Make Email Campaigns Click Worthy


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Make emails sell, engage and personalize equally to earn email campaign ROI

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Make Email Campaigns Click Worthy

  1. 1. “ Make Email Campaigns “ Click Worthy! Make Emails Sell, Engage and Personalize Equally Earn Email Campaign ROI! © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Contents Introduction Customer Centric Email Marketing Personalization in Email Marketing Campaign Execution Boost Email Marketing Campaign ROI ConclusionIntroductionEmail marketing is an over rated subject for marketers today. However, it is still a preferred channel.While it has been around for ages, email marketing has evolved over the years. Today, the main focalareas are content relevancy and mobile optimization. What better to justify their importance, thanthrough hard stats? 85% of U.S. adults own a mobile 29% of consumer inboxes phone and 56% of U.S. mobile comprise of e-newsletters phone owners access the Internet 60% of spam trap hits comprise of More than 50% of them access marketers emails on their phones 70% of spam complaints include 88% of them check emails on offers, opt-in newsletters and their phones daily notifications that recipients wish not to receive. Source: - The Pew Internet and Source: - Return Paths November 2012 American Life Project, Knotice Email Intelligence Report © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. In context of relevancy, gone are the days of “bulk and blast”. Customers have become sensitive towhat they read, and have stronger preferences of what they wish to receive. Moreover, with increaseduse of mobile devices and smart phones, email access has become pervasive. That is reason whycustomercentric marketing is a best practice every marketer needs to adopt.Customer Centric Email MarketingCustomers are inundated with emails every day. So how do you stand out? How do you create animpression without being too promotional?‘Bulk blasting’ and selling surely is NOT the tone youremail marketing campaign should have. The 89 billion is the number of‘buzzword’ here is personalization. Create emails that business emails sent and receivedyou wish to read as well. The first step in creating a everyday in 2012!personal email campaign is to know the ‘why, whatand how’ of your customer. 143 billion is the estimated figure of emails that will be sent and received everyday by 2016!Why do customers join email lists?What do customers expect from business emails?How are customers accessing emails today, throughwhat devices?Once you establish answers to get to know yourcustomers better, only then will it be possible forthem to relate to what you are trying to tell them. Thebottom line here is to develop emails that sell, engage Do You Know the ‘Why, Whatand personalize equally. and How’ of Your Customer?Create conversations, develop dialogues, make emails Source: The Radicati Group, Inc. (A Technology Market Research Firm)customer centric! Get to know ahead how to instill theessence of personalization in email campaignexecution. © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Personalization in Email Marketing Campaign ExecutionWith email marketers, the focus invariably is onsuccessful email campaign execution. It is all about Personalize withhow many mails reach the inbox, open rates, clickthrough rates and conversion rates. Personality, Send Emails to Readers than Inboxes!Addressing the recipient by his / her first or lastname is surely not enough of personalizationrecipientsAddressing the recipient by his / her firstor last name is surely not enough of personalizationrecipients wish to receive. We all know this isautomated. What can be done to make your emailmessage personalized and at the same time get yourmessage across? Here are some helpful tips:Address on a first name basis – Yes, addressing What about the content?recipients by their name is the first step in capturing What about the readers?attention. Mails without personalized greeting tend What about personalization?to get discarded and forgotten faster.Make it Crisp – Don’t stop with personalized greetings. People receive more than hundred mailsevery day; nobody has the time to read long messages. Keep it to the point. State your message, yourobjective of mailing and purpose concisely. Beating around the bush is only going to lose the attentionof the reader.Personalize with Personality – Do not underestimate readers. They can identify mails designedfor mass mailing and they instinctively send such message into trash. Your message should havepersonality that creates a connection with two people, the reader and your company. Nobody likes toreceive messages written by ‘bots’.If recipients get a feeling that there are being sent “form letters” written from a template, they will bedisinterested in reading with future correspondence.While personalization through email messages is one way of executing successful campaigns, theother key factor is in utilizing opt-in email databases. Get to know ahead how you can boost emailcampaign ROI. © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. Boost Email Marketing Campaign ROITimes have changed but email marketing still reigns supreme: "Return of Investment (ROI) fromemail marketing exceeds banner ads ($2) or keywords ads ($17) by a whopping $40. (Source:MarketingProfs)Hence as a marketer you need to know the art of how best you can convince the recipient to open,read, and place an order through your emails. The layout, design, call-to-action, etc., has to be takencare of – along with the content. As an email marketer you must carry a checklist along with you.One silly or unintentional mistake can thwart your chance of getting the attention of yoursubscribers. Surely you don’t want something like that to should happen, right?All you need to do is, keep your email checklist handy and use it to monitor and evaluate while yourun your email marketing campaign. You can make your own checklist or use the one give below: Email Layout Checklist Yes No Is the email content too clumsy and crowded that might turn people off? Does it contain links to the landing page? Have you tested the appearance of the email content in different browsers? Have you used an easy-to-read layout? Does it contain graphic images that will suit the email content? Are the graphic images strategically placed? Have you selected the correct email template to suit your campaign? Have you created both HTML and plain text version of your email? Is there any proper header in the email? Is your company name or brand name appearing on the ‘From Line’? If you are using your company/brand logo, is it placed prominently in the email header? Does your email content have a proper footer? Does it contain a link to unsubscribe? Have you placed your signature in the end of the email? Does it include your authentic office/business address and contact number? Have you included links like privacy statement, disclaimer and content protection copyright notice? Have you double-clicked all the call-to-action links that you have placed in the email? Have you overcrowded your email with too many links that might turn off your target audience? Is your link to ‘unsubscribe any moment’ working fine? Is your landing page working properly and are the links present in the landing page operating well? Have you asked your target recipients to whitelist your ‘From-Address’ so that your mails are delivered straight to their Inbox and not Junk folder? © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. ConclusionIt is really important to determine your objective before rolling out an email campaign. Your goalcould be to turn prospects into customers, to strengthen relationship with your existing customers orto implement better and cost-effective marketing. Whatever the aim, what really matters is that itshould sync with your organizational goal and business policies.In a nutshell, businesses that do not study the performance of their email campaigns have a higherprobability of lower ROI on marketing investment. Marketers need to evolve with changes in emailmarketing. Content relevancy, mobile optimization and personalization should be the primary aspectsto consider, making campaigns successful and ensuring that emails are click worthy. Make Emails Sell, Engage and Personalize Equally Earn Email Campaign ROI! Contact Us to Know HowInfo CheckPointInfo CheckPoint is a preferred provider of credible business to business (B2B) information, databasemanagement and marketing solutions. We understand the value of driven, directed and dynamicdatabases and therefore emphasize on high quality data which translate to invaluable information.For us a database is a business intelligence tool.Our advanced search application allows instant access and provides segmented data to facilitatetargeted communication significant in leveraging business growth. Through this interface you canobtain information that is customized to business requirements and enables focus on primary targetmarkets appropriately.At Info CheckPoint we adopt a scientifically based, technology driven and manually validatedcomprehensive data verification process. Utilizing data quality tools, techniques and tactics, weemphasize on maintaining data that is verified, validated, accurate, current, relevant and hygienic.To gain access to power packed databases or for more information, please visit Info CheckPointContact UsPhone: 800-662-2980 Email: © 2013 InfoCheckpoint. All rights reserved.