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The Ladder of Accountability


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The Ladder of Accountability is a tool for assessing the current state of accountability in your organization. Just as Ladders have rungs, accountability has levels. Individuals who cling to the bottom of the ladder tend to avoid accountability while those who climb the ladder embrace it.

The Rungs are from bottom to Top:

1. Denial - People here pretend that there is not a problem. It's not that they're unaware of the problem but willfully ignore it.
2. Blaming - People here are aware that the problem exists but deny responsibility and shift blame to others. They often tell stories of how people/situations/etc. take advantage of them.
3. Excuses - The "I Can't Stage". People here avoid responsibility by claiming confusion or incompetence. They tend to avoid tough issues and situations. They often say, "Just tell me what to do!".
4. Wait & Hope - People here know there is a problem that requires action and they choose not to act in the hope that things will magically improve.

5. Acknowledge Reality - People Here let go of magical thinking and acknowledge the reality of circumstances or events.
6. Own-It/ Take a Position - People here own the problem and honor their commitments and responsibilities. They no longer make excuses or blame others.
7. Find/Create Solutions - People here own the problem and own the solution. They actively seek to implement solutions, and even if they can't directly do it, they will work to move those who can.
8. Implement Solutions - People here are all "on board". Whether or not they are the sole decision-maker, they assume responsibility for implementing their solutions and are committed to success.

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