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Why You Need A Content Strategy with Val Swisher


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Content. It’s everywhere. Trying to wrangle it without a solid plan of attack is nearly impossible. It’s enough to drive a manager nuts.

Luckily, there’s a way to control the madness. Admitting you have a problem is the first step. The second one involves adopting a formal, repeatable, systematic way of doing things: A content strategy.

The meaning of those two little words seems relatively straightforward, but they are often misused and abused.

Gain a clear understanding of content strategy and why it’s no longer a nice-to-have, but instead, a requirement. I’ll help you understand the role a properly-focused content strategy plays and the many business benefits it affords.

This presentation was given at Information Development World on May 16, 2017

Don’t miss our upcoming event, Information Development World: Creating Machine-Ready Content to be held on November 28-30, 2017.

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Why You Need A Content Strategy with Val Swisher

  1. 1. Why You Need a Content Strategy Val Swisher CEO, Content Rules, Inc. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  2. 2. We are moving from a world in which we PROGRAMcomputers to do things for us To a place where computers LEARN and draw inferences and conclusions for us @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  3. 3. We are moving from a world in which we TYPEandREAD To a place where we SPEAKand LISTEN @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  4. 4. Today @ContentRulesInc #acrolinxcc @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  5. 5. Tomorrow @ContentRulesInc #acrolinxcc @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
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  7. 7. @ContentRulesInc #acrolinxcc @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  8. 8. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  9. 9. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 A content strategy is a well-thought out plan for your content.
  10. 10. Top 10 signs that you need a content strategy
  11. 11. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 You’ve lost track of your content. 10
  12. 12. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 Customers cannot find answers. 9
  13. 13. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 Your company is about to go global... You’re frightened. 8
  14. 14. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 You have no corporate standards. 7
  15. 15. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 Your translations are expensive and of questionable quality. 6
  16. 16. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 You have a different version of the same content for each device type. 5
  17. 17. Updating the same content in 14 places is tedious. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 4
  18. 18. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 Creating content is an interpretive dance. 3
  19. 19. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017 Copy, paste, and tweak is your go-to method. 2
  20. 20. You want to be prepared for the future. 1 @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017
  21. 21. @ContentRulesInc #IDW2017