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6 Exercises to Improve Critical Thinking


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The Instructional Designers Guide to Critical Thinking! Improve your critical thinking skills with these 6 fun exercises.

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6 Exercises to Improve Critical Thinking

  1. 1. Critical Thinking is not thinking a lot; it is the kind of thinking that moves us from 'simple' to 'complex'. -Sana Rashid Siddiqui-
  2. 2. 01 Explanation
  3. 3. Explain something complex, that you have knowledge about, with two people of different levels of knowledge.
  4. 4. Was it easy to simplify and elaborate, or did you struggle to relate to each person? Bonus Point: Explain Rocket Science
  5. 5. 02 Interpretation
  6. 6. Ask a friend to create a list of ten facial expressions paired with emotions. Then have them randomly model the expressions for you to interpret.
  7. 7. How many can you correctly identify? Did you improve upon subsequent attempts? Bonus Point: Find a friend who doesn't cheat.
  8. 8. 03 Evalution
  9. 9. Using the internet as a source, run a search on 'how to become an entrepreneur'.
  10. 10. Can you identify which information is reliable and valid? Would you use and evaluate additional information to asses its reliability? Bonus Point: Live your dreams
  11. 11. 04 Analysis
  12. 12. Try to determine the meaning behind unknown or complex proverbs.
  13. 13. Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow. -Aesop-
  14. 14. 05 Inference
  15. 15. Watch a crime or mystery thriller and absorb as many clues and pieces of information as you can.
  16. 16. Can you identify the culprit before it is revealed? Bonus Point: Can you identify false clues from the writers?
  17. 17. 06 Self-Control/ Assessment/Regulation
  18. 18. Write down 10 reasons you deserve a raise. Then read through each reason thinking about your own possible biases
  19. 19. Does the awareness of these biases help you generate a stronger case? Bonus Point: Go Get a Raise!
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