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E business world 2013 - Newman Martin: e-retailing & mobile commerce (part 1)


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Η παρουσίαση αυτή έγινε στα πλαίσια του Συνεδρίου e-Business World 2013, το οποίο πραγματοποιήθηκε στις 19 Ιουνίου, στο Divani Caravel στην Αθήνα.

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E business world 2013 - Newman Martin: e-retailing & mobile commerce (part 1)

  1. 1. 1Best Practice E-Commerce,Straight from the horses mouthMartin Newman, CEO@martinnewman
  2. 2. Thanks for lettingme present today2
  3. 3. If you like what you hear today,my name is Martin Newman
  4. 4. And if you don’t…
  5. 5. It’s Paris Koronaios
  6. 6. Unfortunately you need to look at mefor the next 60-70 mins!6
  7. 7. My deliverables today• Insight• Inspire• Provoke• Where we are, where we’re going• And how we’re getting there• Mildly entertaining
  8. 8. Questions at the end please
  9. 9. So what gives me the right to standbefore you today?
  10. 10. Why me?• 16 years selling online• I run a consulting business, but I’m a retailer• I’ve had P&L responsibility for catalogues, e-commerce, kiosksand call centre channels for a number of brands including TedBaker, Harrods, Burberry, Speedo & Intersport• Sit on advisory board of Wiggle.com9
  11. 11. Why me?• Judge the PayPal etail awards in the UK, and the online retailawards of Australia for the past 3 years• Provide thought leadership to various industry titles includingRetail Week, Power Retail, and the Times• Chair the Retail Week eCommerce conference• Chair the Retail Systems Multi Channel Conference• Listed on Retail Week’s top 50 etail Power List of the mostinfluential people in online retailing for the last 3 years9
  12. 12. Do I have all the answers? No.If I did, I’d be sitting on the boat below!10
  13. 13. A shameless plug…
  14. 14. Practicology is the fastest growingglobal eCommerce andmulti channel consulting business
  15. 15. And that’s because of…
  16. 16. Deep experience of the team:We’ve all been at the coal face!
  17. 17. We’re all retailers:We’ve owned the eCommerce P&L for the following brands:
  18. 18. We’re 100% focused on client’sprofitability
  19. 19. We’re a good bunch
  20. 20. 3 buckets of services
  21. 21. Trading
  22. 22. Consulting
  23. 23. Agency
  24. 24. Our Clients
  25. 25. You really can’t afford to takeyour eye off the ball…as things arechanging so quickly
  26. 26. Back to the here and now…
  27. 27. Don’t we just lovejargon in this industry…
  28. 28. You need to ignore the BS!
  29. 29. • Some call it eCommerce• Some call it eBusiness• Some call it eTail• Some call it eTailing• I’ve even heard it called eTailment• Some call it mCommerce• Some call it Multi Channel• Some call it‘Multiple Channels’• Some call it Multi Channel Integration• Some even call it Omni Channel
  30. 30. • Customers don’t see channels!• They only see experiences• Therefore the only thing that really matters is:“Letting customers choose how they shop with you”This is key success factor number 1
  31. 31. The old Retail driver:Used to be location, location, location
  32. 32. The new Retail drivers:• Now its:Convenience, Convenience, Convenience• Buy from the channel of choice: Online, in store, byphone• Return to the channel of choice…free• Have your order delivered to the place of choice:Work, home, your store for pick up• Have the order fulfilled at a time of your choosing• Have your order gift wrapped with a gift card
  33. 33. Why is this important?
  34. 34. …These customers might buyonline from you
  35. 35. These may not.But they would over the phone
  36. 36. These customers want to know…“Will my bum look big in this?”…And that’s where live chat comes in
  37. 37. This customer absolutely wants toclick and collect
  38. 38. You need to let different customertypes shop however and wheneverthey want to
  39. 39. Key Success Factor =Retailers are finding new waysthat their stores can enable me toshop how I want to
  40. 40. Take the till to the customer…helps to close the sale• I abandoned my basket at Bershka recently due tothe size of the queue• Retailers are increasingly putting in iPads• 25% cheaper than fixed tills
  41. 41. Debenhams say they are able to offerbetween 30% and 500% more SKUs thanthe store
  42. 42. In store kiosks have generatedincremental revenue of more than£100m in the last 18 months
  43. 43. • The store does notstock merchandise• It has iPads,computers andinteractive screens• Customers canorder productswhich are thendelivered thefollowing day toeither thecustomer’s home orto the store forcollection
  44. 44. Selfridges click and collectdrive through
  45. 45. The Multi Channel Halo Effect
  46. 46. • 63% research online before buying instore• 89% who buy online also shop instore• 35% of all online customers pick up their goods instore (M&S is at40%)• Click and collect growing at 2 x the rate of online sales• 29% researched offline before buying online• Multi channel customers spent 3.5 times as much as single channelcustomers• Mobile drives 6m visits to the website• A £3k bed was bought through mobile!• Multi Channel Customers are twice as loyal
  47. 47. Click and Collect:Why does it drive so many sales?67
  48. 48. Why is it so important?• You know your goods are there• You don’t have to worry about what happens ifyou’re not in when they’re delivered• Or if you have to return them• You don’t have to pay for delivery• If it’s fashion you can change your size or yourmind there and then• You may well be working near that store• Convenience, Convenience, Convenience
  49. 49. Key Success Factor =Customer Service and advice
  50. 50. • Because it’s online, it doesn’t mean you don’tneed customer service and a call centrenumber!• Let me call you if I want to• Customer service is a sales driver not just achannel for problem resolution
  51. 51. So I can’t call you?
  52. 52. Good help section on Debenhams,but no obvious call centre no’s
  53. 53. 54
  54. 54. If you were a customer servicebusiness that happened to sell travelproducts, how would youcommunicate and engage differently?
  55. 55. Key Success Factor =Good usability…the experience online should be verysimilar to the offline experience
  56. 56. If you took the online shopping bagand checkout and put it into a storeenvironment,this is what it might be like…
  57. 57. 130How ASOS persuades 50% more newcustomers to checkout
  58. 58. After Split testing they changed from using the term create account.
  59. 59. To the softer approach – “new to ASOS”They still ask for a password during checkout but found drop out is associated withthe perception of registration.
  60. 60. Did you know that the conversion fromcustomers who use site search isbetween 2 and 5 times that of normalbrowsers?
  61. 61. And yet too many search functionsdeliver the following experience…
  62. 62. Search for Bra’s…
  63. 63. Key Success Factor =Availability
  64. 64. Can I place a back order?
  65. 65. Key Success Factor =De risking buying online
  66. 66. Those doing well online know how tode-risk the experience of buyingonline for customers
  67. 67. Zappos set the bar for de-riskingand for convenience
  68. 68. Key Success Factor =The customer value proposition
  69. 69. Have it right up front…
  70. 70. Key Success Factor =Engagement
  71. 71. A truly social brand...These styles sell through 2.4 times betterEngagement
  72. 72. Key Success Factor =Personalisation &Dynamic merchandising
  73. 73. But what is personalisationand dynamic merchandising?