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Focus-Emarketing soprism 8 mai 2017 j. mingoia


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présentation diffuse par Soprism lors du Focus Emarketing le 8 mai 2017 au Louvexpo de La Louvière

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Focus-Emarketing soprism 8 mai 2017 j. mingoia

  1. 1. Social Data for marketing intelligence Improve your marketing decisions through audience intelligence
  2. 2. A young & innovative startup with strong achievements Team with a broad set of skills thanks to passionate Entrepreneurs, Phd scientists, engineers, experts,… Top successful European entrepreneurs invested in the team and in our value proposition 2 years of Research & Development to shape our proper algorithmes We proudly built collaborations with prestigious brands & agencies in 5 European markets BE | CH| IT | GE | UK
  3. 3. We unlock the biggest consumer knowledge center in the world A serious study lead by researchers at the University of Cambridge and Stanford University showed how well Facebook can assess a person’s personality. The results of this study revealed that Facebook* knows its members better than: 70 150 300 pieces ofcontent Own friends from the moment they have liked more than Own family from the moment they have liked more than Own spouse from the moment they have liked more than *Facebook is the biggest database in the world with more than 1,7 billion active users on a monthly basis. Instagram, What’sapp & Messenger are proprietary of Facebook company. pieces ofcontent pieces ofcontent
  4. 4. Social data for unique audience insights We use the data’s power of the Facebook Ecosystem to get clients insights
  5. 5. An in-depth profiling based on thousands of criteria SOCIO-DEMOGRAPHIC CRITERIA01 BEHAVIORAL CRITERIA02 PSYCHOGRAPHICS CRITERIA03 Age/Gender/Geolocation/Parental status/Language/ Education/… Socio-demographic criteria Devices/Operating system/Network connection/… Behavioral criteria Media channel/Sport/Movie style/Favorite brands/Personalities/Mobility/… Psychographics criteria Social Audience Profiling is an online solution enabling brands to discover unique insights about their strategic audiences in an anonymously way by gathering several thousands of Socio- demographics, psychographics & behavioral criteria. More than 3000 criteria
  6. 6. Based on the whole social activity of Facebook users, we are able to profile your clients, website visitors, people interested in your brand or brand competitors. www Clients email adresses Webvisitors pixel trackers Brand likes or competitors likes Facebook interests Social Audience Profiling TM
  7. 7. We compare for these criteria the over and under representation between your target and a benchmark audience that you define (e.g: total pop in a country active on Facebook). Social Audience Profiling TM
  8. 8. With our algorithms we are able to generate your most representative personas as well as map your audiences in a highly granular way. Social Audience Profiling TM
  9. 9. ADDED VALUE CONSUMER INTELLIGENCE e.g : Ultra-targeting to improve the ads performance on Facebook e.g : Every stage of the consumer journey mastering - Accurate targeting based on Personas to improve the campaign’s KPI - Definition of the socio-demo & lifestyle profile of specific audiences to improve the media mix/context - Improve the brand environment relevancy - Define the right activation & call to action based on their entertainment interests - Identify the difference between people in different stage of the consumer journey - - Risk management Added value e.g : Generate audience driven creative & strategy TARGETING IMRPOVEMENT BRAND ENVIRONMENT RELEVANCY
  10. 10. UNLOCK THE FULL POWER OF SOCIAL DATA TO UNDERSTAND STRATEGIC AUDIENCES Website Surfers Your Brand Lovers Your Clients Competitors Likers