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Enabling Awesome Engineering Teams


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Alexandre Freire discusses what his team has learned through experiments, from the very fundamentals of what a team needs to be successful, like core protocols, the responsibility principle and psychological safety, to Modern Agile engineering techniques, like continuous deployment and mob programming, that lay the groundwork for creating a space where being awesome becomes inevitable. Filmed at

Alexandre Freire is one of the Agile pioneers in Latin America. He is Director at Industrial Logic, where he focuses on enabling the team to deliver quality software and to solve real-world problems through Modern Agile training and coaching for the leading companies in the Industry. He is active on Twitter spreading wisdom on Modern Agile, software development, the tech industry, startups, etc.

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Enabling Awesome Engineering Teams

  1. 1. ENABLING AWESOME ENGINEERING TEAMS by Alexandre Freire Kawakami Director, Industrial Logic, Inc. @freire_da_silva © 2016
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  5. 5. You
  6. 6. 🎖
  7. 7. Scrum?
  8. 8. Cargo Cult
  9. 9. 😑😒🦄😊😄 a small number of people with complementary skills The basics of a team: 🎯 and a shared objective
  10. 10. What about AWESOME teams?
  11. 11. BE AWESOME NOW!!! @phpceo
  12. 12. How I Fired Myself - a DevOps Horror story Myles Recny @recborg "This, is a monumental f**k up. You're gonna cost us millions in revenue."
  13. 13. People are not afraid of failure, they’re afraid of blame. Seth Godin
  14. 14. en·a·ble /enˈāb(ə)l,inˈāb(ə)l/ verb
 1. give (someone or something) the authority or means to do something. 
 synonyms: allow, permit, let, give the means, equip, empower, make able, fit;
 2. make (a device or system) operational; activate.
  15. 15. Make People Awesome Make Safety A Prerequisite Experiment & Learn Rapidly Deliver Value Continuously
  16. 16. NY Times “In short: just be nice.”
  17. 17. If you have a culture of fear none of your fancy practices or processes will help you. Joshua Kerievsky
  18. 18. Be Aware of Triggers Status Certainty Autonomy Relatedness Fairness
  19. 19. #n o l y i n g , c h e a t i n g , stealing, manipulating, bullying, hating, sabotaging, covering your a*s, coasting, fire fighting, bike shedding, mixed messages, brilliant jerks, heroes, or, politicagem!
  20. 20. Be Caring, Curious & Nonjudgmental Avoid Dominating or Interrupting Review/Repeat People’s Points Encourage Everyone
 to Contribute Listen to One Another Psychologically Safe Meetings Adapted from Smarter Faster Better by Charles Duhigg
  21. 21. 😕 😟 Protect Each Other 🤗
  22. 22. 😤 😰 Protect Each Other 😳
  23. 23. 😤 😤 Protect Each Other 🤔
  24. 24. 😤 😤 Protect Each Other 🤗
  25. 25. 😬 😓 Protect Each Other 🤗
  26. 26. Safety Drills
  27. 27. Tailboard
  28. 28. Protect Your Users
  29. 29. Jeff Bezos “We’re working on much bigger failures right now."
  30. 30. 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% yearly increase in 💰 Hired for Life
  31. 31. From unlimited vacation to minimum vacation
  32. 32. Holocracy
  33. 33. Mob Programming
  34. 34. “If one of your teams is highly successful, you must kill it." Me
  35. 35. Dynamic Re-Teaming Heidi Helfand - Appfolio
  36. 36. Self Selecting Teams Sandy Mamoli
  37. 37. Communicating
  38. 38. Distributed?
  39. 39. CONWAY’S LAW⛔
  40. 40. “Never do anything dumb on purpose." Bill McCarthy - Core Protocols
  42. 42. Clear Rules for the Game 1- make a proposal 2- clarify the proposal 3- the group votes👍👎 4- resolve differences 5- agree quickly and move on
  43. 43. ✅-in ✅-out Walk out of meetings and go back to work
  44. 44. Make It Safe To Deploy
  45. 45. “We hire engineers who want to see a customer get so excited about their product that they can't wait to tell friends & family members.” Brad Smith CEO, Intuit
  46. 46. Trust
  47. 47. Minimize Bureaucracy
  48. 48.
  49. 49. WEEKLY ONE ON ONES “The most powerful tool for manager” @managertools pocast
  50. 50. Be Appreciative
  51. 51. Escalate 🚀
  52. 52. Define Success as outcomes 🎯
  53. 53. Fear, Blame, Shame and Bonuses can lead to action “Don't measure performance." Me
  55. 55. Support People Through a Respectful Termination 🚫
  56. 56. 😥😒😒😕😑😐😊😄 😄😄😄 😄 😄😄😄😄 But I’m not the boss me
  57. 57. LeadYourself Frist OBLIGATION RESPONSIBILITY SHAME The Responsibility Process™ JUSTIFY LAY BLAME DENIAL QUIT©1991-2012. International trademarks and copyrights apply. Leadership Gift™ is a trademark of Christopher Avery. Responsibility Process™ and Keys to Responsibility™ are trademarks of Christopher Avery and Bill McCarley. Permission is hereby granted to duplicate and distribute only in its entirety without changes or deletions. CHRISTOPHER AVERY & THE LEADERSHIP GIFT Christopher Avery
  58. 58. Ask Questions
  59. 59. Be Awesome To Each Other
  60. 60. Watch the video with slide synchronization on! team-success-fundamentals