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Omnichannel Includes Print with Ken McCormick


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Discover how technology integrates print as a necessary and important component of omnichannel marketing. Learn how forward-thinking brands are using print with mobile and AR technologies to captivate and influence users. Find out how the neuroscience of touch elevates memory recall, emotional pull, and perception of the brand. Be prepared for a sensory experience with case history from brands that have mastered the science of touch by leveraging the impacts of haptics on customer behavior.


• Why print is now, more than ever, an effective medium for brand marketers.
• How print outranks digital on the haptics scale.
• Case studies from top brands that integrate print and digital for optimal customer experiences.

This presentation was given at Information Development World on May 16, 2017

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Published in: Business
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Omnichannel Includes Print with Ken McCormick

  1. 1. The Channel of Print
  2. 2. Why Print? Connecting content in print Print & Neuromarketing Haptics – Neuroscience of touch Blending Content Print and digital integration
  3. 3. Direct Mail Influences purchasing decisions
  4. 4. “A large percentage of adults in the world can’t read.” “The only way they’re going to be able to read is if they have access to printed materials.” “You can’t learn how to read purely through digital format like you can through physical books.”
  5. 5. Middle Class Communities 15 books / child Underdeveloped/Impoverished 1 book / 300 children
  6. 6. Haptics – Print & Neuromarketing
  7. 7. “Most screens, e-readers, smart phones, and tablets interfere with intuitive navigation of a text.” Scientific American