 49. Watch the video with slide synchronization on! financial-services-devops