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Creating 'How-To' Videos from DITA with Wouter Maagdenberg of TXTOmedia


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In this presentation, Wouter talks about instructional video and how to create them effectively in bulk. Don't expect to create a full-length feature film. Forget about helicopter shots and the Academy, because that's not what your audience is looking for. They are looking for crisp, clean, and short instructional videos that are to-the-point, on their screen immediately, and in their native language.

Wouter will show you how you to deliver instantly, and will unravel a secret — you already have these videos, but you just don't know it yet.

Three Takeaways:
1) You can do video.
2) You can do it now.
3) You need to do it.

Presented November 29, 2018, at Quadrus Conference Center for Information Development World 2018.

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Creating 'How-To' Videos from DITA with Wouter Maagdenberg of TXTOmedia

  1. 1. Creating “How To” Videos from DITA Watch instead of Read
  2. 2. Try Google: ‘Key Battery Tesla 3’
  3. 3. Try Google: ‘Key Battery Honda Civic’
  4. 4. Try Google: ‘Paper Jam M607’
  5. 5. Media Production Team MARKET LIFE Product Release Date International RM Release Native Release Dynamic Media Shelf Life Traditional Technical Communications LOCALIZATION & POST-PRODUCTIONPUBLISHREVIEWMEDIA CREATIONPUBLISHREVIEW Takes 6 – 15 weeks Traditional Media Creation
  6. 6. Animated Video
  7. 7. DITA / XML / … to start…
  8. 8. Data Elements to On-screen & Text-to-Speech Data Mapping Text-To-Speech
  9. 9. Live Action Video
  10. 10. XML  EDL  Video Editors
  11. 11. Images are replaced by defined video fragments on existing timeline. Audio and Text come from XMLs and are only illustrated by video fragments, already defined on timeline. XML to Script (EDL) to Localized Media Live Action Video
  12. 12. Reach digital consumers and maintenance engineers. Claim social media and beat the competition during inspiration, convincing and support processes. IMPROVE AWARENESS & STIMULATE NEW CHANNELS Video creation is billed per second. At least 5 times cheaper than traditional production and available in seconds instead of weeks. Scalable SaaS-based solution. SCALABLE MEDIA-AS-A-SERVICE PLATFORM Existing XML-based content available in video and as slides, next to paper, PDF and HTML. CAPITALIZE ON EXISTING CONTENT & INVESTMENTS Current creation processes stay as is. Integrates with CCMS technology. Automates creation and versioning of video, animations & slides. Docs & video stay in sync. PROCESSES STAY IN PLACE Points of Differentiation XML-based content in, Rich Media out
  13. 13. Based on the quick scan a more advanced and detailed pilot is offered to test drive the solution in real life and proof its business benefits for your organization. DISCOVERY PILOT Hand TXTOmedia some of your files, in one language, including the linked media. HAND US YOUR OOTB FILES TXTOmedia quickly studies & parses the files, to show the possibilities and present the outcome. QUICK SCAN Engagement & SaaS-Offering Go-to-Market Based on expected video volume, the number of templates and scripts a proposal is offered. CONTRACTING • Topic Videos Each Topic in a manual/procedure becomes one Video (file). • Step Videos Each Step in a Procedure becomes one Video (file). Multiple Videos on a Playlist form one Story. ‘Back’ ‘Forward’, and ‘Repeat’ are enabled. • Sliders Each Step in a Procedure becomes one Image (file). Multiple Images in a Slider form one Story. ‘Back’ and ‘Forward’ are enabled. Video is possible.
  14. 14. 17 o More than 7 in 10 viewers often use YouTube to solve a problem. o 48% of smartphone users are more likely to buy from companies with mobile how-to video content. o 51% of tech writers say they create content not only for customers, but for prospects as well. o It’s not only about B2C. o Template based media creation ensures both consistency and accuracy. o Automation provides one tone of voice and style, improves brand recognition. o Automated creation enables cost-effective multilingual media creation in bulk. o Message is in sync on all channels, including the rich media ones. o Always up-to-date rich media publications. o Re-use of prior text translations increases delivery of localized rich media. o (In-house) Video facility adds creativity & visual quality. o Media creation throughput is increased. o Time-to-market is reduced. o Localized rich media is immediately available. o (in-house) Video facility performance & output scale. o Historic low video creation costs. o Up to 100% reduction of media translation costs. o Self-help increases, support costs decrease. o Expertise of service engineers increases, waste in support decreases. Customer Benefits TXTOmedia; Watch instead of read AUTOMATIONTRENDS INTEGRATION ROISPEED UP
  15. 15. Request a Demo
  16. 16. Vision for the near Future Go-to-Market • Interactive Model Image / Hotspot based navigation. TOC becomes visual, filtering is possible on topics/tags. • Voice Assistant – to - Screen Interaction between Voice Assistants and (Smartphone) screens. • Personalized Media Personalized content in Dynamic Media (from i.e. CRM) and Personalized Media content offering (Campaign). • Video Chatbot Text to Dynamic Media in Chatbot. • IoT In-car, On-screen display, connected devices. • 3D Enable 3D-objects to animate and to interact with.
  17. 17. MULTILINGUAL REDUCE COSTDOCS to MEDIA SPEED UP TXTOmedia transforms written topics, instructions and procedures into Dynamic Media, such as how-to videos, slides, interactive product models and content for AR & VR. TXTOmedia Summary
  18. 18. Wouter Maagdenberg founder & ceo